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Why You Need a Hair Extension Brush for Your Natural or Synthetic Hair Pieces

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Why You Need a Hair Extension Brush for Your Natural or Synthetic Hair Pieces

When wearing extensions or wigs, do you need a hair extension brush? Definitely! Using a regular hairbrush on your natural or synthetic hairpieces can either damage your hair extensions or reduce their lifespan. 

When wearing wigs or extensions that are synthetic or natural hair, you need to use the best wig-safe brushes to ensure your pieces stay intact and beautiful for as long as possible.

Spornette makes incredible wig and hair extension brushes that will keep your hair well-cared for and looking its best! Keep reading to learn more about what makes these brushes so special.

Why is taking care of a wig or extensions correctly necessary?

Blonde wigs on a shelf.

Brushing your hair extensions and wigs is key to keeping your hair soft and tangle-free. But brushing them can cause damage if not done correctly. It is essential to have the right hair extension brushes and a proper wig care routine. It will give your wigs end extensions longevity and save you lots of money in the long run if you take care of your pieces properly.

What Qualities Does a Hair Extension Brush have?

A good-quality hair extension brush is gentle and sturdy. These brushes will be gentle enough to not tug too hard on the extension bonds, causing breakage, and sturdy enough to work through lots of hair.

The standard best practices for brushing hair working from ends up to the roots is still the best method for hairpieces. Gently start detangling at the ends and work up to the hair closest to the scalp.

Combine this method with high-quality hair extension brushes and show your hairpieces the love they deserve!

Types of Hair Extension Brushes

Loop bristles

Hair extensions, whether synthetic or natural, are weaker and can easily get damaged when wet. A hair extension brush with a looped bristles comb will help prevent hair damage when dealing with damp hair.

Nylon bristle

The nylon bristles easily bend through the hair, reducing any tension on the hair extension bonds or weft track. They are made from synthetic material, perfect for reducing static and detangling hair extensions.

Boar bristle

Hair extension brushes with boar bristles are short and dense. They work best when you want to smooth your hair and reduce any static.

For an in-depth guide on how to use a boar bristle brush to achieve a healthy and shiny look, see here.

Paddle Brush

The broad flat base of a paddle brush is great for creating a sleek, straight look on your hair extensions. Its shape reduces static and is perfect for smoothing out frizz and flyaways.

Sculpting Brush

This type of hair extension brush is perfect for when you need to be extra gentle with your hairpieces. This brush is so gentle it’s even suited for people with sensory issues.

The Best Hair Extension Brushes For Your Synthetic or Natural Hair

1. Spornette Super Looper

The Spornette Super Looper hair extension brush has a protective rubber cushion. The bristles’ looped design is gentle and safe for your hair extensions. The bristles glide through your hair and don’t get stuck on the bases, knots, or netting. 

2. “21” Classic Nylon Cushion

The classic shape and size of the “21” Classic Nylon Cushion brush with flexible and soft nylon bristles won’t tug on your hair extensions. They will quickly work through your hair knots and tangles.

3. Luxury Cushion

The Luxury Cushion is great for combing through all hair textures. It has nylon bristles that provide excellent control while penetrating any hair type and won’t snag the hair while detangling or styling delicate tresses. The boar bristles distribute moisturizing oils throughout the hair.

4. Brent Paddle Brush

This brush is sturdy and yet remarkably lightweight. The Brent Paddle Brush is ideal for thoroughly and evenly distributing hair oil through the hair and adding shine. This small brush provides perfect positioning and control during styling while smoothing through the hair strands and reducing static.

5. Brent Sculpting Brush

A great brush that does twice the work is the Brent Sculpting Brush. This hairbrush gently detangles your hair extensions and is perfect for anyone with extensions or a sensitive scalp.

Shop Spornette Hairbrushes for Extensions and Wigs Today 

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Spornette has focused its efforts on providing excellent customer service and creating superior, high-quality hairbrushes. 

Our slogan ‘At the heart of every style’ is our guiding principle in producing our hairbrushes. Every hair routine needs an incredible brush at its core, including routines with wigs and hair extensions. The Spornette collection of hair extension brushes is available to purchase online 24 hours a day, so shop our hairbrushes today!

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