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Vented Brushes

These brushes feature vents that help rapidly dry most hair types. The vents allow air to circulate freely and blow through the bristle section not bouncing hair off the brush like other styles. Spornette offers several vented brushes so you have options to find the one that works best for styling and volumizing your hair.

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Ion Fusion Vent
Use this brush to create volume and gently detangle all...
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”9300” Vent Brush
The "9300" Vent Brush is the perfect partner for a...
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Anti-Static Vent Brush
If you regularly style your hair with a blow-dryer, you...
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The Keratina is a specially designed thermal vent brush for...

Vented Brush FAQs

Why should I use a vent brush?

A vent brush is an incredible multi-tasking hair tool, and every woman should own one! You should use a vent brush to gently detangle and regularly brush out your hair. You can also use vent bushes to create volume and rapidly dry your hair using a blow-dryer.

How do I choose the right vent brush?

The right vent brush is mostly up to your preference as they are well-suited for all hair types. But, if you tend to get static throughout your hair, opt for an ion-infused vent brush over others.

Are vent brushes better for specific hair types?

Vent brushes are well-suited for all hair lengths and types. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, thick, or fine hair, a vented brush will work for you!

What is the purpose of a vent brush?

The purpose of a vent brush is mostly to blow-dry, although it has other uses. Vent brushes have “vent” in their name because of the large holes going all the way through the brush. This allows Vent Brushes to effortlessly speed up dry time.

How do I use a vent brush?

To detangle and brush out hair using a vent brush, start at the hair's ends and work your way up towards to scalp. This brushing method helps prevent breakage and stretching of the hair. Once the hair is knot-free, you can use a blow-dryer and dry the hair in small sections from the bottom layers towards the crown of your head.

What difference do the shapes and sizes of vent brushes make?

When it comes to vented brushes, your hair length is the most significant factor. If you have long hair or a lot of hair, choosing a larger vent brush will help you work through the hair better and faster. If you have short or fine hair, you can use any size vent brush. But a smaller brush head is ideal for precision brushing and styling thin or short tresses.

Are vent brushes heat resistant?’

Yes, vent brushes are designed to work with a blow-dryer, so they resist heat.

What are the benefits of a vent brush over another type of brush?

Compared to other brushes, the stand-out feature of a vented brush is the vents. The vents are perfectly placed to help your hair dry faster. Another feature of vent brushes compared to other types of brushes is their versatility. If you can only bring one brush while traveling, the vent brush is the perfect one!

How do I clean a vent brush?

You can clean a vent brush by first removing any hair that is caught in the bristles. Then gently use warm water and gentle shampoo to suds up your brush. If there is a lot of product or hairspray build-up, you can use a toothbrush specifically for cleaning your hairbrush to scrub it away.

What is an ion-infused vent brush?

An ion-infused vent-brush is a brush that had a negative ionic charge on the bristles. These negatively charged ions help break up water molecules to allow the hair to dry faster. Ion-infusion can also help to eliminate any static that may develop while drying.

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