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alan sporn Spornette Professional Brushes

Alan Sporn

Alan’s first experience in the beauty industry was working at the Midwest Beauty show with his parents when he was five-years old. He officially started working for the Walter Sporn Brush Company after he graduated from Bradley University and received his MBA from DePaul University in the late 1960’s.


His career of over 50 years with Spornette has given him lifetime experiences and allowed him to travel to over 60 countries. Alan is considered a beauty industry thought leader and innovator in creating styling brushes that meet the diverse needs of stylists and consumers. He has worked with customers and manufacturers, making lifelong friendships throughout the world. He feels very fortunate to have 3 of his 4 children working with him, and enjoys the time he is able to spend with them at work.


While semi-retired, Alan turned over the management of the company to Laurie and Jeffrey in 2018. However, he still challenges them daily, and while Spornette is at the heart of every style, Alan remains the heart of Spornette.



laurie sporn Spornette Professional Brushes

Laurie Sporn

Although Laurie grew up in the beauty business, she officially started working for Spornette after she graduated from the University of Kansas in 1994. She says that it has been the longest summer job ever! She loves the changes and challenges that she sees in the industry. She loves that as “professional” as this industry is, there are still a lot of family run businesses and salons that are still thriving.

Today, Laurie runs the Spornette worldwide operation as President, while managing two children and a wonderful husband of 16 years. She wears many hats, but the one she is most proud of is the one that says Spornette Styling Brushes on the crown.



jeff sporn Spornette Professional Brushes

Jeffrey Sporn


Jeffrey grew up in the professional beauty industry. He remembers attending various beauty shows with his family, and spending many summers packing orders in the Spornette warehouse. He graduated from Boston University in 2001. He joined Spornette in 2004 after living and working in Colorado with six roommates, two dogs, two cats and a turtle. “I really enjoy working with my family because we are all invested in the legacy of my grandfather, Walter, who founded the business.”


Today, Jeffrey is Vice President of Spornette and is responsible for sales, purchasing, and office operations. He really appreciates the great relationships he has made with everyone in the beauty industry adding, “We are all in this together.” When Jeffrey is not at the office or travelling to meet customers, he enjoys hanging out with his dog Rufus, and his nephews and niece.

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