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Buy Brushes By Hair Brush Type

Ever wonder what type of hairbrush is best for your hair? At Spornette we provide 8 sets of brushes to show you how they are used. No matter what your hair type, we have a brush just right for you! All of our brush types have FAQs so we answer your questions before you already have them!

Hairbrush Type

Round Brushes

Two types: Aerated. Brushes feature hundreds of small openings in the brush barrel to encourage rapid...


Men often face special hair and mustache challenges and Spornette has designed a number of brushes...


Generally oval shaped. Ideal for brushing out sets, conditioning the hair by removing loose and dead...


Spornette offers several brushes that are ideal for brushing wigs and extensions. These brushes feature nylon...


These brushes feature vents that help rapidly dry most hair types. The vents allow air to...


These cushion brushes are designed to have flexible nylon bristles that ‘give’ while brushing dry, damp,...


Spornette Teasing Brushes may be the best teasing brushes on the market. Both the Little Wonder...


Similar to cushion brushes with the primary difference being they are rectangular. What differentiates a paddle...

Hair Brush Type FAQs

Do you have brushes for extensions or synthetic hair?

Of course! We love those who aren't afraid to switch it up and are proud that we offer the best hairbrushes for extensions available.

What's the best all in one hairbrush?

There are a lot of different factors when it comes to hairbrush types, but when it came to our showdown we found that Paddle and Venting brushes are the best one size fits all solution!

How do I pick the right hair brush?

Brushes come in different sizes, shapes, and uses; if you're shopping for a new sidekick, you went to the right place! We built the ultimate guide on picking a hairbrush so you don't have to do the research!

My hair is delicate when wet, what's the solution?

The hair care industry has a lot of misinformation on this topic. Spornette Vented Brushes are the best blanket solution, but make sure to read our full guide on how to take care of wet hair as you do not want to risk your gorgeous locks!

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