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Need a hairbrush? Spornette has every type of hairbrush you need, from paddle brushes to teasing brushes we have it all!


Shop our Professional Boar & Nylon Cushion Brushes. Ideal for detangling and grooming all hair types and textures.

Detangling Brushes

Shop our Detangling brushes. Ideal for detangling and grooming all hair types and textures.


Shop our Professional Synthetic Hair & Extensions Brushes. Ideal for hair extensions and wigs.


To get that high quality, spiffy looking hair every day, each morning start with brushing. The Spornette Men's Hairbrushes are specifically designed to make the...

Paddle Brushes

Looking for a low-cost, high-quality paddle brush that detangles and smoothes out hair? Shop our wide range of paddle brushes now! Crafted for mastering life's...


No matter what style you want for your hair, we have just the right rounder brushes to help you achieve it. Shop our selection of...

Teasing Brushes

Spornette Teasing Brushes may be the best teasing brushes on the market. Both the Little Wonder and Big Wonder offer one extended row of tourmaline...

Vented Brushes

Shop our selection of Professional Vent Brushes. Ideal for all of your drying and styling needs; both in the salon and at home.