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Detangling Brushes

These cushion brushes are designed to have flexible nylon bristles that ‘give’ while brushing dry, damp, or wet hair. This enables the hair strands to slide over and off the bristle and reduce or prevent hair tangling.


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”21” Classic Nylon Cushion
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Detangling Brush FAQs

How do I use a detangler brush?

You use a detangling brush much like any other paddle or cushion brush. Start by working through any knots towards the bottom of your hair. Once detangled, gently work upwards towards the scalp. Continue brushing this way until you can do complete brush strokes from the scalp to the ends.

Will a detangling brush work for my hair?

Yes, detangling brushes are usually designed to work on all hair types and textures. While it varies from brush to brush, you can expect that there is a detangling brush for you on the market.

Do I need to use a detangling brush every day?

Yes, you can use a detangling brush every day if you need to. Use these brushes as little or as much as you feel is necessary. We recommended detangling the hair before and after a shower, before styling, and as needed.

Do detangling brushes work?

Yes, when used properly, detangling brushes should safely and successfully eliminate knots and tangles. If you’re having a particularly tough time with your hair, use a detangling product or leave-in conditioner to make the job easier.

What is a detangling brush?

Typically, detangling brushes are cushion or paddle brushes with more flexible bristles than other brushes. More flexible bristles allow the brush to be gentle while working through severe tangles.

What are the benefits of a detangling brush?

The benefits of using a detangling brush are that they are specially designed for work through tough tangles. Flexible bristles are gentle and won’t tug on the hair, working through knots effortlessly.

Can a detangling brush be used for both wet and dry hair?

Yes, it usually alright to use a detangling brush on wet or dry hair. You can even bring some of these brushes in the shower to detangle and distribute conditioner throughout the hair.  However, every brush is different, and it’s best to check the brush’s description.

Which detangling brush is right for me?

When choosing a detangling brush, it is crucial to consider your hair type. Be sure to thoroughly read the product descriptions and select the brush that sounds like the best fit for your hair.

Are detanglers painful to use?

No, detangling brushes should not be painful to use. If you have a tender scalp, be sure to take your time using the proper detangling method.  Regularly brushing through tangles will also help prevent them from getting out of control. Knots that are not readily taken care of can become difficult and painful to work through the longer they sit.

Are detangling brushes safe for all hair types?

Yes, the majority of all detangling brushes are safe for all hair types.

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