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Teasing Brushes

Spornette Teasing Brushes may be the best teasing brushes on the market. Both the Little Wonder and Big Wonder offer one extended row of tourmaline enhanced nylon bristles in the middle row, and three rows of shorter pure boar bristles, each with an extended nylon pin. Both brushes are designed to brush out sets, back brushing to create volume and teasing hair. The Big Wonder was created for longer hair sections. The brush handle is ideal for sectioning.

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Big Wonder Teasing Brush
The Big Wonder Teasing Brush features a mix of short...
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Little Wonder Teasing Brush
Add extra “oomph” to your hairstyles! The Little Wonder Teasing...
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Teasing Brush FAQs

What is a teasing brush?

A teasing brush is a brush designed to backcomb hair to create incredible volume and lift for casual and formal hairstyles. They are typically long and narrow with dense bristle groupings.

How do I use a teasing brush?

You use a teasing brush by making sure the hair is free of any tangles or knots. Then, determine where you want to backcomb and create 1-inch sections. Lift the section of hair, holding the ends up towards the ceiling.   Place the teasing brush about an inch to a half-inch away from the root. Then, brush the hair down towards the scalp. Keep brushing in this direction until the desired volume is achieved. Work section by section until finished.

Is a teasing brush or comb better?

Teasing combs usually feature nylon bristles, while teasing brushes usually have boar bristles or a mix of nylon and boar bristles.  Boar bristles make the brush more versatile than a comb as they are better at gripping the hair than nylon bristles. Boar bristles can also smooth down flyaways and distribute the hair’s natural oils.

What is a teasing brush used for?

You can use a teasing brush for backcombing and creating volume. But, they have other uses too. Teasing brushes can be used to style baby hairs and tame flyaways with hairspray. If the teasing brush has a pointed end, they can create parts and sectioning hair for styling.

Can a teasing brush be used for all types of hair?

Yes, a teasing brush is suitable for use on all hair types. If you want to work with larger sections of hair, be sure to choose a teasing brush with a larger brush head.

Do teasing brushes cause damage to hair?

If you are not careful, teasing brushes can be rough on your hair. Prevent this by being gentle while using the brush—don’t tease too aggressively. But overall, teasing brushes tend to be less damaging than teasing combs.

What are the benefits of a teasing brush?

Using a teasing brush adds tons of volume and style. When using a teasing brush with boar bristles, you can expect added hair health benefits like added shine and nourishment.

Do the types of bristles matter on a teasing brush?

Teasing brushes can have boar bristles or a mix of boar and nylon bristles. Boar bristles grip the hair and boost hair health by creating shine and distributing the scalp’s natural oils.  If the teasing brush has nylon bristles, those will help penetrate the hair and reduce unwanted static.

How do I clean a teasing brush?

Clean a teasing brush by removing any loose strands stuck in the bristles. Use a gentle soap like baby shampoo to remove any product build-up or debris. Rinse thoroughly without submerging the brush in water.

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