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Paddle Brushes

Similar to cushion brushes with the primary difference being they are rectangular. What differentiates a paddle brush from an oval cushion brush is that there are long bristle rows on all sides of the cushion section to assist in picking up complete/longer hair sections, brush outs and thorough distribution of mousses, gels and conditioners. Like cushion brushes, bristles vary, so find the brush that fits your style.

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Ion Fusion Paddle
This brush is a real multi-tasker. Make every brush-out, blowout,...
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344 Deville Paddle
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DeVille 100% Boar Paddle
The DeVille 100% Boar Paddle is the ideal hairbrush for...
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Paddle Brush FAQs

Why should I use a paddle brush?

Paddle brushes are perfectly suited for daily brush-outs and hair maintenance. If your paddle brush has boar bristles, it will also work well for smoothing and adding shine. Nylon bristles can work through any knots or tangles.

What is the right way to use a paddle brush?

To properly use a paddle brush, start working the brush through the ends of the hair. Continue to brush through the hair up towards the scalp until you can completely brush the hair from roots to ends. Brushing hair using this technique is gentle on the hair and helps prevent stretching and breakage.

When should I use a paddle brush?

You should use a paddle brush whenever your hair feels like it needs a good brush or touch-up. You can also use a paddle brush to detangle the hair before using heat tools or appliances to eliminate any knots.

Do paddle brushes damage your hair?

If you work through any tangles gently from the ends to the roots, paddle brushes should not damage your hair. Ball-tipped bristles are gentle on the hair and scalp. The rubberized cushion absorbs some “shock” of brushing.

What is the purpose of a paddle brush?

The purpose of a paddle brush is the daily maintenance of the hair. These brushes help to keep the hair well-kempt, knot-free, and beautifully styled.

Do paddle brushes work on all types of hair?

Paddle brushes with nylon bristles work well on all hair types. Paddle brushes with boar bristles are best for people with normal to fine hair types.

How do I clean a paddle brush?

You can clean a paddle brush by regularly removing any strands caught in the bristles. About once a month, use warm water and baby shampoo to remove any product build-up. Be careful not to submerge the brush entirely in water.  If there is still residue, use a toothbrush specifically to clean your hairbrush to scrub it away gently.

What makes a paddle brush more beneficial than another brush?

The larger size and surface area of paddle brushes make them more beneficial than some other brushes on the market. While paddle brushes are appropriate for all hair types and lengths, they are especially helpful for people with a lot of hair.

Is there a difference between cheap and expensive paddle brushes?

In general, brushes with a higher price-point are made with higher quality components and are meant to last longer than other brushes on the market. Additionally, professional-quality brushes are meant for use in salons, making them suited for multiple uses per day.

What is the difference between a paddle brush and a regular cushion brush?

The difference between a paddle brush and a regular cushion brush is the larger size and rectangular shape. The shape and size make it easier to work through large sections of hair.

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