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6 Tips for Teasing Your Hair With Minimal Hair Damage

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6 Tips for Teasing Your Hair With Minimal Hair Damage

Teasing was the go-to method for naturally adding texture and volume to hair in the late 80s. The technique remains popular, but its name doesn’t reveal much, unlike styling methods like flat ironing and curling. If you love big hair, whether straight or curly, medium-length or long, teasing will give your hair the body it needs.

So, what does it mean to tease your hair?

Teasing is a brushing technique that uses a fine-toothed brush to gently brush the hair downward towards the scalp, causing it to tangle slightly and create a voluminous look. Teasing your hair chafes the strands enough and lifts the cuticles for a much fuller look. The technique is also known as backcombing or ratting.

There is, however, a small caveat to teasing your hair. The method interferes with the structure of your hair and, if overdone or done incorrectly, could ruin your hair. For example, if you have naturally curly hair, teasing could interfere with the structure of the curls. Conversely, those with thin hair risk damaging the hair follicle and breaking their hair.

Practicing the teasing technique correctly is essential for all hair types to achieve the desired hairstyle without ruining your hair. And this starts by learning the tips for teasing your hair correctly.

Embark on a hair-transforming journey by learning the tips and tricks for teasing your hair correctly. Contact Spornette today, your trusted partner in haircare excellence, to explore a range of professional-grade teasing brushes and tools. Let Spornette be your guide to achieving the perfect tease, ensuring your hair radiates with body and allure.

Tips For Teasing Your Hair Without Causing Damage

The most common mistake women make while teasing hair is using the wrong equipment. Using a paddle brush, for instance, gives you less control, leading to a bird’s nest effect instead of an effortless volume and smooth finish.

Teasing is a perfect volume-adding technique for all hair types and an easy option for both pros and novices. But before getting down to the tips for teasing hair, you need to know which tools to use. Having the right tools is the first step to getting it right and preventing damage to your hair.

little wonder teasing brush from Spornette

A dedicated teasing brush like  Little Wonder Teasing Brush will work best. The extra-long tail will help section the hair, and the closely packed teeth will help grip the hair better as you work through it. Also, get a flexible hold hairspray to keep your teased hair in place and a hair clip to help hold sections of hair so you can work more efficiently. Once you have the right tools, follow the tips below:

  • Dry Your Hair Fully and Detangle It

Besides being weaker, wet hair will not give you the best results with teasing. Consider teasing your hair on day two after washing to achieve a great outcome. Then, it will have a little more grip than freshly washed hair. If you just washed your hair, don’t fret. Just dry it thoroughly, detangle it, and spritz a texturizing spray.

Detangling is also vital to prevent hair breakage. Before teasing hair, all strands should be smoothened through a gentle detangling process.

  • Divide Hair into Sections

Teasing your hair correctly is by no means an easy task, so don’t make things even more challenging by trying to work on big sections at a go. Working on smaller sections allows the brush to concentrate on a particular area, producing extra overall volume. However, how big or small you part your sections will depend on the look you want to achieve. Use smaller parts for more volume and larger parts for a looser look.

  • Add Some Texture

Add some texturizing spray on the section of hair you want to work on to give it a bit of hold. Spraying the hair before and after teasing is recommended for two reasons. One, spraying before helps reduce damage to the hair and give it more volume. Two, spraying after helps retain the teased look in place.

  • Gently Tease the Hair

To start teasing the hair, hold the hair up from one section in one hand and use the other hand to brush from the mid-lengths towards the roots. Push firmly as you go and repeat at least three times or until you see the desired results.

  • Repeat And Double-Check

Once you finish one section, part a new one and repeat the teasing process until the entire head is done. Hold the hair at a ninety-degree angle for all sections to ensure even results. Check to see if all sections are teased enough by trying to push the end of a tail brush through from front to back. If the hair is well teased, the brush will not pass through.

  • Style, Smooth Over and Secure with Hairspray

After teasing the entire head, use your fingers to fluff through the sections for even more volume. Finish by styling your hair and then sleeking it out by gently brushing over the sections to remove any frizz hairs. Refrain from brushing hard, or you will lose the volume.

If you are satisfied with the look, secure it with hairspray and rock the look.

Getting Your Hair Back to Normal After Teasing

Tips for Teasing Your Hair - Elegant transformation Rear view as hairdresser crafts hairstyle for brunette woman in salon

Don’t make the rookie mistake of trying to untangle teased hair in the shower. Wet hair is delicate and prone to breakage. Before washing the hair, use a soft-bristled brush and lightly brush through small sections, working from the ends towards the roots (it’s the teasing process in reverse). Thoroughly untangle bits at a time while holding onto the locks of hair to avoid tugging at the scalp.

If you still can’t get all the knots out, apply a generous amount of hair conditioner in the shower to smoothen the hair. Use a detangling brush over the hair again before washing out the conditioner to reveal smooth hair. If you feel extra caring or your hair feels dry or damaged, a deep conditioning treatment will make your hair look great again. 

Teasing your hair opens limitless possibilities for styling your hair. Now that you have mastered how to tease your hair the right way, check out Spornette Brushes for a range of high-quality hair brushes to suit your different needs and help you achieve the perfect hairstyle. Get in touch for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teasing Hair

Q: Is It Okay to Brush Teased Hair?

A: It entirely depends on how you do it. If you must brush over teased hair for a smooth look, do it delicately. The same applies to when brushing out teased hair. Avoid being aggressive and brush the hair from the bottom upwards in tiny sections using a detangling brush.

Q: Should I Tease My Hair While It’s Wet or Dry?

A: Never tease your hair while it’s still wet. Wet hair is extremely fragile, and teasing it will undoubtedly lead to damage. Moreover, wet hair will only lead to a tangled mess and not the desired results. You should tease hair when it is bone dry.

Q: Is It Okay to Tease My Hair Every Day?

A: Heat, tension, teasing, and products can all have lasting damaging effects on the hair. Therefore, like with any hairstyle, you want to ensure you give your hair a break. If you are looking for daily volume, switch it up by trying different products or methods that imitate the same results or find hairstyles complimenting your natural lack of volume.

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