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The Time Game: How Often Should I Replace My Styling Brushes?

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The Time Game: How Often Should I Replace My Styling Brushes?

Our hair brushes are the unsung heroes of our beauty routines. But when was the last time you thought about its retirement plan? If your morning routine involves a trusty brush that’s been with you through countless styles, it might be time to consider when it’s best to replace your styling companion.

But fear not – we’re not here to usher in a hairbrush apocalypse. We’re here to understand the unique needs of your brushes to know when it’s time to say goodbye.

If the question “How often should I replace my styling brushes?” has ever crossed your mind, you’re in the right place. Bid adieu to worn-out brushes and let Spornette be your guide to a new era of hair love. After all, your locks are at the heart of every style.

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room…

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So, How Often Should I Replace My Styling Brushes?

How often you should replace your brushes depends on a number of factors. Surely, the rate at which a professional stylist in a busy hair salon changes their brushes cannot be the same with a personal hair brush that’s only used twice a day.


How often you change your hair brushes depends on the quality of your brush and the following:

  • Type of brush
  • Materials the brush is made from
  • Your hair type
  • Frequency of use
  • Hair products you regularly use
  • How well you care for your brush

However, as a general rule of thumb, you should replace your styling brushes every six to twelve months.

Signs to Replace Your Hair Brushes

A quality brush is essential for healthy, happy hair. But remember, even high-quality hair brushes are susceptible to the impact of time and use. But how do you know when to start shopping for new brushes? Here’s how to know it’s time to replace your hairbrush:

  • Frayed bristles: If your brush’s bristles resemble a well-worn broom rather than a sleek styling hairbrush, it has served its time. Frayed bristles struggle to detangle, potentially causing damage to your precious strands.
  • Visible wear and tear: Sometimes, the signs are plain to see. If your brush looks weathered, with scratches, cracks, or faded colors, it’s time to upgrade.
  • Warped or broken handle: A wonky handle is more than just an inconvenience; it’s a signal that your brush’s structural integrity has been compromised. A secure grip is necessary for effective brushing, and a broken handle won’t provide the control your locks deserve.
  • Lack of flexibility: Your brush should have a certain level of flexibility to move with the contours of your head. If it feels rigid or lacks bounce, it may have lost its efficiency in detangling and styling your hair.
  • Change in styling efficiency: If you notice that your brush isn’t delivering the same results it once did, such as smooth styling or effective detangling, it’s a clear indication that its glory days are behind it.
  • Unpleasant odor: No one wants their brush to smell funky. If your brush has an unpleasant odor despite regular cleaning, it’s a clear indication that it could be harboring mold.
  • Persistent product buildup: Over time, hair products and natural oils leave a residue on your brush, hindering their performance. If cleaning efforts prove futile, it might be time to retire the old and welcome the new.

TLC Tips for a Long-Lasting Brush Affair

Maintaining a lasting love affair with your brushes involves a little tender loving care. Check out these tips to help your brushes last longer:

  • Clean regularly: Just like your hair, your brush needs a good cleansing. Remove trapped hair and product buildup with a gentle shampoo or mild soap.
  • Air dry: Let your brushes bask in the open air. After washing, allow them to air dry naturally. Keep away from excessive heat or prolonged sun exposure to prevent damage.
  • Handle with care: While brushes are built to withstand daily use, a little care goes a long way. Avoid unnecessary tugs and pulls to give your brush a smooth journey through your locks.
  • Store with care: Give your brushes a cozy home. Store them in a well-ventilated area, keeping bristles safe from bending or squashing. It also prevents moisture accumulation and potential bacterial growth.
  • Choose depending on use: Use the right brush according to the intended purpose. Spornette’s DeVille 100% Boar Cushion, for instance, is designed for smoothing, brushing out fine hair types, and daily maintenance, while the Big Wonder Teasing Brush is best for backcombing large sections of hair and creating voluminous updos or casual styles.
  • Avoid product overload: While it’s tempting to indulge in styling products, excess residue can diminish your brush’s effectiveness. Use products sparingly and clean your brush regularly to keep it in prime condition.
  • Practice gentle detangling: Handle your brush with care, especially when detangling wet hair. Begin at the tips and work your way up, preventing unnecessary stress on the bristles.

The Bottom Line

Brush renewal isn’t just about ticking off years – it is a celebration of your hair’s journey. It’s about understanding when your trusty companion needs a break and giving it the upgrade it deserves.

Ready to give your hair the VIP treatment? Visit our website to explore a world of high-quality brushes. Your hair deserves the best, and at the heart of every style, there’s a Spornette brush ready to shine. Happy styling!

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