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Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily?

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Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily?

Nobody likes having to deal with a mass of tangled hair. It can be painful and take a lot of time to detangle your hair, leaving you with an aching head at the end of it. If you’ve recently wondered, “why does my hair tangle so easily,” we’re here to help. 

You don’t have to suffer through tangles and knots when dealing with your hair. There are various hair products that you can use to ensure your hairbrush glides effortlessly through your hair, whether it’s wet or dry. 

This blog post will go over the hairbrushes, leave-conditioners, and other hair care products you can use to have gorgeous, tangle-free hair. 

What is the key to maintaining tangle-free hair? A styling brush from Spornette! Our hairbrushes are the secret to beautiful styled and knot-free hair. Browse our brushes and purchase your next favorite hairbrush today.

What Makes Hair Tangle So Easily?

A woman running her fingers through her slightly damp hair and wondering

Many people, with long hair, suffer from knots and tangles. Unfortunately, when you attempt to untangle it, it can result in more damage. 

How often you brush your hair, its texture, your hair type, and if it’s been exposed to the wind can contribute to mats and tangles. Some additional reasons on why your hair may be prone to tangling include:

  • If it’s fine and long
  • If you have thick and curly hair
  • If you don’t brush your hair during the day
  • If it’s damaged and dry
  • If you sleep with your hair down

Hair knots and tangles occur when two strands wrap around one another and get intertwined. Once a few strands get stuck together, the knot in your hair can get larger and more difficult to remove. 

Damaged or textured hair usually isn’t smooth. That’s because the outer layer of the hair strand, or the cuticles, isn’t lying flat. 

Instead of naturally falling away from your scalp as part of the hair strand’s natural health cycle, they’ll get wrapped around other hair strands. This results in knots forming. 

If you’ve been noticing your hair becoming tangled and matted more frequently, don’t despair. There are things you can do to protect your hair and keep it healthy. 

Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily? Ways to Avoid Hair Tangles and Knots

Now that we’ve addressed why hair tangles happen, let’s discuss how we can avoid them in the future. Another goal should be to improve the overall health of your hair so knots don’t continue to occur. 

Detangling Hairbrushes

black brush with multicolored bristles side view

Detangling hairbrushes are designed to help you effortlessly brush your hair while it’s wet, damp, or dry. A tangle-free hairbrush comes equipped with flexible nylon bristles that “give” while you brush your hair. This helps the hair strands slide effortlessly over the bristles, reducing and preventing hair tangling. 

One of our favorites is the Swizzle Detangling Brush. Not only does it come with brightly colored bristles, but it’s perfect for use in the shower. When applying conditioner to your hair, use this brush to ensure that each strand of your hair gets some nourishing conditioner. 

If you need to style your hair, use a vented hairbrush. The vents in the hairbrush will help dry hair faster as the air circulates through the bristle section. 

We’re a fan of the Ion Fusion Vent hairbrush. The bristles help break up the water molecules on your wet hair, smoothing it in the process and making it easier to dry. The bristles are also flexible, so they’ll be gentle on tough knots in your hair without causing any damage. 

When using a detangling hairbrush, we recommend starting at the ends of your hair and working your way up. While you style, lifting your hair away from the scalp as your blow-dry will leave your hair full of volume. 

Hair Masks

A woman with a deep conditioning hair mask to help keep hair healthy and prevent tangles.

Using a hair mask at least once a week will improve your hair’s overall quality. All you need is 30 minutes. You can catch an episode of your favorite show while you revitalize your locks with this dry hair remedy. 

Hair masks are designed to work fast and be extremely potent. They’ll restore nutrients and moisture to your hair. Your hair will feel silky and look healthy while being less prone to tangles. 

Hair masks are designed to help you stop asking, “why does my hair tangle so easily?” and will have you wondering why you didn’t start using a deep conditioning hair mask sooner!

Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

A pink satin pillowcase to help prevent hair tangles.

Many people wake up in the morning with multiple knots and tangles in their hair. As they sleep, their head moves around on the pillow. That results in the hair follicles being chafed and knots forming. 

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase can help your hair stay smooth during the night. You can also sleep with a satin headscarf tied to your head. 

Another thing you can do is braid your hair. You can either do one large braid or several small ones. You can also braid your hair while you’re exercising or if it might get blown around to avoid knots and tangles. 

How to Detangle Your Hair

A brunette woman running her fingers through her knot-free hair after using a Spornette hairbrush.

Detangling your hair can be an entire routine. There are ways to make the process stress-free while you gently brush out your hair. 

We recommend splitting up the hair into manageable sections. We like to do four different parts. Use your fingers to detangle and section as much as you can before you bring in a brush

Like we mentioned before, start brushing out your hair from the bottom up. Gently brush through the knots and tangles. Brushing fast will result in more damage to the hair and will be painful. 

Don’t shower if your hair is tangled. It can make the knots worse. You can also use a leave-in conditioner if your hair is feeling dry after showering. 

Invest in Quality Hair Products to Eliminate Tangles

Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Brush

Research the best tangle-free hair products to ensure your hair stays healthy. Whether you need specific curly hair products or have other custom hair care needs, there are hair care steps you can take to keep your hair smooth and shiny. 

Spornette is a hairbrush company that makes brushes for professionals and non-professionals. Our slogan is that our hairbrushes are “at the heart of every style.” Check out our full catalog of detangling brushes on our online store today to find the perfect detangling brush to help keep your hair knot-free.

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