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What Type of Brush Should I Carry in My Purse: Tips For Different Hair Types

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What Type of Brush Should I Carry in My Purse: Tips For Different Hair Types

Whether you are a beauty enthusiast or a professional, chances are that your purse is a treasure trove of essentials. Aptly, you’ve probably wondered, “What type of brush should I carry in my purse?”

But when it comes to hair brushes for on-the-go touch-ups or styling, there’s more to consider than just functionality. You also ought to consider the quality and reputation of the hairbrush brand.

That’s where Spornette comes in.

At Spornette, we are at the heart of every style. We offer compact and suitable brushes for on-the-go use regardless of the type of hair. The different types of brushes in our catalog are designed to be portable, making them the perfect addition to your essentials.

In this blog, we’ll explore which Spornette brushes are ideal to be your on-the-go companion. We’ll go further and delve into the best brushes for various hair types.

So, What Type of Brush Should You Carry In Your Purse?

What Type of Brush Should I Carry in My Purse - Fashionable woman with stylish bag at table in outdoor cafe

  • Teasing Brushes

An on-the-go brush that should never be missed in your purse or makeup bag is the teasing brush. Also known as the backcombing brush, this type of brush comes in handy when creating volume and texture in hair. Besides, it offers the versatility of using different styling products to achieve various looks.

  • Round Brushes

Round brushes are quite versatile, which makes them a must-have. With these, you can create a polished look, achieve voluminous curls, or create a fuller appearance. An insider tip is to go for a round brush with natural bristles, as these are often gentler on hair.

  • Cushion Brushes

A valuable addition to your hair care toolkit is the cushion brush. This versatile hairbrush is an outstanding detangling brush as it comes with flexible bristles. Besides, its ergonomic design makes the oval cushion brush the go-to detangler hair brush.

  • Paddle Brushes

If you want a versatile brush for various hair needs, then the paddle brush is a must-have. Its wide and flat design, coupled with the flexible bristles, makes it suitable both for straightening and detangling.

  • Boar Bristle Brushes

If the goal is reduced static and frizz as well as enhanced shine, then the boar bristle brush is the go-to. What’s more, the soft and pliable bristles make it ideal for gentle detangling. Note that these can have either 100% boar bristles or a combination of these with either synthetic or nylon bristles.

Concisely, these are the different types of brushes you should carry in your purse.

Moving right along, here’s a breakdown of the specific brushes you’ll need for different hair types.

The Perfect On-the-Go Spornette Brush for Every Hair Type

Spornette Hairbrushes 1

  • Fine to Thin Hair

Working with fine hair means struggling to add volume and texture. That’s where the Spornette Little Wonder Brush comes in.

This teasing brush comes with a combination of boar and nylon bristles, which should give you improved styling control. It’s small and compact, meaning you can simply throw it in your bag, yet sturdy enough to deliver professional performance.

  • Thick to Curly Hair

Thick or curly hair can be quite a challenge as it can easily get tangled and frizzy. That’s why you need the Classic German Porcupine brush.

The “porcupine” clusters of boar and nylon bristles are winning combinations. The 100% natural boar hair bristles have hair and scalp health benefits and add shine and luster to every strand. The nylon bristles at the heart of every porcupine cluster can penetrate and detangle any hair type.

  • Medium to Long Hair

When handling medium to long hair, it’s going to need occasional touch-ups to keep it sleek. For this, you can rely on the Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Rounder.

With this 2.5-inch diameter brush, you can style, lift, add volume, curl, and wave medium to long hair. A neat feature of this brush is that you only need a small amount of product to achieve the desired look. Overall, with this compact brush, you can achieve a smoothed-out look on the locks throughout the day.

Spornette Hairbrushes 2

  • Straight Hair

For smoothing and healthy daily maintenance of straight hair, consider DeVille 100% Boar Cushion. This classic round brush comes in three different diameters. For shorter, straight hair, go with the smaller diameter, while for longer, straight hair, opt for a larger diameter.

Other than maintaining your hair’s shine and style, this brush offers several benefits. Besides stimulating the scalp, it removes any dead hair strands. Further, it works wonders when it comes to spreading natural oils along your entire shaft.

  • Sensitive Scalp

When dealing with a sensitive scalp, it is important that you choose a hair brush designed to minimize irritation and discomfort. A great option is the Spornette Prego Brush.

This brush comes with a ceramic vented barrel, which makes styling with heat a breeze. Further, the tourmaline-enhanced bristles make drying the hair significantly faster as water molecules are broken up in record time. Overall, strands are stretched more easily, thus reducing any stress on the scalp.

Alternatively, you could opt for the Compact Oval Cushion brush, as it comes with soft bristles that soothe the scalp. This brush can detangle, smooth, and style the hair without causing too much discomfort to the scalp.

Concisely, whether dealing with fine, thick, curly, or straight hair, there’s a Spornette brush perfect for the task.

Elevate Your On-the-Go Hair Game with Spornette Brushes

Are you ready to transform your hair game and experience salon-quality results with on-the-go brushes?  

Look no further than Spornette.

We are your trusted partner in premium hair brushes that are both compact and suitable for on-the-go use. We stock a wide range of brushes, each crafted with precision and innovation; whether you’re going for a sleek, straight look, bouncy curls, or voluminous waves while on the go, we’ve got you covered.

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