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The Top 5 Ways to Style Your Hair Naturally

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The Top 5 Ways to Style Your Hair Naturally

Hair care is essential to any woman’s routine. Whether you make sure your hair stays straight and shiny or have curls that need to be tamed, as such, there are many ways to style your hair. Hair products can be expensive, and if you have sensitive skin or are worried about the potential health effects of some hair dyes and chemical treatments, they may not even be an option.

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways to style your hair that keep it looking good without causing harm to your hair. These five ways to style your hair will give you everything from smooth locks to bouncy curls.


”21” Classic Nylon Cushion

Air-drying is one of the simplest and most natural ways to style your hair. Start by applying a leave-in conditioner and a detangler to help prevent frizz and keep your hair hydrated. Using a ”21” Classic Nylon Cushion Brush from Spornette that glides stress-free through all types of hair, leaving it smooth and detangled. Then, create a loose braid or bun for a natural wave pattern, or leave your hair down for more of a relaxed, tousled look.

Using products formulated explicitly for air drying can help maximize your desired look. Many of these products contain lightweight oils that help provide hold and definition while protecting your hair from the elements. A low-speed diffuser can also help define curls and add volume to your style. Air drying is a great way to get creative with your hair without using heat or styling tools.

It also helps reduce your overall styling time, which is great if you’re trying to get ready quickly in the morning. Plus, air-drying is gentler on your hair than hot tools, so you can maintain the health of your hair while still achieving the look you want.


Professional hairdresser braiding clients hair - Ways to Style Your Hair

Braiding is one of the most popular natural ways to style your hair. Braiding is a great way to increase texture and dimension to your hair while keeping it neat. To get started with braiding, you’ll need to begin by gathering your hair into sections. To create a braid:

  • Start by taking three strands of hair from your head’s crown and intertwining them in an alternating pattern.
  • Keep adding coat from the sides as you go down to ensure that the braid is even on both sides.
  • Once you reach the end of the braid, secure it with an elastic band.

You can try various braids, such as French braids, fishtail braids, Dutch braids, and waterfall braids. Adding a styling product like wax or pomade will help keep your braid intact for longer. For a more polished look, use a reinforced boar cushion brush from Spornette to smooth out the braid before securing it with an elastic.


Bunning is a great way to naturally style your hair without using heat or chemicals. It is an easy and versatile hairstyle that looks great on any hair length. You can use a hairbrush and an elastic band to create a bunning style.

Start by sectioning off your hair from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck. Then, brush your hair and tie it up into a bun with an elastic band. You can leave the bun loose or secure it with more elastics for a tighter look.

Bunning is also an excellent protective hairstyle. It keeps your hair out of the way and away from heat damage. Additionally, this style is perfect for keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized since it covers most of the scalp and prevents moisture loss.

To make your bunning style look even more natural, you can add some texture by braiding the ends of your hair and wrapping them around the base of the bun. Or, if you want a softer look, you can use bobby pins to tuck away any strands and flyaways.

Overall, bunning is one of the simplest natural ways to style your hair. It’s quick and easy to create, and you can embellish it with accessories or keep it simple. With just a few steps, you can have a beautiful hairstyle that will last all day.


G-Porcupine round brush

Curls are one of the most natural ways to style your hair. From bouncy ringlets to loose waves, curls add texture and definition to your hair. They can frame the face, make an updo look more intricate, or give you a glamorous look. The possibilities are endless. With just a few simple tools and techniques, you can create beautiful, flowing curls in no time.

Creating curls is pretty straightforward. All you require is a curling iron and a few essential tools, such as the G-Porcupine round brush from Spornette, which is perfect for creating shapes, control, curled-under ends, and flip styles. This dual-bristle brush works well on all hair types and textures, but it is amazing for thick and curly hair. You can use it together with hairspray and curling irons of different sizes to achieve different looks.

Begin by sectioning off your hair into small chunks, then wrap the sections around the curling iron. Hold the iron in place for a few seconds, then release it. Finally, spritz on some hairspray to set the curls in place.

You can become an expert at creating gorgeous curls using the right tools and with a bit of practice. Curls are a great way to swap your hairstyle without committing to a new cut. They’re also perfect for special occasions like weddings or proms.


Updos are a great way to keep your hair looking stylish without harsh chemicals or treatments. Updos are all about creating an elegant style that is still natural and easy to maintain. There are many updos, from high buns to low chignons and more.

To create an updo, start by brushing your hair using  Little Wonder Teasing brush until it is free of tangles and then use a styling product like hairspray or mousse to keep the style in place. Take a section of hair, twist it around your finger or curling iron, and then secure it with a hair tie. Finally, you can spray some hairspray to hold it in place.

Repeat this step throughout your head until you have achieved the desired look.

Updos are great natural ways to style your hair because they don’t require any additional products or tools. You can easily create your updo right at home. With the proper techniques and a little practice, anyone can learn how to style their hair naturally in different updo styles.

How Can We Assist?

At Spornette, we believe everyone should be able to have beautiful and healthy hair without having to rely on harsh products. We offer a wide variety of natural styling tools that can help you achieve the look you desire without any damage or fuss. From swizzle detangling brushes to Long Smooth Operator brushes, our selection of means will help you achieve your desired look in no time.

So, if you’re looking for an easy and natural way to style your hair, Spornette has all the tools you need. Get creative and experiment with all the natural ways to style your hair – you never know what new look you’ll create. Contact us today to get yourself high-quality hair brushes for your natural hair. Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great hair care routine, and make brushes for the style you want!

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