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A Complete Guide to Washing Hairbrushes

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A Complete Guide to Washing Hairbrushes

Hairbrushes are one of those things you use every day without even thinking about their cleaning process. But did you know washing hairbrushes is easy? And you can always wash them using water and soap?

It is easy to remove hair accumulated in brush bristles every time you brush your hair. But that’s not enough. Brushes collect lots of dirt, grease, and germs. Washing hairbrushes is essential to keep them looking their best and prevent hair damage. 

Besides, filthy-looking brushes are an eyesore and unhygienic. So, are you tired of using dirty brushes? It’s time to clean them! If you need a reliable one, get high-quality styling brushes from us today.

How Often Should You Clean Hairbrushes?

You may feel the temptation to clean them every time you wash your hair, but this isn’t necessary. If you clean them less often than once a week, they’ll stop shedding, and the bristles will last longer. Cleaning brushes every few weeks is okay.

So, how often should you clean your brushes? It depends on the type of brush you use and how often you use it. For example, natural boar bristle hairbrushes need more frequent cleaning because they are made from animal hair and can harbor dirt and bacteria. Synthetic bristles do not need as much cleaning since they don’t absorb sweat or oil as natural ones do.

Guide to Washing Hairbrushes

Now, let’s start learning how to clean these specific brushes!

Synthetic Brush

ion fusion paddle brush

These have nylon bristles, like the ion fusion paddle brush.

To properly clean it:

  • While you may want to rush in and start soaking and washing your brushes, it is vital to begin by removing the accumulated hair. When it is complex, use a scissor to remove the hair. You can run a comb through the lines of bristles to pull hair out too.
  • Fill a basin with warm water and a few drops of shampoo or conditioner (you can use only conditioner if needed).     
  • It is important to know that if you have a cushion brush, it should also not be submerged in water, as too much water can be retained underneath the cushion pad.
  • Just dip the brushes. Refrain from swishing or submerging, especially wood brushes that shouldn’t get too wet.
  • Gently rinse off the shampoo/conditioner with warm water until no residue remains on the bristles (don’t soak your brush in too much water).
  •  Lay out flat to dry for about 30 minutes before storing away in a dry place.

Wooden Brushes

Deville brushes - Guide to Washing Hairbrushes

When it comes to cleaning wooden hairbrushes such as Deville brushes, here are ways to clean them.

1. Clearing: Remove the dirt and hair strands stuck on the hairbrush with a comb or hairbrush cleaner.

2. Cleaning: Use water or mild soapy water to rinse the brush gently.

3. Drying: Remove excess water from the brush and store the brush bristle facing downwards at a place with good ventilation and away from sunlight, or blow dry the brush with cool air until completely dried. (Direct and constant hot air is not allowed as it would hurt the rubber cushion and bristles)

It is important to know that wooden brushes should not be in constant contact with water or be soaked in water, as it will cause the wood to crack and the coating to peel off. Ensure hairbrushes are dried properly after cleaning to avoid bacteria and mildew.

Boar Bristle Brush

Since Deville brushes are also boar bristle brushes, then the best way to wash a boar bristle brush is by swishing your brush through warm water. This should remove the majority of build-up and leave you with an essentially clean hairbrush since submerging the boar bristle brush in the water will make the brush longer to dry, which is inefficient.

After shaking off any extra water, remember to let your boar bristle brush dry bristle-side down on a clean towel.

Benefits of Cleaning Hairbrushes

You’ve probably seen the benefits of cleaning your brushes every time you wash them. Well, let’s find out more:

  • It helps keep your hair healthy. When oil and dirt get trapped on your brush and embedded in the bristles, it’s hard for them to absorb enough moisture from your hair. It can lead to dry, brittle hair that looks dull and lifeless.
  • Cleaning brushes regularly will also help maintain their shape so they won’t lose as much over time, which means you’ll have more control over how they distribute your hair as they move through your head each day.
  • When you clean your brushes regularly, it’s easy to track any buildup on the surfaces where you store them!
  • It keeps them from breaking. Neglecting to clean a brush will make it feel not as soft as it should and impede its function.
  • Not to mention, it can harbor bacteria and fungi that irritate your hair if you don’t clean it regularly. Cleaning your brushes will keep them looking their best—and they’ll last longer!

How Can You Best Store Hairbrushes

While you have a place to store other beauty products like your make-up and organize your shoes well, it’s time to store hairbrushes correctly! Try out the following:

  • Improvise your desk organizer
  • DIY a hairbrush holder, something of your choice.
  • Try a utensil organizer or
  • Modify that old wicker basket.

In Summary

To maintain the best hair condition, you must clean your brushes regularly. Cleaning your brushes can be as simple as rinsing them under warm water, but it’s also important to dry them properly. 

Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great hair care routine and make brushes for the style you want. Purchase high-quality hairbrushes at Spornette today! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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