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Cut Down on Dry-Time with Vented Hairbrushes

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Cut Down on Dry-Time with Vented Hairbrushes

“Getting ready to head out the door in the morning is my favorite task,” said no one ever. Cut down on your blow-dry time, and inevitably your time spent getting ready, with these incredible vented hairbrushes from Spornette.

Spornette is a family-owned company that’s been in the hair business for over 60 years. Don’t mistake years of experience, knowledge, and innovation as being old-fashioned, however. Nobody does hairbrushes quite like Spornette does.

Keep reading to find out why Spornette vented hairbrushes are an excellent addition to any hairbrush collection. Once you pick out your favorite vented hairbrush, visit the Spornette website today and add it to your cart!

“9300” Vent Brush

ion 9300cropped

The “9300” Vent Brush is a fantastic brush for blow-drying and styling.

The bristles on the “9300” Vent Brush are in the shape of the letter “W.” This unique vent and bristle pattern allows air to easily pass through the brush while still keeping your hair securely in place.

This vented hairbrush pairs perfectly with any blow-dryer for a quick and effortless blow-dry.

Your “9300” Vent Brush is also great for removing tangles before, during, and after washing your hair.

One customer had this to say about the “9300” Vent Brush: “A staple in our salon, at the backbar. It has become a favorite part of the hair washing by our guests.”

Bring the salon experience home with this vented hairbrush.

9000-MF Anti-Static Vent Brush

Purple 9000-MF vented hair bush from Spornette

No, the 9000-MF Anti-Static Vent Brush is not some sort of artificial intelligence hairbrush.

The “MF” in 9000-MF actually stands for “Metro Flow.” This flow occurs through the large-sized vents that are a staple of this brush.

Vented brushes are the fastest way to blow-dry your hair. The vents allow air to pass through the brush completely directly onto your hair. Direct airflow onto the hair gives you a much faster dry-time than a brush without vents, like a paddle or a cushion brush

Vented hairbrushes don’t only make dry-time faster; they make it easier. Because the air can pass directly through the brush, your hair will stay put in the hairbrush, instead of bouncing out from the force of the blow-dryer.

As the name of this brush suggests, it is an anti-static hairbrush. Say bye-bye to flyaways and frizzies, even in dry climates while using the 9000-MF Anti-Static Vent Brush. The ball-tipped bristles are gentle on your hair and scalp and make it so easy to create volume as you blow-dry.

The 9000-MF Anti-Static Brush is a fantastic addition to anyone’s hairbrush collection.

Perfect Grip Tunnel Vent

Perfect Grip Tunnel Vent Spornette vented hairbrush

The Perfect Grip Tunnel Vent brush is the ultimate vented hairbrush for anyone with long, thick, or hard to dry hair.

The tapered and cushioned handle of this vented hairbrush is its crowning glory. It is easily one of the most comfortable hairbrushes you’ll ever get your hands on! Avoid hand and wrist fatigue with this hairbrush designed ergonomically for long periods of styling.

The Perfect Grip Tunnel Vent has thicker bristles than most other hairbrushes. These thick bristles make it the ideal styling tool for all hair types, so you can bet that this brush is a winner no matter what!

Ion Fusion Vent Brush

Spornette Ion Fusion Hairbrush

The Ion Fusion Vent Brush is a staple hairbrush in the Spornette Ion Fusion Collection.

An ion-charged brush emits negatively-charged ions. These ions help to break up water molecules for a much quicker dry-time than a brush without ionic power. Combine that ion magic with perfectly crafted air vents, and your hair will be dry in no time flat!

The ball-tipped tourmaline nylon bristles are gentle on your hair and scalp, but can efficiently work through any tough tangles.

The Ion Fusion Vent Brush has a snag-free, single-piece handle. With this single-piece handle, there is no chance your hair can become stuck or tangled between the handle and the bristles. There is no need to worry about detangling or damaging your hair with this copper-colored beauty.

Get the Most out of Your Vented Hairbrushes

WOman smiling with a blow-dryer

Vented hairbrushes are pretty straightforward to use, but here are some tips for getting the most from them with every use.

  • Use your vented hairbrush for a rough blow-dry before going in with some of Spornette’s amazing round brushes. As a general rule of thumb, your hair should be about 70% dry before going in with a round brush. 

Doing a rough blow-dry before going in with a round brush helps minimize damage while cutting down on your overall dry-time. If you find yourself doing more than two passes through your hair with a round brush, it’s too wet! Instead, make sure you’re getting extra moisture out beforehand with a perfectly designed vented hairbrush.

  • To create more volume with your favorite vented hairbrush, be sure to lift the hair upwards or away from your scalp. To create the most volume lift straight up from the scalp. The higher the angle of your lift, the more volume you’ll create.
  • Be careful that you’re not putting your blow-dryer directly onto your hair or vented hairbrush. Let those vents do their job by letting the air pass through. Don’t overheat and potentially damage your hair by using your blow-dryer too closely. Your hair will thank you!

Spornette: Vented Hairbrushes At the Heart of Every Style

Spornette Logo HORIZ

Spornette offers a variety of bristle and brush types to make sure that everyone can find their perfect hairbrush.

Visit the Spornette website today and shop for the hairbrush of your dreams. Easily shop the site by using the brush type categories, or simply search for a hairbrush by name. Find out why Spornette hairbrushes are at the heart of every style and make an absolute perfect hair day every day.

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  2. I am looking for Metro tunnel Spornette 9020 hair brush. Do you sell this one?

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