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7 Must-Have Tools for Your Braid and Updo Services

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7 Must-Have Tools for Your Braid and Updo Services

If you’re looking to add some extra flair to your braid and updo services, here are the right tools for your Braid and updo services

Find the Right Tools for Your Braid and Updo Services

Finding the right tools and products to help you create various braid and updo styles can be challenging. The most important thing to do is make sure that the tools you buy are high quality so they won’t break when they’re used on your client’s hair.

The best way to choose the right products for yourself is by asking around at beauty salons in your area. The stylists there may have recommendations based on their own experience with different brands of hair accessories, as well as what works best for their client’s needs—and if one salon doesn’t sell something specific, then another might!

1. Hairbrush

When styling fine hair, a hairbrush can make the difference between a great hairstyle and a terrible hairstyle. You may not be able to get your braids to fill out the way you want them to, or you may have to use a lot of Bobby pins to make your ballerina bun look perfect.

Using a hairbrush from Spornette suited to your hair type can help you get the look you want, making this one of the right tools for your braid and updo services.

2. The Perfect Round Brush

Boar Bristle Round Brush

The Perfect Round Brush is a multipurpose styling tool that provides smooth blowouts for curly hair. Boar bristle round brush adds volume and shine to your hair, making this one of the essential tools for your braid and updo services.

These brushes come in various sizes, with smaller sizes providing tighter curls. They also come with a teasing brush, which is used to create tiny knots in the hair. 

When working with fragile hair, a teasing brush should be used. Make sure to protect your hair from heat damage by using a heat protectant before brushing.

Round brushes come in many sizes, and the size you choose will depend on the length of your hair and the size of curls you’d like to achieve. Smaller brushes are perfect for creating tight curls, while larger brushes are great for creating subtle waves or straightening your hair.

3. Blending Shears

Set of different hairdresser scissors

Many hair stylists have blenders and use them to create a wide range of styles, including a contoured, soft look. Some stylists even perform entire cuts with blenders, which allows them to perfect a wide range of techniques and produce amazing results.

A blending shear is a two-bladed tool used to cut layers without removing length. This tool comes with teeth on one blade and a shear blade on the other. Using a blending shear is easier than using one-bladed scissors.

The teeth on these shears allow for a point cut, which can create a castle-like look. The point-cutting technique has the disadvantage of being slow and hard on the hands. Moreover, it requires hundreds of extra cuts for each haircut, which wears out the shear tips.

Blending shears are an important tool in any hairdresser’s kit. They are useful for adding volume, softening lines, and blending uncut hair. They come in wide varieties. Some have wider teeth and space between the teeth, while others feature notches on the blade.

Choosing a pair of thinning shears depends on the type of hairstyle. Some are best suited for wet hair, while others are suitable for dry hair. However, you should always select a pair that is suitable for your skill level and style. A quality thinning shear will help you achieve the desired look and keep it looking and feeling fresh for a long time.

4. Scrunchies, Silk Scarfs, and Headbands

handmade scrunchy or scrunchies headband

When it comes to adding volume and fullness to your braids and updos, silk scarves and headbands are a great option. Silk scarves are very easy to use, as they can be wrapped around the back of your head or tied in place at the front. 

Silk scarves also give you great movement options because they’re lightweight and don’t hold on tight like other materials might. Silk headbands work similarly—they’re incredibly soft but still offer plenty of support while keeping hair out of your face when not being worn (which is especially important if you wear glasses). 

5. Lightweight Blow Dryer

A blow dryer is required for any hairstyling service, and the best one to use is a lightweight model with low wattage. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, we recommend getting yourself one of these.

6. Curling Iron

Tools for Your Braid and Updo Services

Using a curling iron to create loose or tight curls is one of the easiest ways to create an updo that looks beautiful. You can use the texture of your hair to control how much curl you want in the braid, so use this tool when working with different lengths and thicknesses of hair.

7. Sectioning Clips

The clips are used to section hair before braiding, curling, and blow drying. They’re also great for sectioning hair when you color your client’s hair.

  • When braiding—use a clip at each end of the braid so that it stays secure while you work on it.
  • If you want to curl or straighten your client’s hair while they are sitting still in front of their mirror, place clips around her head at appropriate intervals so that she doesn’t move too much during curling or straightening processes (this will result in frizz).

Key Take-Away

You need the right tools for your braid and updo services, especially for hairbrushes. Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great hair routine. We make brushes for the style you want!

With these essential tools for your braid and updo services, you can create a variety of hairstyles for clients with all hair types. Take a step today and purchase  Spornette hairbrushes for quality hairbrushes for your clients.

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