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You Need the Best Round Brush for Curtain Bangs

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You Need the Best Round Brush for Curtain Bangs

Having the right tools for the job is monumental. This rule applies to construction, cooking, and yes, even curtain bangs. Here at Spornette, we believe that having the best round brush for curtain bangs is essential to maintaining the classic hairstyle. 

Curtain bangs have been a true constant in the world of hair for the last 50 plus years. One of the most famous examples being Brigette Bardot. The face-framing shape makes them easily one of the most flattering hairstyles, no matter who you are. 

Although it is a beautiful and classic looking style, curtain bangs need some love to keep that effortless look. 

Our hairbrushes have been an industry standard for decades. We pride ourselves on quality, education, and great hair. Visit us today to pick up the perfect tools for your next fun hairstyle!

Lift the Curtain

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So what exactly are curtain bangs? 

The name “curtain bangs” comes from how they frame the face like a curtain would a window. They can be parted down the middle or to the side but will frame the wearer’s face. 

In the 1960s and 1970s, curtain bangs gained popularity by being sported by Goldie Hawn, Farrah Fawcett, and Brigette Bardot. Not even the teasing and crimping of the 1980s could scare off these face-framing trend. 

We agree with Harper’s Bazaar that this makes them an iconic choice for your hair. 

Part of the appeal of curtain bangs is how effortless they appear no matter the occasion. Curtain bangs and a bun can easily take someone from work to a formal event with only a few touchups. 

Choosing the right brush will aid in keeping your bangs in shape when styled. Round brushes are great for curtain bangs because they offer a way to control and style hair simultaneously.

The best round brushes for curtain bangs

You must have the right tools! At Spornette, we have you covered when your job is making your hair look amazing. 

Both of these round brushes work using great bristles to grab your hair and smooth it out to achieve the style.

Magnesium Miracle Brushes

The Magnesium Miracle hair brush is the Best Round Brush for Curtain Bangs

The Magnesium Miracle Brush is an absolute powerhouse for hairstyling. 

The combination of nylon and boar bristles penetrate the hair while smoothing and adding shine. Boar and nylon are exactly what you need for curtain bangs that need to be smooth.

The brush’s core construction allows it to keep heat throughout styling if using it with a blowdryer. The cap is closed, there is an inner core, and the barrel is ceramic. 

What really makes the Magnesium Miracle heat up so well is that both the inner core and the ceramic barrel are treated with Magnesium additives that make the barrel get hotter faster. This design retains the heat during styling, speeding up dry time.

Ceramic cores, in general, are great for hairstyling. They use the heat trapped within them to achieve a sleek and well-polished style. 

Another feature that makes this brush perfect for curtain bangs is that it comes in three diameters. We measure our diameters from bristle end to bristle end.

  • Small: 2 inches 
  • Medium: 2.5 inches 
  • Large: 3 inches

Having round brushes in different sizes is important if you have long hair with layers or bangs. As a general rule, smaller round brushes are best for shorter hair. This makes small round brushes the perfect brush for curtain bangs!


The Pronto by Spornette is the Best Round Brush for Curtain Bangs

The Pronto line is another brush that was made to style hair beautifully and efficiently. 

One of the features that make the Pronto stand out is its bristles that are nylon and infused with Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a mineral classified as a precious stone and helps in smoothing hair as it’s worked through. The nylon bristles smooth out the hair while brushing. 

The construction of the brush makes it ideal for any length or hair type. 

The brush’s barrel is an hour-glass shape that lends a way to keep perfect tension and smooth hair. While brushing, simply rotate the wrist to create optimum tension for super smooth strands.

This brush comes in four different diameters to achieve the desired styling. 

There are four different barrel sizes to choose from:

  • 1.5 inches
  • 2 inches
  • 2.5 inches 
  • 3 inches

Creating curtain bangs

These steps are ones that you can follow after freshly washing your hair. Be sure to use the brushes that we’ve just suggested or another Spornette round brush.

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  1. Completely dry your bangs using the nozzle attachment on your hairdryer. Allowing hair to air-dry may allow your bangs to have too much lift or frizz. 
  1. Use a round brush while styling to ensure a sleek finish. The shorter your hair, the smaller the brush barrel should be. To create the beautiful swoop style curtain bangs are known for, place the brush behind the bangs and curl back towards the crown of your head while using the blowdryer.

For volume, lift your arm and brush up towards the ceiling while curling the hair away from your face.

  1. For a sleek finish, use a medium-hold hairspray. This product will allow the hair to keep moving and to stay in place. 
  1. Use a texture spray for a natural finish on the ends. Using a texture spray gives more of a natural finish to the hairstyle and will keep your bangs in place. 

Between hair washing days, be sure to keep your roots oil-free by using your favorite dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo will maintain your hairstyle and will allow your hair to stay put while looking fresh. 

Spornette has more than just the best round brush for curtain bangs

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Spornette has been around as a family business just as long as curtain bangs have been in style, which is well over 70 years. We are, in fact, one of the last family-owned businesses in the beauty industry. 

Our passion is to provide brushes that are used to make styling a joy, and that will last. We offer a program for professional stylists that can be used on our site. 

We make all of our hairbrushes to be comfortable to use and keep the right style. We also build them to last and to stand up to constant use. 

Visit our site today for great products and tips for styling your hair. We look forward to seeing what you create!

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