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Straightening and Curling Hair Brushes: What’s the Difference?

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Straightening and Curling Hair Brushes: What’s the Difference?

Whether your hair is naturally curly, straight, or somewhere in between, chances are you want to change it up occasionally. Curling irons and flat irons were once your only options for changing the shape or texture of your hair, but frequently relying on styling tools that require high heat is not the best choice for the health of your hair. Straightening brushes and curling brushes provide safer and more effective solutions for adding volume or smoothness to your hair.

While some of these brushes do use a limited and less concerning amount of heat, others are designed to be capable of nudging your hair in one direction or the other while looking and functioning more like traditional hairbrushes. Here are some of the most significant similarities and differences between Spornette’s straightening and curling hair brushes

Similarities Between Straightening and Curling Hair Brushes 

Straightening and Curling Hair Brushes - Portrait of beautiful model with gorgeous curly hair on grey background

While straightening brushes and curling brushes serve opposite purposes, they often share similar designs that make them capable of creating the styles you want. Here are some of the most significant similarities between these types of styling tools!

Round Design

While many basic hairbrushes consist of a slightly concave cushion with bristles on only one side, most of our curling and straightening brushes are designed to more effectively tweak the shape of your natural hair. These options consist of a strong central tube made from metal or another material with bristles all the way around, which is a more efficient design for doing more with your hair than simply reducing tangles. 

Need for Heat Precautions 

Like any heated styling tools, overuse of ceramic straightening and curling hair brushes can damage your hair if you do not take steps to build its resilience against high heat levels. Using a heated styling brush, hair dryer, or other tool that produces heat on a daily basis can cause your hair to become weak, brittle, and dull, which means that using a heat protection spray before styling your hair is a helpful step in creating the texture you want without losing its strength and shine.

These tools are typically somewhat cooler than traditional curling irons or flat irons, but taking heat precautions is still important if you plan to use them frequently. No matter how much you love your heated styling tools, it can also be a good idea to alternate them with non-heated curling or straightening brushes that function more similarly to traditional hairbrushes. 

Convenient Solutions for Creating Your Favorite Hairstyles 

Your hair may come out of your head in a certain way, but this does not mean sticking with your natural hairstyle is the only way it can look beautiful. Spornette’s heated and non-heated straightening brushes and curling brushes provide an abundance of solutions for giving nearly any hair type tight curls, gentle waves, or a sleek, straight alternative to textured hair. 

While none of these styling tools provide permanent solutions, they provide an easier and more convenient alternative to traditional curling irons and flat irons that can help you create several new favorite hairstyles. 

Differences Between Straightening and Curling Hair Brushes 

Healthy strong and straight hair long brunette hairstyle female

Straightening and curling hair brushes ultimately work to make your hair look as opposite as possible, which means that their design and functionality must be able to support altering the shape of your hair in the direction you want, with or without heat. Here are some of the main differences between straightening and curling hair brushes!

Typical Materials 

We offer a wide range of heated and non-heated straightening brushes and curling brushes that are made from a variety of materials, which can make it easier to find bristles and brush shapes that are a good match for your natural hair.

The majority of our non-heated straightening brushes are made from natural boar bristles, porcupine bristles, or similar rigid options that are typically arranged close together. This design means that these materials allow less hair to pass through any given bristles, and these tighter spaces can more effectively straighten your hair. 

Curling brushes need to provide more space and flexibility to help shape your hair into something with more volume, which means that they often include bristles made from nylon or similar materials. 

Unique Features 

Straightening brushes generally consist of thin bristles that are close together, which makes them more capable of pressing smaller groups of hairs into a straighter shape as they pass through. Curling brushes often take the opposite approach by including bristles that are spread out to make it easier to encourage your hair to curl more than it naturally does. 

These brushes may also include textured bristles, and these crinkles or other shapes can further increase the amount of space your hair has and the bristles’ ability to add more texture to your hair without using heat. 

Primary Purpose 

Non-heated straightening brushes will not necessarily straighten your hair, as an alternative that uses heat to temporarily change the shape of your hair, but they can be an excellent choice for reducing minor waves and the impact of weather-related concerns to create a frizz-free shine. While a curling brush is also unlikely to be as capable of giving straight hair tight curls as effectively as a curling iron, it can be a good fit for adding volume or encouraging natural waves to curl a bit more in the direction they are already going. 

Choose Spornette for Quality Specialized Brushes That Meet the Needs of Your Hair 

At Spornette, we know that everyone’s hair is unique, and we prioritize offering a wide selection of brushes that make it possible to find one that is a good match for your hair type and style. 

From considering the properties that determine the appearance and texture of your natural hair to finding creative ways to make your hair look beautiful in ways that differ significantly from its natural appearance, our vast line of straightening and curling hair brushes are invaluable tools for getting the most out of your hair. 

Contact us today for more helpful tips for choosing the right brush for your hair, then browse our website to compare our styles and order your new favorite hairbrush!

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