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The Best Small Round Brushes for Short Hair

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The Best Small Round Brushes for Short Hair

Short hair– you might rock it because it’s a stunning statement look, or it could be your style out of sheer convenience. Whatever your reason for having short hair, you can speed up your hair care routine with a fantastic small round brush from Spornette.

Keep reading to find the perfect small round brush for your short haircut. 

Spornette International has meticulously crafted their hairbrushes for over 60 years. Spornette brushes are more than just a hairstyling accessory–they are at the heart of every style.

Make every day an incredible hair day by purchasing your Spornette brush. Whether you’re in the market for a big or small round brush, you can find what you’re looking for on the Spornette International website.

Short ‘Do, Small Round Brush

A woman smiling with short hair.

If you’re rocking a pixie cut, stacked bob, or a short layered look, you might be struggling to find the best way to style your hair.

If you’re new to having a shorter look, you might find that the round brushes you used to style your hair before the big chop simply aren’t working anymore.

Using a small round brush on your short hairstyle will make it so much easier to style. 

Bigger round brushes don’t work for short hair because your hair can’t wrap around the brush to create enough tension to smooth, straighten, or style your cropped cut.

If you’ve ever had bangs, you’ll know that a larger round brush just won’t work on shorter pieces of hair.

You’ll find that smaller round brushes create the tension you need to add volume, smooth and style your short haircut easily.

Here are some incredible options for small round brushes from Spornette to make styling your short hair an absolute breeze.

Prego Round Brush

Prego Round Brush #260

The Prego Round Brush is another ideal tool to style your short haircut.

This striking blue and black round brush will have your short hair looking red-carpet ready in no time.

This small round brush is aerated and incredibly lightweight. The ceramic-coated, aerated barrel also heats up while you blow-dry, speeding up your dry time dramatically. And, the aerated barrel helps the air pass through the brush, making blow-drying a breeze.

The cushioned foam grip on the handle makes it super comfortable to work with, making it perfect for long periods of use without discomfort.

The bristles on this round brush are enhanced with added ions and tourmaline that help break up water molecules to speed up your dry-time and leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

Just like the Pronto brushes, the Prego comes in many sizes.

The 1½ inch barrel size is the perfect small round brush perfect for blowdrying and styling shorter hairstyles, bangs, or short layers. The 2-inch barrel is great for short and medium-length hair, like a long bob.

Pronto Ceramic Barrel

Pronto small round brush

The Pronto Ceramic Barrel round brush is perfect for short hair.

This round brush has a uniquely shaped hourglass barrel. This barrel is terrific for catching and holding the hair at the perfect tension for smoothing and reducing frizz.

The crimped nylon bristles mimic boar hair bristles and hold the hair in place while styling your short cut. 

The bristles on this hairbrush have added Nano-Silver to help keep your hairbrush clean during use. 

As a bonus, the Pronto round brush has tourmaline added to the bristles to condition your beautiful hair and speed up your blow-dry time. Additionally, the ceramic-coated metal barrel is another major contributor to a super-fast dry-time. This barrel heats up with the use of your blow-dryer and maintains a perfect constant temperature that won’t damage your hair.

While this round brush does come in multiple sizes, the 1½ inch barrel is perfect for short hairstyles, like a long pixie. You could even consider the 2-inch barrel a small round brush for long bobs or layered hairstyles that fall just below the chin.

Italian Rounder

Italian rounder small round brush

The Italian Rounder hairbrush is an incredible brush featuring natural boar bristles reinforced with nylon for added strength while styling normal to thick hair.

The boar bristles tightly and effectively grip the hair while using a blow-drier. Using this brush will create a sleek and shiny style that you’re sure to love.

Boar bristles are great for hair and scalp health, too. Boar hair helps keep your hair nourished and clean while stimulating blood flow in the scalp to encourage growth.

The 2-inch Italian Rounder is the perfect boar bristle round brush that works great on short layers or cuts.

Mini Rounder

Mini rounder small round brushAs the name implies, the Mini Rounder is most definitely a small round brush.

This hairbrush features small boar and nylon bristles that are perfect for short hairstyles and bangs. The nylon bristles penetrate any hair type, while the boar bristles help gather and hold the hair, as well as condition the hair with each pass of the brush.

The metal barrel on these brushes heat up, helping to cut down on the time it takes to blow-dry your hair.

The .75 inch and 1-inch barrel sizes are great for extra short hairstyles like pixie haircuts. You’ll have excellent control every time you use the Mini Rounder small round brush.

Mini Stylers

The Mini Styler small round brushes come in two bristles types: boar and nylon.

Mini Styler Boar

Mini Stylers Boar

The Mini Styler Boar small round brush is a ¾ inch reinforced boar bristle hairbrush. This brush is not only great for short hair, but it’s perfect for smoothing away any flyaways around the face or adding finishing touches to an up-do.

This brush is perfect not only for women but works well for men, too! The Mini Styler Boar makes it unbelievably easy to create a ducktail or slicked back 50’s style.

Mini Styler Nylon

Mini Stlyer nylon

Like its boar-bristled sister, the Mini Styler Nylon is also a ¾ inch small round brush ideal for any short hair cuts. 

This round brush is useful for all of the same things as the boar bristle version: 

  • smoothing flyaways,
  • styling bangs
  • drying and styling very short hair like pixie cuts
  • adding finishing touches to your gorgeous up-dos.

Rock that Bob, Style with a Small Round Brush from Spornette

a woman with platinum short hair

Whatever short hairstyle you prefer, Spornette is the best place to find the perfect small round brush to elevate your short hair to the next level.

Find out why Spornette brushes are at the heart of every style. Visit the Spornette website, and add a small round brush (or 5!) to your cart today.

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