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The Best Hairbrush to Get Shiny Hair

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The Best Hairbrush to Get Shiny Hair

The hairbrush may be the most underrated tool in your beauty routine. Go into any store and look at the hairbrushes; you will see a brush for every desire. One for detangling, brushing thick hair, or teasing, but what is the best hairbrush for shiny hair?

The short answer is that there are quite a few that will help you add great sheen to your mane. This article’s brushes are Spornette’s offerings for hairbrushes to help achieve a healthy and gorgeous shine. 

Spornette has been dedicated to the cause of great hair by offering brushes to style any hair type. These hairbrushes will help you achieve a great style, leave you feeling great, and are high-quality. Whether you are a professional stylist or just love to have great hair, Spornette has a brush for you.

For over 70 years, Spornette has been supplying quality hairbrushes to those who love their hair. The brushes in this blog are perfect for achieving that healthy and shiny look. Visit their site today to get the ideal brush for you.

Smooth and Shine Collection 

Black Smooth and Shine brush by Spornette. The best hairbrush for shiny hair.

This brush is an excellent way for those with thick hair to blow out or straighten their hair. It comes in three sizes for all hair lengths, making it great to sculpt curls or keep tension for straightening. It also holds some surprising features. 

The handle of this superstar brush has a removable pick for sectioning hair hidden in the handle! It also features nylon and boar bristles. Nylon bristles help to penetrate the hair, while the boar bristles are angled to 45°, allowing it to securely hold the hair in place while you style. 

The nylon bristles are extended past the boar bristles to penetrate any hair. They are treated with tourmaline and ionic to help combat static and leave hair with a stunning shine.

Nylon bristles are great for preventing any small tangles as you style. But always detangle with a brush perfectly designed for the job before going in with a round brush.

The Ion Fusion Nylon/Boar Cushion brush is another example of why having a dual bristle brush is a great idea. This lightweight cushion is perfect for shaping, styling, and setting waves. It’s also the perfect hairbrush for adding shine!

This blog from Spornette further explains why having a combination of bristles is a good thing in a hairbrush. 

If dual-bristle brushes aren’t your thing, you may want a 100% boar bristle brush for shine. 

Boar bristles pull the natural oil from our roots to the tip of the hair. This feature is on full display with the DeVille 100% Boar Collection. The paddle and cushion DeVilles are perfect for daily maintenance to add health and shine. The DeVille Rounder is perfect for styling while you blow-dry.

Blow Them Away

A woman using a blow-dryer on her shiny hair

To use a hairdryer to create shine, be sure to hit the cold air button at the end of drying your hair. This blast of cold air will seal the cuticle of the hair shaft. Sealing the cuticle is what sets your style and adds shine. 

This blog post is a great guide to giving yourself a blowout at home. It offers excellent tips for those who want shiny hair and are styling it at home.

A tried and true technique to add shine when using a hairdryer is to have good tension. Pulling your hair too tight can damage it. Not pulling your hair tight enough may not have the effect of smoothing hair. 

If you style your hair while you blow-dry, a good brush for you may be the Italian Rounder. Its name is a nod to the fact that this brush is manufactured in Italy.

Like most products out of Italy, quality is at the forefront, and the factory in Italy that manufactures this brush has been family-run for 150 years! Your locks can be curled or given a finish with this boar bristled beauty. The brush series has four diameters to help you perfectly manipulate your hair while styling.

Control Your Style

Prego ceramic round brush for shiny hair

Shiny hair is not just for the ladies or those with long hair.

No matter who you are, shiny hair is a sign of health. A versatile brush for styling the whole family is the Prego Collection.

The barrel of this brush comes in six different sizes! The nylon bristles are treated with tourmaline to help condition the hair, leaving it healthy and beautiful! The tourmaline is charged with negative ions that break up water molecules and allow you to dry your hair super quick!

Other Tips to Achieve Shiny Hair

a girl with wet hair

Other than hairbrushes, there are a few small things you can do to take even more control of your style and add shine. 

  • A clarifying shampoo can go a long way in giving your hair some shine. Clarifying shampoo strips build-up from products in your hair. Hair can appear dull from the build-up of days of products, even dry shampoo. 
  • While you’re in the shower, consider giving your hair a quick rinse with cold water before you get out. Much like the cool air from the hairdryer, the cold water will seal the cuticle of your hair. An added plus to a blast of cold water is that it can also help to maintain hair color. 
  • Adding oils to your hair product arsenal can be a daily way to add shine. Oils such as avocado or other natural oils are great. A light daily leave-in conditioner is also beneficial as it helps your hair maintain moisture. 

At the Heart of Every Style

Shiny red hair

When shopping for a brush that will help you give your hair a healthy shine, keep in mind the brush’s materials. The praises of both boar hair and nylon bristle alike have been sung.

Boar bristles do a great job of bringing natural oils from the root of the hair to the tip, ensuring hair is moisturized. On the other hand, nylon bristles lay hair strands flat, allowing them to detangle and smooth out hair.

Daily natural oils, a shine serum or spray, and a light leave-in conditioner provide great moisture and add shine. 

Sealing the hair cuticle is great for shine and can be done using the cool air button on the hairdryer. A blast of cold water at the end of a shower will do the same. For seven decades, they have provided beauty professional and D.I.Y. stylists with hairbrushes that set quality standards. To get more great tips, read blogs, or get a great brush for shine, visit Spornette’s site today!

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