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Retro Babe: How to Do Pin Curls

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Retro Babe: How to Do Pin Curls

There is a secret technique that women have been using for over a century to achieve long-lasting curls. It is the creation of pin curls. This style was made famous in the 1940s but still used by women today to achieve curls that last for days. You may wonder how to do pin curls at home to make them last? 

You can learn how to do pin curls at home with a few products and tools. Spornette brushes are incredibly helpful for transforming your look from straight to glam. Browse Spornette brushes to shop for the right tool to perfect your hair so you can create perfect pin curls. 

Whether it is a wedding, date night, or just an everyday look for you, pin curls can make you feel retro glam. Now, keep reading to find out how to pin curls at home so you can achieve the perfect style.

Step 1: Towel Damp Hair and Blow Out

A women towel-drying her hair

The first step is to towel dry and blow out your hair as you usually do to style your hair. You may want to use a blow dry accelerator if you are short on time. Having the right brush for your blow-out also makes this task more manageable.

An excellent brush by Spornette for your blow out is the “21” Classic Nylon Cushion. It is ideal for brush-outs, finishing, and styling. It helps to smooth and straighten hair before you use your curling iron to create curls. It is also safe to use on wigs or extensions. 

Another option for a brush is the Ion Fusion Paddle. This brush is ideal for long and thick hair. Working through longer hair can be difficult, but the brush is lightweight and makes it easy to use while reducing wrist fatigue. 

Read more: If you are looking for additional ideas on blow-out brushes by Spornette, check out our blog post: “The Best Round Brushes for Blow-outs.” 

Once your hair is dry, you can apply a curl product and start the process to form pin curls.

Step 2: Apply Curl-Setting Cream

a woman on a pink background holding hair product

The next step in how to do pin curls is to apply your preferred curl-setting cream and comb through sections of your hair. The curl-setting cream will help define curls and set the look. The right curl-setting cream will also keep hair free of frizz. 

Step 3: Divide Hair Into Sections and Curl

a woman on a pink background curling her hair to create pin curls

The key to curling the hair is to divide pieces of hair into sections. The more hair you have, the more sections you will need to create. 

The best technique is to pull half the hair up, then divide it into two sections: left and right. You’ll then want to take a small hair section, usually around two inches, and curl. A hair wand is a perfect tool to use to create the curl. 

To create pin curls, hold the hair around the tool for five seconds. Once you’ve released the hair from the wand or curling iron, cup the curl in your hand. You might notice the hair is in a circle formation, which you’ll then continue rolling until you are at the base of the scalp where you’ll pin. 

Pin with bobby pins or clips to form a pin curl. Repeat the process through all sections of your hair. Now you know how to do pin curls! 

Step 4: Allow the Curls to Set

a woman curling her eyelashes and letting her hair set

Once you have all curls pinned, allow them to set. It is best to let the pin curls to sit for at least ten minutes. So, apply makeup or grab a snack while you wait. Use a light hairspray to help hold the curls before you take out the clips or pins. 

After ten minutes, you can remove the bobby pins or clips to reveal the gorgeous curls one by one. Unravel each spiral and form with your thumb or forefinger as you release your hair. 

Once every curl is released, you can finish the look. 

Step 5: Style Your Hair

Spornette Little Wonder Teasing Brush

Now that you know how to do pin curls at home, you can finish the look. Once all curls are released, gently run your hands through your hair. You can tease or backcomb at the roots if you want more height. 

Use the Litte Wonder Teasing Brush to add that extra edge to your style. Its design gives you complete control with backcombing. You can also use this brush to smooth out flyaways after curls are released.

If you have decided not to backcomb, don’t be afraid to use a finishing brush to smooth out curls. The Deville 100% Boar Cushion brush is perfect for achieving a smooth, finished style. The wonder of this brush is in its boar bristles, which keeps hair soft and shiny. 

You will want to brush through the curls, so they fall loose and effortless. After brushing through, apply light hair oil, but just to the ends of your hair. Not only does it make the hair appear healthy, but it blends in the ends with the rest of your hair. 

After the pin curl look is complete, you may want to set your hair with a finishing hair spray. Using a smoothing hairspray can help to lock the hold of the curls without making them appear crunchy.

Alternative Option on How to Do Pin Curls: Overnight Setting

a young girl holding a pillow and pretending sleep

You may want to let your curls set overnight as an alternative twist on how to do pin curls. For this method, start with clean and detangled hair.

If your hair is damp, apply a styling mousse to help hold the hair. Mousse is usually not necessary if the hair is already dry. 

Since the hair is setting overnight, you do not need to use a curling iron or wand for this method. Twirl a curl around your finger and pin it into place. 

You may want to use a blowdryer to help set once all curls are in place. To keep your pillowcase dry if your hair is still damp, wear a shower or styling cap to bed. 

Once it is morning, release the curls and style your hair as you usually do. It is an easy and practical way to do pin curls if you shower or bathe at night! 

Spornette Brushes are Perfect for any Style

spornette 21b scaled 1

Whether it is pin curls, blow-outs, straight looks, or updo’s, Spornette has a brush to fit your style! Visit the Spornette website to see an assortment of style brushes so you can get to creating your perfect look. 

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