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Hairbrush Showdown! Paddle Brush VS Vent Brush

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Hairbrush Showdown! Paddle Brush VS Vent Brush

A hairbrush is one of the most historical pieces in your collection of beauty tools. And brushing your hair is an ancient practice. And for a good reason! Brushing your hair distributes natural oils from the scalp, through your hair strands, all the way to the ends.  But people still ask, who wins in the Paddle Brush vs Vent Brush debate?

If you notice a lot of excess hair in your brush, it could mean a couple of things, namely, that you’re using the wrong (aka cheap or damaging) brush for your hair type. When shopping for a hairbrush, how do you know the right brush to choose between a paddle brush vs. vent brush? 

Spornette is at the heart of every great hair care routine and has an irresistible catalog of hairbrushes. And most importantly, the catalog describes what each brush does, and which one is perfect for you! Today we’re going to brush through the differences between two incredible hairbrushes:  paddle brush vs vent brush. 

Spornette is in the business of creating hair brushes for professionals and non-professionals, with your specific needs in mind. Visit our website to pick out your next favorite hairbrush.

The Debate Between The Paddle Brush VS Vent Brush?

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While at the salon, you might have noticed your stylist has a drawer filled with a myriad of brushes. This is no mistake. There are brushes for blow-drying, styling, straightening, and for using on wet and dry hair.

If you’re like most people, you have one or two brushes that serve an all-in-one purpose. Let’s look at the paddle brush vs. vent brush to see if you’ve got the best hairbrush in your capable hands.

Just as you wouldn’t use a blush brush to apply eyeshadow, the same rings true for hairbrushes; they’re not a one-follicle-fits-all situation. So, choosing the right brush is key to creating your desired look. And with hundreds of brushes on the market, how do you know which one you will prefer?

Thick, Long Hair

Ion Fusion Paddle Brush

Thick hair is a job for a paddle brush, basically the crème de la crème of hairbrushes. It’s useful for all types of hair, specifically those with long or thick hair. A paddle brush is rectangular with long bristle rows surrounding the cushion section to pick up longer hair sections.

Spornette’s Ion Fusion Paddle Brush is terrific for regular brush-outs, blowouts, and styling. It works well on wet hair by thoroughly distributing mousses, gels, and conditioners. 

And? It can dry your hair 50% faster by spreading your hair across the cushion section, which can add volume and fullness.

Medium-Length Hair

ion 9300cropped

Let’s talk about the vent brush. Aptly named for the “vents” through the brush, these vents quickly dry most hair types by allowing air to circulate freely and blow through the bristle section. Thus, not bouncing hair off the brush like other brushes. 

Spornette offers several vented brushes, so peruse their collection to find the one that works best for styling and volumizing your hair.

A paddle brush will also create a sleek, shiny, straight look in less time than other brushes! Use your paddle brush to brush hair toward your face and over your hairline. 

It will fall over your forehead and cover your face, which creates a sleek look and creates more volume!

Whether using a blow dryer or flat iron, having the right hairbrush from Spornette is essential for the style you’re going for and your hair’s ongoing health.

Short Or Fine Hair

DeVille Wooden Paddle Brush

Short hair often gets the short end of the brush when talking about hair care, styles, etc. This is poppycock! Short hair is fantastic for the summer months and extremely flattering on many people.

A vent brush is a great tool to have if you have short hair, or you may like a smaller-sized round brush for styling. 

Creating volume is often desired for those with short or fine hair. After towel drying your hair, and applying your preferred product, use your vent brush as you blow-dry your hair to direct heat away from the roots to create lift. The smaller surface area on a vent brush gives you flexibility by reaching your hair at every angle.

In addition to styling, adding the Deville 100% Boar Paddle Brush to your repertoire is a grand idea. These old-fashioned bristles distribute your scalp’s natural oils and lift away impurities. They’re typically more expensive but worth every penny. 

Curly Hair

Spornette 9000MF vented hairbrush

For your curly hair, you’ll want to have a vent AND a paddle brush at your command. It’s vitally important to use the correct type of brush to maintain the health of your scalp and hair and to use for different styling desires:

  • Vent Brush: This brush is a great beauty tool for your curly hair. The bristles glide through curly hair without causing breakage and other damage. 
  • Paddle Brush: A boar bristle brush is an essential addition to your hair care regime, especially if you like to straighten your hair. The boar bristles also moisturize your hair by distributing natural oils from the scalp to the ends, creating fantastic luster and shine.

Note that these brushes are for when curly girls are trying to smooth their styles! It’s actually best not to brush curly hair when it’s dry if you don’t want a big ball of frizz.

Extensions and Wigs

The Brent Paddle Brush is great for fine hair and sensitive scalps.

Spornette has a specific hairbrush line for hair extensions and wigs. An excellent brush to have in your hand is their Brent Paddle Brush

This hairbrush is perfect for safely brushing out your extensions and wigs. It’s also gentle enough for those with sensitive scalps or sensory and thyroid issues.

Creating Waves as Leaders in the Industry

The back of a woman's head with pretty, wavy hair. Paddle Brush VS Vent Brush

Spornette is at the heart of every great hair care routine. Their 60-year passion shines through by keeping customer service as their #1 priority.

Spornette knows that using any ol’ bristles can damage your hair or leave your style looking lackluster. So whichever brush you choose, a hairbrush from Spornette will keep your locks looking and feeling fabulous.

Visit Spornette today. You, and your gorgeous hair, will be glad you did.

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  1. You once made a series called The Spiral Special in various sizes. They were by far the greatest brushes made. Please bring them back, any chance??????? The best brush you have ever made. Your so called other o e that was suppose to be the same, doesn’t come close! Please respond

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