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How to Keep Knots Out of Curly Hair Without Brushing It

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How to Keep Knots Out of Curly Hair Without Brushing It

Curly hair is a blessing and a challenge. While your natural hair will always be full-bodied and never boring, it takes a little extra effort to keep those tresses tame and tangle-free. Curly hair likes to wrap around itself, which can make some gorgeous tendrils or devastating knots. From big tangles, after you sleep (or get wind-blown) to tiny little fairy knots, we’re here to offer the Spornette secrets to keep knots out of curly hair without brushing out your well-defined curls.

Whether you’re struggling to detangle a big knot right now or looking for lifestyle tips on preventing knots in the future, we’re here for you with the insights and the brushes you need to keep your hair at its best; comfortable, beautiful, and tangle-free.

 How to Detangle Curly Hair Without Brushing

woman with long well-groomed curly hair stands on a gray background

Let’s start with the emergency treatment. If you’re reading this article right now with your fingers caught in a curly tangle, we’ve been there. We know what you’re dealing with and how frustrating knots in curly natural hair can be. Here’s how to quickly or carefully remove knots from curly hair without using a hairbrush.

Step 1: Locate and Shake Out Tangles with Finger-Combing

Start by finger combing. No doubt, you’ve already started here, but it is the official first step. Don’t reach for the brush just yet. Simply shake out your hair and locate the knots with your fingers. If you can shake or pull them loose (very gently, since you don’t want to break your ends), do so at this point, and thank your lucky stars the knots were mild. If you’ve still got knots, move to step 2.

Step 2: Apply Leave-In Conditioner / Detangling Spray

Leave-in conditioner and its sister-product detangling spray can be a lifesaver for curly hair knots. Look for products specifically designed for curly hair, so your curls spring back into place once the knot is detangled.

Coat your knotted areas with a leave-in conditioner, and don’t be afraid to get the rest of your tresses. A Leave-in conditioner is good for your hair. It can help prevent knots in the future, making your hair softer, slipperier, and easier to detangle right now.

Step 3: Gentle Work with a Detangling Brush

Once the leave-in conditioner is worked into the surrounding hair, begin detangling with a special detangling brush. Start from the bottom, carefully removing knots from the ends to free up comb-out paths for knots higher up.

Step 4: The Occasional Emergency Trim

Every now and then, a knot that forms while you sleep on an adventure becomes an emergency. Make sure you have a good hairdresser (or talented friend) to help you occasionally cut out a bad tangle and make sure it’s invisible with a light trim. 

Knot Prevention Tips for Curly Hair

natural curly no brush method for beautiful stylish look

What can you do to keep knots out of curly hair without brushing? Now that you’ve dealt with any current knotty emergencies, here’s the Spornette way to help keep curly hair tangle-free and minimize little knots you’ll detangle along the way.

Detangle Before Showers 

One of the best things you can do for your tangles and shower-time efficiency is detangling before you get in the shower. Using the methods described above with a leave-in conditioner, carefully remove any tangle you can find in your hair before you wash. A detangling brush can speed up the process, and your curls will reset in the shower.

Condition, Conditioner, Conditionest

When in the shower, soak your hair in conditioner, massaging it evenly into your hair from the roots to the tips. Make sure every tress is squishy with conditioner. Then let it sit in your hair for a few minutes while you wash your body, shave, or brush your teeth before rinsing out the conditioner.

When you step out of the shower, consider immediately applying a curly-friendly leave-in conditioner to carry that smooth, tangle-free quality with you all day.

Brush Thoroughly After Showers

Once out of the house, grab your brush and work it through your locks. Thoroughly brush out and make sure your hair is completely tangle-free before deciding on your daily ‘do’. While braids and up-dos will prevent tangles entirely, leaving your hair to dry loose into natural, fabulous curls is far less likely to tangle if you’ve applied leave-in conditioner and brushed before your hair is fully dry.

Trim Hair Regularly to Prevent Fairy-Knots

Fairy knots are special knots that occur when curly hair has split ends. Those split ends also curl and wrap around each other, forming a knot on a single strand of hair – as if tied by a fairy. Besides constant end-preserving conditioner and satin sleeping caps, regular trims will help prevent inevitable split ends from becoming a nest of fairy knots.

Sleep in Braids or a Satin Cap

Speaking of hair protection, don’t forget your sleep ‘dos. Anyone’s hair can take damage while they sleep, but curly hair is most likely to form those monstrously huge tangles while you toss and turn on your pillow. A simple, loose braided style or a satin cap around your hair while you sleep can help prevent nightmare tangles from occurring while you sleep.

Break Up Knots Early

Finally, keep an eye on your hair if you like to be wind-blown during the day. Occasionally shake your fingers through your curls to ensure no major knots are forming. If you struggle with knots during the day, carry a spray bottle of detangler leave-in conditioner and a brush in your bag for quick hair repairs to prevent knots before they become tangles.

For more great hair tips or to discover the right brush at the heart of every hairstyle, explore Spornette today. Find your perfect detangling brush, know How to do Perfect Pin Curls, and join the Spornette healthy hair community.

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