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The 4 Ionic Hairbrushes Every Woman Should Own

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The 4 Ionic Hairbrushes Every Woman Should Own

Hairbrushes are sometimes considered an afterthought when it comes to our hair care routines. You carefully select our shampoos, conditioners, and various styling creams. But, instead of an ionic brush, you use the 10-year-old folding brush we got at Dollar Tree store. 

Brushes should never be an afterthought if you want to have healthy, gorgeous hair. Here are four ionic brushes every woman should own to make every day a good hair day. 

Spornette brushes are innovative, high-quality brushes. Shop the site and get the four ionic brushes every woman should own so you can see for yourself what a Spornette ionic brush can do for your hair.

Every woman needs an ionic brush because they work for any and all hair types. Whether you have fine, thick, straight, curly, or damaged hair, the Ion Fusion brushes will work for you. You can feel confident in selecting any ionic brush from the Spornette Ion Fusion line. 

What is an Ionic Brush?

Ion Fusion Paddle Brush by Spornette

An ion charged brush is a hairbrush that emits negatively-charged ions.

These negatively-charged bristles break up water molecules into ions (charged hydrogen and oxygen particles) for quick, easy blow-drying, and styling. Your hair dries sleek, smooth, and silky when you use an ionic brush.

Say, “bye-bye” to unwanted and unmanageable frizz and static once you get your hands on an ionic brush (or four!)

The Ion Fusion Family

Spornette Ionic brushes

The Ion Fusion line of hairbrushes by Spornette are the four ionic brushes every woman needs.

Every ionic brush in the Ion Fusion family has a one-piece “ouchless” handle. These handles work to discourage your hair from wrapping around the handle and cutting stuck. There are no gaps or places where your hair can get tangled

Spornette provides high-quality hairbrushes that leave your hair looking its absolute best. Not to mention, the gorgeous turquoise and copper colors look incredible on display on your vanity or bathroom counter.

Keep reading to learn more about these ionic brushes: the Ion Fusion Paddle Hairbrush, the Ion Fusion Rounder Ion Fusion Boar/ Nylon Cushion, and the Ion Fusion Vent.

The Ion Fusion Paddle Hairbrush

Ionic Fusion paddle brush by Spornette

Our paddle brushes are the rectangular shaped ones with a squishy cushion.

This ionic paddle brush features tourmaline ball-tipped bristles that can easily detangle tough knots and rat’s nests.

The large surface area of the Ion Fusion Paddle brush makes it ideal for smoothing the hair while blow-drying. Or, you can reserve it for just your detangling brush–whatever works for you!

The Ion Fusion Rounder

Ion Fusion Rounder brush

The Ion Fusion Rounder brush is the perfect brush for creating volume and body while using a blowdryer.

Combine the ionic bristles with an aerated barrel, and you’ll see your dry time decline dramatically.

What’s more, is that this brush’s ceramic barrel heats up rapidly, and retains heat to speed up your dry and style time.

The crimped bristles perfectly grip the hair to create just-right tensions for smoothing out curls and waves.

This brush is incredibly lightweight, so you can breathe easy knowing your wrist and hands won’t be suffering after each blow-dry.

When using any round brush, be careful not to wrap your hair around the brush too much, that’s how you get a hairbrush stuck in your hair.

The Ion Fusion Rounder comes in three different sizes: 2 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3 inches. Different barrel sizes mean you can find the perfect ionic round brush for your hair length easily. 

The Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion

The Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion

This adorable oval brush is perfectly designed for strengthening and smoothing any hair type.

This ionic brush features a combination of boar and nylon bristles. The boar bristles are slightly shorter than the nylon bristles, which make it easier for the tuft of bristles to penetrate and successfully detangle the hair.

The nylon bristles on the Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion massage and stimulates the scalp to help encourage hair growth and scalp health. Not to mention, it just feels so amazing!

Boar bristles are like for the hair as they help to condition and strengthen it.

Like the Ion Fusion Paddle brush, this cushion brush is a fantastic multi-tasker. You can use this brush to detangle wet hair, smooth with a blowdryer, brush throughout the day, or as a finishing brush to really add luster and shine to your hair after using the Ion Fusion Rounder Brush.

The Ion Fusion Vent

The Ion Fusion Vent

The Ion Fusion Vent brush is just what it sounds like: an ionic brush with vents. 

The large vents in this brush allow for air to pass through when you’re blow-drying, cutting down on dry time dramatically (especially combined with those ionic bristles.) 

When your hair dries faster, it takes less heat and time, leaving your hair less damaged hair with regular use.

The ball-tipped nylon bristles are perfect for people with sensitive scalps. The bristles are super gentle and great for detangling hair, too.

To get the best results while blow-drying and using the Ion Fusion Vent Brush, work in sections using a medium heat setting on your blow dryer. Create extra volume by lifting away from the scalp at the root.

You’ll love your results when you use the Ion Fusion Vent brush.

Want to keep your Spornette hairbrushes forever? Check out this quick guide on how to clean a paddle brush so you can keep your ionic hairbrushes in tip-top shape.

Try Spornette Today

Spornette is a leading creator of high-quality brushes for all hair types. Spornette is family-owned and operated and has been crafting hairbrushes for three generations. Spornette knows what it takes to make a salon-quality brush and combine established industry standards with innovative technology.

The Ion Fusion line is the perfect example of hairbrushes that combine hairbrush industry standards with cutting-edge techniques. The Ion Fusion line by Spornette is made up of the four ionic brushes every woman needs.

Purchase your own Spornette Ion Fusion brushes and discover just what makes them so incredible. Visit the Spornette website, and add these four ionic brushes to your cart today.

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