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Incredible Hairbrushes for Men

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Incredible Hairbrushes for Men

Most people need a hairbrush. What you may not know is the hairbrush you use can make an incredible difference in style. This idea even applies to hairbrushes for men. Brushes are not one-size-fits-all, just as no hair type is the same.

You want a brush that works with you whether your hair is straight, wavy, thin, or thick. Spornette offers incredible hairbrushes for men in a variety of styles. Regardless of what type of brush you need to work your style, you’ll find it on Spornette

We are going to give you the inside information on the best hairbrushes for men. If you want great looking hair, day in and day out, read on for the best in hair styling and maintenance!

Spornette Professional Hairbrushes for Men

Bolero Boar Men’s Styler Hairbrush

small dark wooden paddle brush

This brush is so great because it is ideal for style and maintaining healthy hair. The Bolero Boar Men’s Styler hairbrush is excellent for men with fine or medium hair, so it is quite versatile! 

Made from 100% boar bristles, The Bolero Boar Men’s Styler Hairbrush is great for creating a natural look every day. 

Why boar bristles? They keep your hair healthy by distributing natural oils evenly through the scalp, keeping hair conditioned and clean. The brush helps to create natural shine without the need for additional products.

The brush has a slender, rectangular shape with a wooden handle making it easy to use for all. 

It is a brush every man should keep in their hairbrush arsenal.

Bolero Nylon Bristle Styler Hairbrush

wooden paddle brush with black cushion

What makes this brush stand out is the ability to detangle and style. This hairbrush for men is made of nylon bristles so that it can penetrate any hair type. 

Nylon bristles are great because they are flexible, so they can work through tough knots yet are gentle on delicate hair. Under the bristles is a rubber cushion, allowing for some movement and forgiveness as you style and brush your hair. 

It is a stunning hairbrush for men, with a wooden handle that gives it a rustic look–perfect for any bathroom counter. Brush your hair with ease with the Bolero Nylon Bristle Styler Hairbrush

Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush

Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush

Are you looking for a brush that creates noticeable lift and volume when you brush your hair? Then the Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush will be one for you to invest in when looking for the right styling tool. Men love it, but women often steal their husbands to use it for their own! 

This brush offers control and manageability for all hair types. It is an excellent hairbrush for men due to a curved bristle pattern and flexibility. It creates perfect tension for men’s styles. 

Like other Spornette brushes, it has a masculine wooden handle that is not only on-trend but also functional. Many love that it is lightweight, while the nylon bristles move through the hair with ease. 

If you want significant volume, we recommend lifting the hair as you brush up while you blow-dry. Think up from the scalp and towards the ceiling! 

Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Facial Hair Brush

Bolero Facial Hair Brush for men

Brushes aren’t just for the hair on your head! The Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Facial Hair Brush is the ultimate tool for caring for your facial hair. 

This brush’s slender shape makes it ideal for precise brushing on small areas like the upper lip. The 100% natural boar bristles help to condition and nourish your facial hair and the skin underneath. 

Use this brush to keep your facial hair cleaner, remove dead hair strands, and stimulate growth. Your facial hair will never look better once you get your hands on this brush!

Classic German Porcupine

Classic German Porcupine dual bristle hairbrush

The Classic German Porcupine is a great hairbrush for men who are looking for classic style. It is a mixed bristle brush, combining nylon and boar hair bristles in what we call a “porcupine cluster.” 

The combination is fantastic because the boar bristles increase blood flow in the scalp and add shine. The nylon bristles can penetrate any hair type, making this brush suitable for nearly everyone!

What you get as a result is natural, healthy-looking hair that allows you to extend the in-between time shampoos. 

This great hairbrush for men features a lightweight wooden handle offering prime functionality. Brush out regularly to give your hair a boost of health every day!

Mini Rounder

Mini rounder small round dual bristle hairbrush

Some brushes work for everything! The Mini Rounder can set, style, and add volume to just about every hair type for men. 

Like other versatile hairbrushes for men, this brush also has a combination of nylon and boar bristles. The compact style makes it an excellent choice for men and women with short hair.

Its size can offer precise styling while the combination of bristles creates hold with ease. It has a silver metal barrel that heats while blow-drying, so you can create volume while you lift as you style.

The simple black handle is sleek and easy to maneuver. The Mini Rounder is a brush that is simple yet effective!

Mini Stylers: Boar and Nylon

Mini Stlyer nylon

Are you still considering other incredible hairbrush options for men? The Mini Styler Boar Brush is for men who want a small brush that will always add volume and style. This brush is suited for all hair types.

The brush’s barrel is only .75″ so considered a mini option compared to other available hairbrushes. The extra small size is ideal for short hairstyles as you maneuver and access hard to reach sections of hair.  

The Mini Stylers Nylon Brush is another option featuring gentle, ball-tipped, nylon bristles. It is also a mini brush and will allow for precision styling of short hair. The lightweight handle makes it comfortable to use without the worry of hand cramping or fatigue as you style. 

Though it is small in size, it can create incredible volume. For best results, pull up from the hair roots as you dry or style.

Spornette Offers the Best Hairbrushes for Men Who Know Style

A men with a trendy hairstyle on a pink background

No matter your needs, we have a brush that can go beyond your expectations! With so many options, make sure you are choosing the one that is most suitable for you. 

Spornette is a company that specializes in hairbrushes for both professionals and everyday users. We have a wide range of brushes available so you can be sure you find the right tool to be at the center of your style. 

Check out our men’s section on the Spornette website and add one of our incredible hairbrushes for men to your cart today! 

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