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Spornette Little Wonder: How to Tease Your Hair with a Brush

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Spornette Little Wonder: How to Tease Your Hair with a Brush

Voluminous hair: it’s something that we all want. Luckily, the easiest and quickest method to get big and beautiful volume is by using a Spornette teasing brush. In this blog post, we will go over how to tease your hair with the Spornette Little Wonder and the Spornette Big Wonder.

Spornette hairbrushes are at the heart of every style, and that includes the Big and Little Wonder teasing brushes. Purchase your own Spornette teasing brush to elevate your hair and style and keep reading through this blog post to learn how to tease your hair with a brush.

So, what makes a superior teasing brush?

Spornette Little Wonder Teasing Brush

While you may be able to get volume from your regular hairbrush, nothing compares to a brush that is specifically and intentionally created for the job.

Teasing hairbrushes do the task at hand by specific design: they create lots of volume. You’ll usually find that teasing brushes feature a pointed end that most people call a “rat-tail.” 

This design element makes it easy to separate your hair sections and create ultra-precise parts in your hair. You can even use the rat-tail end of the hairbrush to lift strategic pieces of hair while styling certain updo looks.

Another distinct feature you’ll see in most teasing brushes is bristles made of boar hair. Boar bristles work well for backcombing and teasing hair. These bristles grip the hair in a way that plastic bristles never could, leaving you with voluminous hair that lasts all day long.

Psst, you’ll find something unique about Spornette’s teasing brushes, though.

Strategically mixed in with the boar bristles on Spornette teasing brushes are tourmaline nylon bristles. Natural boar bristles and tourmaline nylon bristles result in a perfect blend for a teasing brush.

The boar bristles perfectly style and grip the hair as you backcomb. The tourmaline nylon bristles enhance hair grip and help condition the hair as you work. You’ll find that this design for bristles on a teasing brush is much more effective than using a brush with bristles at a uniform level.

The lightweight, wooden handles on the Little Wonder, and Big Wonder teasing brushes make styling your hair effortless and pain-free. Because of their size, lightweight materials, and versatility, Spornette teasing brushes make the perfect traveling companion, too! 

How to tease your hair with a brush

a woman getting her hair backcombed

A great word to remember whenever you’re styling your hair is “gentle.” Be gentle when you’re teasing your hair too. 

Just because Snooki aggressively teased her hair on the show, Jersey Shore doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You can still achieve beautiful, voluminous results with the right tools and strategy.

The first step of how to tease your hair with a brush is to choose the right brush for your hair.

If you’re looking to create hair with precise teasing, the Spornette Little Wonder will be your best friend. With a smaller width, you can use the Little Wonder to achieve precise teasing you need when you are looking to create targeted volume.

If you want to tease big sections of hair, you’ll want to use the Spornette Big Wonder. This teasing brush has a larger width that is perfect for speeding up the process of teasing for styles with lots of volume.

To create volume in your hair by teasing or backcombing it, focus on the roots for most hairstyles. (For certain updos, you can tease the ends, but if you’re going for a sleek look, it is not recommended.) 

How to tease your hair with a brush:

  1. Start by sectioning about a half-inch section of hair with the rat-tail end of your Spornette teasing brush.
  2. Hold the section of hair up and away from your face. Start gently backcombing your hair in the direction from the ends of your hair to the roots.
  3. Finish off and help hold the style by sealing in the backcombing with hairspray, dry shampoo, or a texturizing spray.
  4. Repeat this method on other sections around the head until the desired level of volume is achieved.

Teasing works the best on hair that is not freshly washed. If you just finished a shampoo-and-rinse, add some texturizing product like dry shampoo to help all of your teasing work last all day long.

Other uses for your teasing brushes

a before and after a woman's hair

While the Spornette teasing brushes create a lot of volume by teasing your hair, they’re also useful for other things.

Now that you have learned how to tease your hair with a brush, you can find other uses for your Big or Little Wonder brushes like:

  • Smoothing down flyaways or baby hairs. This includes smoothing down the visible part of your locks after you create volume with the teasing method.
  • Slicking back your hair for the sleekest updos and ponytails.
  • Adding shine by utilizing the incredible boar bristles and the natural oil your hair and scalp already produce.

Even though you can’t detangle your hair with a teasing brush, it is still one of the most versatile brushes on the market. Anyone who styles their hair needs a Spornette Little Wonder or Spornette Big Wonder hairbrush.

The best is by Spornette

Pink Big Wonder 131 e1598042728485

Whatever your style, Spornette hairbrushes make creating gorgeous hairstyles so effortless. At the heart of every style, you’ll find Spornette hairbrushes to be high-quality and easy to use.

Create big volume, perfectly styled baby hairs, or a sleek ponytail all with one kind of hairbrush– a teasing brush from Spornette.

Purchase your very own Big Wonder or Little Wonder today, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one sooner!

Bookmark this blog post so you can always remember how to tease your hair with a brush by Spornette.

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