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How to Straighten Your Hair with a Blow-dryer

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How to Straighten Your Hair with a Blow-dryer

For people with wavy or curly hair, how to straighten your hair with a blow-dryer isn’t always intuitive. When you’re looking for a sleek and smooth finish without damaging your locks, follow a strategic process with the right products and equipment. 

Spornette has every tool you’ll need for ensuring low-frizz, damage-free styling every time your blow-dry. Visit our website to learn more about the exact brushes that will help your hair type stay glossy and straight.

A smart wash is the best wash

A woman washing her hair with shampoo.

It’s not wise to shampoo your hair every day, as you could increase your chances of frizz and split ends. Over shampooing can leave you with dried-out, unresponsive tresses.

Blow drying your hair out straight does not require a shampoo each time, only when your hair becomes dirty or oily. If it IS time to suds up before you style, choose a protective shampoo that won’t strip away moisture, plus a smoothing, moisture-rich conditioner. 

(Alternatively, you could choose a leave-in conditioner as well to help detangle and guard against frizz.)

Treat wet hair with care

A woman touching her blonde wet hair that has been detangled in preparation for learning how to straighten her hair with a blow-dryer.

After your shower, towel-dry your hair gently, taking sections and lightly squeezing out excess water without twisting. Hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet, behaving almost like clay. So be careful not to be too rough with your damp strands.

Use a detangling brush, like the Spornette Ion Fusion Vent. The wide bristles and ergonomic handle make loosening even the longest locks a simple task. Work the brush through small sections of your hair, starting at the ends and making your way to the roots. Finish by pulling the brush gently through the entire length of your hair without knots.

You probably know that frizz LOVES humidity, so before you grab your blow dryer, air out your steamy post-shower bathroom. Or, style your hair in another space with less air moisture. You’ll maintain your straightened shine more reliably if you style in a dry room.

Finally, use several generous spritzes of heat protectant product. A heat protectant can help preserve your overall hair health with repeated styling.

The right tools for the job

Prego 275 1 s 1

Reach for a quality blow dryer with several heat settings, as well as a “cool shot” button. Having different heat and flow settings allow you to have full control of your blow-drying temperature and speed. Fine or damaged hair may respond better to cooler settings. 

You’ll also want to select a wattage that gets the job done fast. Try using an ionic blow dryer if possible. An ionic blow-dryer interacts differently with water molecules, breaking them up and speeding drying time while controlling frizz.

Spend a few minutes finger styling your hair and working through tangles as you blow-dry all over your head. You can flip your hair upside down and work the heat from root to tip for extra volume. 

When your hair is almost dry, it’s time to style and smooth your hair with a quality round brush. 

The Spornette Prego Collection offers function and variety for any hair type. These brushes feature a ceramic round shaft and tourmaline-enhanced bristles. This combination helps evenly distribute heat while enhancing your hair’s elasticity. 

More elastic hair strands mean less breakage due to styling and a smoother finish overall.

Plus, the Prego collection comes in several different barrel sizes. Many size options can help you keep up with long, short, medium, or layered cuts with ease and precision. The foam handle is a joy for the hand and wrist as you coax your hair into the perfect sleek style. 

Bonus: These brushes help straighten hair but can also wrap hair sections into waves and curls, depending on your preference.

How to straighten your hair with a blow-dryer

A woman blow-drying her hair straight in her bathroom

To achieve the perfectly straight, frizz-free look, section your hair into manageable sections that ride easily over your brush bristles. Try pulling the top half of your hair up and away in the loose bun or hair clip while you work on the bottom half first. 

With the brush supporting the hair section underneath, aim your hairdryer nozzle across the strand, blowing from root to tip. The brush and hairdryer should gently “sandwich” the hair strand as you work along its length.  

Use a continual rolling motion with the round brush as you work it through the hair section.

There are a couple of different blow-dryer grips that work well on different hair types and cuts. Be willing to experiment with the blow-dryer grip that gives you the most styling control and wrist-hand comfort.

Take care to leave a bit of space (an inch at least) between the blow-dryer and your hair so that you don’t overheat your hair. When you get to the hair ends, you can maneuver the brush and blow dryer to turn ends under, flip them over, or keep them extending in a straight line.

You can use a blow-dryer nozzle attachment to direct the airflow in a more precise direction. Most hair dryers come with this attachment–it’s a handy option for getting every hair exactly where you want it.

Finally, make sure not to over-dry the hair. Once you achieve the look you want and your hair is 100% dry, step away from the heat source to protect your hair from unnecessary heat damage.

Time for a shiny finish

Spornette Luxury Cushion brush

Once you’ve achieved straight styling success, add a little gloss to the look with the Spornette Luxury Cushion. The nylon and natural boar bristle combination helps evenly distribute your natural hair oils throughout your scalp and strands. This cushion brush is perfect for adding shine and manageability to your style.

Add even more shine and seal the hair shaft by giving your hair a blast of cold air, still pointing the dryer down the length of the hair. A spritz with your favorite finishing spray seals your gorgeous mane in all its straight, splendid glory, and you’re out the door with care-free confidence.

Spornette: your hair’s best friend

A wmoan holding up her shiny, straight hair.

Using quality styling tools results in impeccable straight hair outcomes. Learning how to straighten your hair with a blow-dryer is easy with Spornette styling brushes! Preserve your hair health while ensuring the sleek and sexy looks that get you noticed. Visit Spornette to discover every brush you need for any style you desire.

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