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Flyaways Be Gone! How to Get Static Out of Hair

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Flyaways Be Gone! How to Get Static Out of Hair

Frizz. The dreaded arch-nemesis of hair. You may not be able to rid yourself of the cause of frizz, but you do have a fighting chance to eliminate it. Are you curious about how to get static out of hair? 

With Spornette and some tricks of the trade, your frizz-free tresses could be the envy of all your friends.

At Spornette, our brushes are at the heart of every style. From frizz to tangles or unruly curls, Spornette has a brush to handle every hair situation. Supercharged ions are no match for Spornette’s products. 

With many brush options to choose from, Spornette never disappoints. So while your friends are busy cursing dry weather or carpeted surfaces, you’ll be too busy bragging about how your Spornette brush kept flyaways at bay. 

Don’t miss out; get your Spornette brush today! Now we will take on how to get static out of hair, so it doesn’t cause havoc on the rest of your day. 

Let’s Talk About the Causes of Static

A woman holding her head with her hair in her face, frustrated about the static in her hair.

It’s electricity, dear Watson! When two objects rub together in a dry environment, an ion swap occurs. Each object, say your hair and your hat, needs to have positively charged and negatively charged ions. When one item moves apart from the other, an ion imbalance occurs. 

The hat pulls out the dry, negative ions from your hair to your hat, much like a magnet. The same happens when you walk across a carpeted surface in a dry room. Your feet and carpet rub, charging the ions. 

Your body carries the extra negative ions with you until you contact another surface to “transfer” the ions, resulting in unpleasant shocks. Dry climates are more prone to static electricity than more humid ones. But even if you live in a rainforest, static electricity is a law of nature and cannot be prevented, only remedied. 

Inside buildings or cars, the climate goes out the window, literally. It could be ninety degrees and humid outside, but inside is a different story. If your heat or air conditioning is on full blast, your current environment could still be a superconductor of static.  

So how are static and frizz remedied? By looking at past and current trends, we can see glimmers of a frizz-free future ahead. 

The History of Frizz Management

A before and after of frizzy to smooth hair.

In ancient times, most people chose to avoid frizz by choosing to stop washing their hair. 

Hair maintenance was expensive, using lyes and thick oils. The Egyptians, and later the Aristocrats, chose a safer alternative, shaving the head bald. A shaved head eliminated any expensive hair maintenance or risk of disease issues like lice.

While some might like the bald look, most do not. The Aristocrats chose to don wigs instead. Thankfully, we eliminated some hideous practices once traditional shampoos and conditioners were invented in the early 1900s. 

Hair was now able to grow and thrive disease-free. However, the products stripped the squeaky clean hair of moisture and left the hair prone to electron surges. Thankfully, as technology has advanced, so has hair care and maintenance. 

Chemistry research has shown that to prevent static; you need moisture.  

Expert Recommendations of How to Get Static Out of Hair

Smooth, shine, and frizz-free red hair.

If enough moisture stays on the hair’s surface, it has less risk of conducting the negative ions that cause frizz. There are internal sources of prevention like proper diet, supplementation, and overall gut health. A healthy microbiome equals healthier skin and hair. 

Externally, the hair is vulnerable to the elements. Water is the only real way to prevent static. But no one wants to walk around with wet hair all the time. The next logical step is to use a quality conditioner for static and frizz prevention. 

To help keep more moisture on the hair shaft, you can use hair oils, light hairspray, or additional leave-in conditioners. Some have even rubbed dryer sheets on the hair. The moisture and lotions from the sheets transfer to the hair, thus reducing static. 

Next, your hairdryer is the main culprit in zapping water from your hair. Consider swapping yours for an ionic blow dryer that will balance the extra negative ions as you dry. 

During the drying process, your brush then becomes the rubbing object. If you use a poor-quality brush, chances are you’ll end up with frizzier hair. Try using a high-quality brush from Spornette to help eliminate any excess moisture loss. 

Spornette’s array of nylon and ball-tipped brushes are all designed to reduce static and frizz. Paddle brushes like Spornette’s Ion Fusion Paddle and vented brushes like the 9000-MF Anti-Static Brush and the Ion Fusion Vent are specifically designed to retain as much moisture on the hair shaft as possible. 

Rounders like Spornette’s Magnesium Miracle and Smooth Operator Collection can help prevent flyaways and still provide effortless style. Oddly enough, even teasing brushes like our Big Wonder does “wonders” for keeping much-needed moisture on the hair.

Spornette’s Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion reduces static because the cushion pad absorbs the extra negative ions. The brush helps create beautiful, static-free waves. The boar’s hair gives the hair the ultimate shine too. 

Once the hair is dried with an ionic blow dryer and styled with a Spornette brush and appropriate product, you’re ready to go! If you encounter any remaining frizz along the way, you can rest assured that the classic frizz-reducers mentioned above will rescue you. 

The Future of Frizz Management 

The back of a brunette woman's head with long straight hair.

Fantastic, frizz-free follicles will remain a part of our future, while the wonder of how to get static out of hair will be a part of our past. As technology enhances the products we use, our hair reaps all the benefits. Leaving you with luscious locks that can go anywhere, ions beware! 

A high-quality Spornette brush is one of your best weapons against the dreaded foe. Besides new gadgets like ionic blow dryers and ion-charged brushes, classic remedies like a quick spritz of water, hairsprays, or leave-in conditioners will always be in everyone’s back pocket. 

With a Spornette brush and all the other fixes, frizz doesn’t stand a chance. Take the first step into the future by ordering your Spornette brush today!

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