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How to Do a Blowout with Curls (And Gorgeous Volume!)

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How to Do a Blowout with Curls (And Gorgeous Volume!)

Beautiful Blowouts

The hottest look of the year has been voluminous and bouncy curls. Majorly inspired by the 90’s hairdos, this hairstyle has taken the internet by storm, and it looks good on basically everyone! Bouncy curls frame all face shapes perfectly and make your hair look that much fuller and more fun. Do you know how to do a blowout with curls on your hair? Blowouts can be a tricky hairstyling technique, but you can do it with these simple steps and lots of practice! 

No blowout is complete without a Spornette round brush. Before reading this blog post, browse our many high-quality hairbrushes that bring salon-style home with you!

How to Do a Blowout with Curls

Do you know how to do a blowout with curls? A woman with a voluminous, curly blowout.

1. Protect

To start, make sure you use a good heat protectant to save your hair from excess damage. 

Apply the most heat protectant on the ends of your hair as they are more prone to splitting. Take a Spornette paddle or cushion brush with nylon bristles to gently detangle the hair. 

2. Section and Dry

Section your hair into fours using the pointed end of the Little Wonder or Big Wonder teasing brushes. Use your hair dryer on a high heat setting and reach for your favorite Spornette round brush. If you want a shinier and smoother result, go for a round brush from the Smooth and Shine Collection, or reach for the Smooth Operator if you don’t like a dual-bristle brush.

When trying to do a blowout with curls and body, reach for a brush with a smaller barrel diameter. Be careful though, if you go too small, it may take forever to finish your blowout!

3. Start Drying

Dry your hair by starting on the most bottom layer and at the back of your head. Make sure you choose a section of hair that comfortably fits on the round brush barrel and is easy to work with. 

When you start drying, lift the section of hair straight up towards the ceiling for the most volume. As you work through your hair, release the sections. Be sure to finish with the area at the very top of your head.

4. The Unwind Technique

As you wind the hair around the barrel of the brush, twist the handle with your wrist simultaneously. Once your hair is dry enough, wind the entire section of hair around the barrel, just like a hot roller. You can let the brush set there until it is a little cooler or remove the brush right away. While you’re gently removing the brush from your hair, make a circular motion with your hand to “unwind” the curl. This method keeps the curl you created intact and is ultimately how to do a blowout with curls.

5. The Final Step

To seal in your gorgeous look, blast your hair with cold air on a low setting. This technique will really make your blowout last as it seals the hair cuticle and adds shine. 

Make sure you point the blow-dryer down the hair shaft to prevent any fluff or frizz. Add the final touch by using a soft hold hairspray or finishing spray.

Get the Look With Spornette

all black multi bristle round brush, Spornette Smooth and Shine boar and nylon bristle brush.

Once you perfect the art of how to do a blowout with curls and get used to voluminous and full hair, you’ll never go back.

Round brushes allow you to dry and style your hair simultaneously, resulting in less heat damage than when using a blow-dryer to dry and styling with another hot tool. When you’re ready to make every day a great hair day, visit the Spornette website and find a hairbrush that suits you the best.

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