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We’re Here to Help! How to Detangle Hair from a Round Brush

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We’re Here to Help! How to Detangle Hair from a Round Brush

No matter your hair length, you have probably found yourself at some point in a battle with your hairbrush. The longer the hair, the greater the challenge. There is a method to unleash your hair if you wondered how to detangle hair from a round brush

If you’re like most of us, you use more than one brush to style your hair every day. When you need something new, Spornette has some of the best salon-quality brushes to create the look you desire. We know what it takes to make the best brushes work for, not against your hair. 

So how exactly can you detangle hair from a round brush safely without it pulling out your hair? Try these tips and suggestions the next time you find your brush stuck in your hair. 

How Does Hair Get Stuck In a Brush?

A hairdryer with a round brush laying next to it full of hair.

Anyone can get their hair stuck in a round brush when you brush your hair. But those with long hair or naturally textured hair are more likely to have this problem. If your hair gets stuck, the first thing to do is stay calm and don’t panic. Don’t run for the scissors right away – it isn’t your only option. 

Hair not only gets caught in brushes but can become entangled in jewelry, curling irons, rollers, or another styling tool. The worst tangles, however, can be those that happen with round brushes. 

It does not matter the size of the brush; hair can get caught and be difficult to free. It’s surprising to learn that damaged hair is more likely to get tangled in a brush than healthy hair. 

You can free your hair from a brush without cutting it, but it takes a bit of patience and perseverance. 

How To Detangle Hair From a Round Brush

A girl holding up one side of her hair that is shown to be tangled.

If your hair is caught in your brush, the first thing to do is to try and remain calm. Just take a deep breath so you can tackle the challenge. 

Once you are ready to address the knot, you can ask for assistance from family and friends. If you try to do it yourself, it may be too difficult because you cannot see how it is stuck. 

If you have a spray bottle, then you might want to dampen the hair to make the process easier. It can be much easier to work with slightly damp hair versus dry hair. If you can separate the knot into smaller pieces, then start there. 

A deep nourishing or leave-in conditioner helps to detangle hair from a round brush. You can use fine-tooth combs, hair picks, or even a pencil to separate the hair into more manageable sections. 

Many stylists recommend using oil to detangle hair from a round brush. You might want to try jojoba oil or even olive oil. Though it makes hair wet and slippery, it helps undo the knot, so plan to wash hair after use. 

Once you’ve applied conditioner or oil, you will work from the bottom up to where it’s tangled on the brush. Divide the hair into smaller sections and work on one section at a time. Pull hair out a little bit at a time. If you try to unroll the hair, it can end up getting more stuck. 

The key is to be patient when detangling from a round brush and to work slowly. By doing a small section at a time, you should be able to accomplish the task. 

When pulling on the brush to remove it, be gentle! If you pull too hard, the hair may wrap around the brush more tightly, making it harder to remove. 

If all else fails, then you may need to cut the brush from the hair. It is best to do this with the help of a stylist. They will assist and remove the brush by causing the least amount of damage to your hair. 

How You Can Avoid Tangles In The Future

A blonde woman with french braid pigtails in her hair to prevent tangling.

There are a few simple steps you can take that can help with tangles in the future: 

  • Do not wait too long before removing the brush from the hair. The longer you wait, the more likely more hair will get tangled in the brush. 
  • Try to get the tangle out before your next shower or bath.
  • Avoid situations that may cause it to become tangled, such as windy weather. You can pull hair back or put hair in braids if you know you are going out in adverse conditions.
  • If you’re using a round brush to set curls (similarly to the method used for hot rollers), make sure you don’t pull too tightly. If you want to feel like the brush is more secure, use clips to hold it in place instead of pulling the round brush tighter.

Are There Any Recommendation for Round Brushes?

Black cynlinder miracle brush for use as a detangling brush.

Spornette has a range of round brushes with several barrel diameters. Length of hair, texture, and styling needs can all be factors with which brush will work best for you. 

We recommend the Magnesium Miracle brushes for anyone in need of a new round brush. It is a combination brush with boar and nylon bristles that provide a secure hold when you style your hair. Both the bristles and the barrel are magnesium infused which heats instantly as you style. The brush comes in 3 diameter sizes depending on your needs. 

The Smooth and Shine round brush is a preferred brush for women with thick hair. The brush is safe for those with damaged or fine hair. The bristles of the brush allow for a silky shine and smooth hair after styling. 

The Ion Fusion Rounder can create curls or volume depending on your decision for the day. It works for any style, including those with frizz or damaged hair. The brush has four different diameter options for you to choose from. 

Where Can I Find More Information About Round Brushes Or Styling My Hair?

A portrait of a woman with brunette curly hair.

Spornette is your resource. Our round brushes even answer questions from you! Be assured you land on the right one that works for your hair length and hair type. 

We want to help you reach all of your hair goals. Check out our blog for more information on how to best care for your hair. 

Visit our website and add one of our brushes to your care today!

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