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How to Brush a Wig with Spornette Hairbrushes

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How to Brush a Wig with Spornette Hairbrushes

As someone who owns a wig, hairpiece, or has hair extensions, you know how critical care and maintenance are. Knowing how to brush your wig is essential in keeping your wig (or wigs) looking healthy and new.

Spornette styling brushes are just what you need to maintain, style, and keep your hair looking shiny and new. Caring for your wigs and a proper brush will help lengthen the life of your wig, hairpiece, or the health of your hair extensions. 

Place an order for your Spornette wig brush today. You, and your wig, will be glad you did.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Many wigs on mannequin heads

Adding a Spornette brush to your existing routine will keep your wig in knowledgeable and thoughtfully-designed hands. 

Comparable to expensive European brushes, Spornette brushes feature boar and nylon bristles, wooden handles, and are created by a reputable company with 70 years of expertise.

Just as all wigs are not created equally, the same is true for brushes and combs. Your regular brush for your natural hair isn’t the right tool for the job and could do more harm than good.

Your wig, hairpiece, or hair extensions can be expensive. So don’t risk damaging your synthetic wigs or natural hair wigs with the wrong brush. Knowing how to brush your wig, with the right tools, is satisfying, wise, and enjoyable. 

Get it? Got it? Good. Let’s get started.

Creating a Work Space

Wigs at a work station. Read this blog post to learn how to brush a wig with Spornette hairbrushes.

As with any project creating your workspace ahead of time will keep you organized while brushing your wig.

Set out your brushes, leave-in conditioner, and a mannequin head or wig stand. You can work with your wig on it, but it’s advisable to work on it to see the front and back effortlessly.

A mirror is crucial, as is good lighting, so set up your workspace appropriately.

If you’re new to brushing your wig, here’s an excellent read on the subject.

Assess Damage and Needs

Woman wearing a bright orange wig. Read this blog post to learn how to brush a wig with Spornette hairbrushes.

Frayed ends? Tangles? Knots? No problem. Get an idea of what needs work and grab the right Spornette brush for the job.

We’ve all packed or stored our wigs improperly. Most likely on the way home from vacation.

Wig bag? What wig bag? Whoops!

Only then will we suffer the consequences of our hurriedness when arriving home to find our wig in a frazzled mess.

A typical inclination is to show tough love to a damaged wig or hair extensions. A typical outcome? More damage.

When it comes to how to brush a wig, patience and product are key here. Don’t forget about being sure to use the right brush for the task.

How to Brush a Wig: Proper Brushing Technique

Someone brushing a red wig in front of a window. Spornette brushes are perfect for using on how to brush a wig.

Start by lightly spraying your wig with a leave-in conditioner if it looks dry or frazzled. Be sure to choose the correct spay for your wig as there is undoubtedly a difference between synthetic and human hair wigs.

Then grab your Spornette wig brush.

Always start by gently brushing from the bottom and go upwards. Starting at the top can cause damage and set you back (good wigs aren’t cheap).

If you’re confused as to which brush to use, here are some of the Spornette brushes you can use for wigs, hairpieces, and extensions: 

The Super Looper

Spornette Super Looper Brush for wigs

The Super Looper brush is unique and superb for brushing all of your wigs, hairpieces, or hair extensions. There is no tip on the bristle of this brush, so you don’t have to worry about any tugs or brush bristles catching on your loops, knots, or glue bonds.

The non-slip, ergonomic handle is easy to use. But don’t spray your leave-in conditioner onto the handle of your brushes. It won’t cause damage, but it will cause slipperiness.

The Brent Brush Paddle

Brent Paddle Brush by Spornette for wigs and extensions

Created by Master Stylist Brent Hardgrave, the wooden-handled Brent Brush Paddle is made from boar bristle and is the luxury vehicle of wig brushes.

This beautiful brush smoothes and shines hair and is a classic. The added protection of looped bristles, which do not snag or pull on any element of your wig or hair extensions, is a must-have in your “how to brush a wig” hairbrush collection.

The Brent Brush Sculpting

Brent Sculpting Brush for brushing wigs

The Brent Brush Sculpting will help you attain the styled look you’re going for if you’re in need of more than just brushing your wig.

Also created by Master Stylist Brent Hardgrave, it has many of the same features as the Brent Brush Paddle but has a more sleek design making it easy to hold. This ease will help you create and control the look you want.

This sculpting brush is excellent for wigs and hair extensions alike. 

Luxury Cushion Brush

Spornette Luxury Cushion brush for hair extensions

Here’s a perfect brush to pack in your suitcase. The Luxury Cushion brush is easy-to-hold brush has a combination of boar and nylon bristles that will glide through all textures of hair, including your natural hair.

It’s an excellent brush for quick styling on-the-go. The nylon bristles are longer than the boar bristles on the Paddle or Sculpting brushes, making styling your wig or hair extensions easier and with excellent results.

Go Forth And Be Fabulous

The Spornette Brent Brushes for brushing wigs

Wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces are fun, and in some cases, necessary. Whether you need a wig as a show person, someone dealing with or recovering from cancer, or someone experiencing hair loss, they are an essential investment and need proper care.

Spornette is a well-established company putting brushes in the hands of hair enthusiasts since the 1950s.

Times change, and so do brushes. Spornette stays on top of hair trends with expertise, technology, innovation, and passion. They care about hair, and they care about you.

Visit Spornette today to make a purchase or chat with a haircare representative about your unique hair needs.

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