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Tips for How to Brush Out Curls to Cut the Frizz!

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Tips for How to Brush Out Curls to Cut the Frizz!

Do you ever spend a morning curling your hair for you to finish and brush out your curls for them to turn into a frizzy mess? Learning how to brush out curls properly to avoid this type of bad hair day is easy with Spornette styling brushes.

At Spornette, we are committed to making each day a good hair day. We carry a broad range of stylish brushes to let you make quick work of any hair.

Don’t take chances with your style. Get your Spornette brush today and help keep your curls all day. Keep reading to learn how to brush out your curls and create red carpet-worthy waves effortlessly. 

Let’s Talk More About Frizzy Hair 

A woman with frizzy hair and giving a thumbs up.

Frizzy hair is a messy and uneven texture that results when hair strands curl up sporadically in multiple directions. The tresses stick out and fail to align with the main body of your hair. 

Frizzy hair is the epitome of a bad hair day as it has irregular and fuzzy textures that won’t blend in. 

Frizzy hair results when the cuticle layer on your hair strands dry out, open, and become raised. Hair cuticles are made up of tiny shingles that form a smooth layer to protect the hair from the elements. When observed under a microscope, a healthy cuticle resembles fish scales – they’re smooth and lay low. 

When hair strands become dry and damaged, the shingles open and are raised. 

When the hair shaft is open, moisture from the air penetrates the hair and causes it to swell and change its shape, i.e., become frizzy. 

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

A damaged and healthy hair shaft, Hair can be damaged if you don't know hwo to brush out curls properly.

Dryness is the primary culprit behind frizzy hair. However, many other factors can cause your hair to dry out and worse the frizz, including:

  • Humidity: Hot and humid summers are synonymous with frizzy hair. That’s because dry hair strands soak the water moisture from the air and become swollen. 
  • Washing hair in hot water: Hot water has the same effect as high humidity and strips beneficial oils from your scalp, stressing your scalp and hair. 
  • Harsh hair chemicals: Some hair products contain chemicals that strip the natural oils that keep your hair smooth and supple. Bleaching and coloring may damage the surface of your hair strands, leaving them rough and lackluster. 
  • Heat styles: Hot tools may give you a sizzling fashionable look but could potentially damage your hair. Avoid using a curling iron daily, and always apply a heat protectant before styling your hair. 
  • Excessive washing: Washing your hair daily with a foamy shampoo can break its natural balance. It also strips away the essential oils that keep it healthy and strong. 
  • Towel-drying: Rubbing your hair dry with a towel can ruffle the cuticle and cause irksome frizz.  

Expert Recommendations on How to Brush Out Curls to Prevent Frizz

A red curl of hair on a white background.

How to curl your hair:

Before using a curling iron or other hot tool, protect your hair from the heat by applying a heat protectant. The best leave-in conditioner doubles as a heat protectant and detangles hair.

After applying the product, start by clipping the top layers and work your way to the top from the bottom layers of hair. 

Start curling your hair with a traditional curling method or wand method.

Once your hair is fully curled, spray a bit of hairspray, making sure to hold it away from your head at a far enough distance to create an even mist and avoid crunching.

How to brush out curls with Spornette:

After you’ve finished curling your hair and using hairspray to lock in the curl pattern, let your curls fully cool to “set” them. If you want your curls to stay even longer, consider using the pin curl method.

Once your curls are fully cooled, grab a nylon bristle brush from Spornette. In small sections, start brushing from the ends of your hair to the top to brush out your curls. It will create soft waves and will help to avoid that tight curl, 90’s-style ringlets kind of look.

Be gentle as you brush. Once the hair is completely tangle-free, run a nourishing hair oil or shine serum through your hair. These products help minimize frizz and static and make sure your hair is shiny.

Here are some Spornette brushes that are perfect for brushing out your curls:

Get Salon Quality Brush Out Curls All-day, Every Day 

A woman with beautoful hair after learning how to brush out curls.

If you brush it properly and pick the right Spornette brushes, your gorgeous curled style can last up to a week with some slight touch-ups!

At Spornette, we carry a diverse range of brush out brushes to let you wear these soft, polished curls every day. Our lineup includes everything you need to protect your hair from static and frizz. Order your Spornette brushes today!

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