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How to Blow-dry Hair With a Round Brush for Beautiful Waves

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How to Blow-dry Hair With a Round Brush for Beautiful Waves

Getting beautiful waves can be a difficult task. Luckily, this is where an at-home blowout comes in. 

Hairstyling with a round brush and blow-dryer isn’t always straightforward. That’s why we created a step-by-step guide on how to blow-dry hair with a round brush for stunning waves. Follow this guide and learn the techniques to create volume and the look you want. 

But you’ll need the right tools to get the perfect look. We know that at the heart of every style is a good hairbrush. And this is where Spornette round brushes and Spornette styling brushes come in. 

Our high-quality and award-winning hairbrushes have been specially designed so that you can create the look you want with ease. For a fresh at-home blowout and hairstyling happiness, try one of our Spornette round brushes.

How to Blow-Dry Hair With a Round Brush

Once you have washed your tresses and grabbed your round brush and hairdryer, it’s time to get to work. It may take some time the first time you do it, but every time you try, you’ll get better. Here are the steps for drying the hair while creating soft waves. 

  1. Partially Dry Your Hair

The first step of how to blow-dry hair with a round brush is air drying or towel drying your hair until it is about 80% dry first. You want to have damp hair, but not wet hair, as it makes styling with the round brush difficult. If your hair is knotty, use The Swizzle Detangling Brush to help work through those tangles.

Many people think of air drying as the best way to avoid damage. However, studies show that long air dry sessions do more harm than good. So light and gentle towel drying followed by a blow-dryer is the best combination for minimizing damage. 

  1. Pick the Right Round Brush

The next step is arguably the most important. That’s because Spornette knows you can achieve the style, look, and shine you want with a high-quality brush. 

Generally, our Smooth and Shine Collection brush is a popular choice for most customers. But, if you’re interested in other round brushes, shop by use on our website.

Here are some other amazing options for Spornette round brushes:

Magnesium Miracle Brushes

Ion Fusion Rounder

Long Smooth Operator (Voted best brush by Launchpad in 2021!)

  1. Dry in Sections

Your locks are slightly damp, and you have the right brush. The next step of blowing hair dry with a round brush is to take a workable section of the hair. Use a heat protectant, and then wrap the section around the brush and blow-dry it until it’s completely dry. 

Take one of the small sections, pin back the rest, blow-dry, and repeat. 

  1. Continue to Change Angles

To achieve a wavy look, make sure to continue to change directions as you are blow-drying each section of your locks. 

As you continue working on each strand, change the angle of the brush. As you practice this technique, you’ll learn which angles best suit you and create the most volume and bouncy waves. 

  1. Keep Your Eye on the Heating Settings

It is important to keep your eye on the heat settings while drying. You can damage your hair by blasting it on full heat, even with heat protection products. So to get that bouncy blowout, turn down the hot air, and dry on medium instead.

  1. Use Cool Air to Hold

A tip to make sure your wavy style lasts is to use a cool shot after you finish drying each section of hair. Now, the final step of how to blow-dry hair with a round brush is using the cool air setting to hold the strand of hair in shape. This way, the waves will maintain their shape. 

With Spornette, hairstyling becomes simple, whatever your hair type. Now you’re ready for anything that life brings you, from a fabulous party to a fun shopping day.

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Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great beauty routine. So for detangling, smoothing, creating glossy curls, or styling a bouncy blowout, we have a brush for you. If you want to try this hairstyle yourself, ensure success by reaching for a Spornette round brush. You’ll never want to stop styling your hair once you try one for yourself!

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