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How to Achieve the Perfect Slicked-Back Bun

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How to Achieve the Perfect Slicked-Back Bun

If you’re a beauty and cosmetics specialist, you must have encountered wide-ranging hair trends, such as the “bottleneck bob” and the “butterfly haircut,” as you scroll down your Instagram and TikTok feeds. You can easily get spoiled with choices.

Looking at various hair trends on social media, it’s no surprise that the slicked-back bun is the hairstyle to beat. This look has gained a loyal following, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. And you can join the trend, as this article offers practical tips on how to do a slicked-back bun. 

Perfect slicked-back buns have been around for a while, but the newer versions are sleeker, thanks to the internet’s obsession with invisible contours and natural facelifts. On TikTok alone, the #snatchedbun hashtag has already garnered 71,600 views. Even Bella Hadidi has become synonymous with the hairstyle on the runway and off the podium. 

The hairstyle is buzz-worthy due to its association with the #CleanGirlAesthetic trend, which emphasizes minimalistic makeup looks, laid-back hairstyles, and effortless outfits. It’s also popular because of its high versatility.

You can wear the style when running errands during the day and even look elegant for dinner or an evening corporate event. So, grab your hairbrush, hairspray, and hair products for a slicked-back bun, and join the clean-girl beauty trend with the following tutorial. 

How to Do Slicked-Back Bun

While the slick bun looks effortless, you must know several tips and tricks to achieve the perfect look. Here are our top tips on how to do slicked back bun:

Prep Your Hair

An advantage of the slicked-back bun is that you can easily create it on freshly washed hair. Therefore, wash your hair and dry it with a light product with a flexible hold. We recommend using a shaping cream that softens and lightens the hair while giving it more grip and texture.

Straighten Your Hair

Touché Aerated 116

Once completely dry, divide the hair in the middle part for this look. Straighten in small sections using Spornette’s top-rated Touché Aerated Brush #116, which features nylon bristles that easily penetrate all hair types. Whether you have fine, thick, or normal hair type, this round brush makes it effortless to achieve smoothness and soft curls.

Apply Hair Oil

Young woman straightens her hair

After straightening the hair, grab your go-to hair oil to smooth it and make it shine. Grab any of your favorite hair oil product that is super lightweight and delivers maximum results. Ensure you brush the product using our boar bristle brush to spread the oil evenly throughout the hair. 

Secure Your Slicked-Back Bun

Here comes the fun part – how to do a slicked-back bun. Pull forward the center-parted pieces of hair to twist them into a bun. Where you position it is so important.

You should have it in the middle of the back of your head – not too high or too low in the nape. To do that, use a cushion brush, such as our Classic Cushion Brush #26, to collect your hair into a ponytail. 

Classic Cushion Brush #26

Next, use a narrow bristle brush to brush your hair upwards, using your cheekbone as a guide. Once done, integrate the front two sections of your hair into a ponytail, and hold it in place with a hair tie.

Twist the ponytail while wrapping it around to form a slicked-back bun and pin it using bobby pins. A spritz of shine spray will give your hair pumped-up sleekness. 

Fix in Place

woman is doing her hair, Slicked-Back bun for her head

Once your bun is in the right place, ensure all the bobby pins are hidden and smooth over static flyaways and stubborn frizz around the hairline. Use any finishing cream that works around the target area to enhance the definition and shine for an extra ‘oomph.’ And that’s how to do a slicked-back bun hairstyle. 

The Hair Ties Make All the Difference

According to professionals, the hair tie determines the extent of damage your hair takes when styled in a slicked-back bun. No doubt your bun looks sleek, but it pulls your hairline, causing more stress to your hairline, where strands are weaker and finer than the rest of your hair. 

The best way to do slicked back bun is to choose the perfect bun to reduce repetitive tension resulting in breakage. Therefore, don’t use anything with a high grip, such as a rubber band. Such a hair tie stays in plays for an extended time, and while it’s convenient, it puts too much strain on the finer strands, leading to damage. 

A better alternative is using soft nylon blend fabric hair ties, especially if you have thicker hair. The ties effectively secure your hair into a bun without too much grip, keeping the style on point without damage. 

Additionally, they are stretchy and soft, and you can double or triple-tie them, depending on your comfort level. Acclaimed hairstylists do not only design them, but they are gentle on the hair and can keep your bun tight and on point all day. 

Spornette is at the heart of every hairstyle, providing a wide range of stylish and functional hairbrushes to make your hairstyling routines a breeze. Whether you have curly, long, short, medium-length, or natural hair, you can bet we have the brush you need for every hairstyle you want to do. Visit our online store to purchase Spornette hairbrushes today!

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