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Shopping for a New Brush? Here’s How to Pick a Hair Brush

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Shopping for a New Brush? Here’s How to Pick a Hair Brush

Your Hair Type

These days it seems like there are a million types of hairbrushes to choose from. Today we’ll show you how to pick a hairbrush for your hair type.

The options are endless, from detangling brushes to vent brushes and round brushes. Each option has a specific purpose, and today you’ll find out the best brush for your hair type.

Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great hair care routine and key to a great hair day. We care about every inch of your hair, from root to tip. 

We provide the best advice to keep your hair healthy. Head over to our website to find out how to treat your hair right. 

How To Pick a Hair Brush For Thick Hair

Purple 9000-MF vented hair bush from Spornette

Thick hair is both a blessing and a curse all in one. The amount of hairstyles and volume achieved from thick hair is to die for. Even on bad hair days, you can pull your hair into a fabulous messy bun. 

On the other hand, working through thick hair can often be a lengthy chore. 

If you struggle to dry your hair in a reasonable amount of time, consider purchasing a vented brush. These are the brushes with holes in the back, and believe it or not, these spaces serve a purpose. 

Vented brushes pair amazingly well with blow-drying. They are a phenomenal duo because the gaps in the brush allow the hot air to pass through the hair. This means your drying time will be much less.

This is the best brush for your hair if you have both thick and naturally smooth hair. It focuses less on a polished finish and more on quick dry time. Get the 9000-MF Vented brush here.

How To Pick a Hair Brush For Curly/Wavy Hair

Spornette Luxury Cushion brush for hair extensions

Textured hair is not as hard to take care of as it sometimes may seem. It is guessed that approximately 65% of women have wavy, curly, or some type of coil to their hair. 

You don’t have to settle for just an ordinary old brush that will damage your tresses due to its texture. Let’s dive into a great option: cushion with natural bristles.

Cushion brushes are best known for their ability to take care of fragile hair types like curly hair. Typically you will find a squishy rubber base and stiff bristles; look for ones made from nylon or boar hair. 

Cushion brushes with boar bristles will greatly benefit you. Boar bristles are soft, sliding through the hair follicles, meaning they won’t cause breakage. 

Nylon bristles, however, are also fantastic because they can penetrate all hair textures. So no matter how coiled your hair is, this brush has you covered. Get the perfect nylon and boar bristle brush, the Luxury Cushion brush here.

How To Pick a Hair Brush to Style Your Hair

Magnesium Miracle Ceramic hairbrush by Spornette

Are you looking for perfectly styled hair without the hassle? You need to get a round brush pronto. 

Round brushes will get you the perfect blowout in a minimal amount of time. With this brush, you will achieve major volume and a little bit of curl. 

To determine just how much curl you’d like your hair to hold, try altering the size of the barrel. The smaller the brush, the tighter curl you’ll achieve. 

This brush is used in conjunction with a blow dryer, as this will add volume to your hair. 

Much like the vented one, this brush features a ton of small holes. The holes allow air to pass through, making your hair dry much faster. 

Brushes with a magnesium-infused core allow the brush to heat up faster and stay warmer longer. Find your Magnesium Miracle Rounder here.

How To Pick a Hair Brush For Fine Hair

medium sized black and white rounder brush

Ladies with thin hair, we haven’t forgotten about you. You need a brush that is going to give your hair a little extra oomph. 

A boar bristle brush is the one you’re going to want to get your hands on. This brush can really do it all. 

As mentioned previously, boar bristles are notorious for not causing breakage. This is so important because the goal is not to make the hair finer.

If you have longer hair, you’ll want a wider barrel to help speed up the time it takes to style. The Touche Reinforced Boar brush comes in five different diameters for this purpose. 

How To Pick a Hair Brush For Hair With Extensions

Spornette Super Looper for brushing hair extensions

Hair extensions range in cost from a couple hundred up to a thousand dollars. With that type of investment in your hairstyle, it’s important to consider the proper care and maintenance of the extensions. 

One thing to keep in mind is that your standard brush isn’t the best approach to manage your new hair. The proper hair extension brush must be capable of handling the thickness of the extensions without harming the fusion. 

One of the best brushes to accommodate both of these needs is a looper brush. The looper brush is designed to avoid getting caught on the extension bonds.

The Super Looper brushes are conveniently available in both small and large and can be found at a great price here. With your Super Looper brush, the only thing to stress about is what to wear to accent your fabulous hairstyle!

Spornette Is At The Heart Of Every Style

A woman on a pink background amking a heart-shape with her hands and smiling.

We’ve got all of your hairbrush needs covered at Spornette! Head over to our homepage to check out our different brushes. And make sure to check out all of the tips and tricks we offer to keep your hair looking amazing.

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