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How to Help Grow Your Facial Hair

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How to Help Grow Your Facial Hair

There is no denying a well-tended beard looks fantastic. Having a healthy, thick beard is a look that many people strive to accomplish. But what if your beard growth is patchy or thin? How can your help grow your facial hair to be thicker? Here is a comprehensive guide on how to help you grow your facial hair.

Spornette has an incredible brush that can help you do just that. The Bolero Boar Facial Hair Brush is an absolute must-have for anyone with a beard. Buy one today and watch as it works its magic to promote growth and a healthy beard. 

Actions for How to Help Grow Your Facial Hair

A man with a very full and healthy beard from when he learned how to help grow facial hair

Beard pattern growth is dependent on genetics, but there are still many things you can do to promote healthy beard growth. The food you eat and the life you live impact hair growth all over the body, the face included. There are a few key elements that affect your beard. 


Having a good night’s sleep helps with a whole host of issues, but it also impacts hair growth. Make sure you’re asleep for 8 hours a night to help your beard look and feel healthy. 

Diet and Exercise 

Eat a diverse diet with lots of nutrient-dense foods. Protein and omega 3 fatty acids are two critical nutrients for hair growth. Exercise is also essential in helping to maintain healthy levels of testosterone, which also impacts hair growth. 


Vitamin B12, biotin, and niacin are also important vitamins that support healthy hair. It has also been found that Vitamin D can help activate follicles that have become dormant. 


It may come as no surprise that stress plays a role in hair loss. Minimize or mitigate stress to help your body hold on to those precious strands! Lower testosterone levels are also a result of excess cortisol production. It’s best to find ways to minimize stress in your life as it is crucial for your hair and health. 

What could contribute to a patchy beard? 

A man washing his facial hair with shampoo

There are many contributing factors to patchy beard growth. Genetics is a major one, but lifestyle habits can prevent you from growing a decent beard. 

Watch How You Wash 

Washing your beard with conventional shampoo may hurt your growth. That is because many traditional shampoos contain sulfates, a type of salt, which can dry out your face. The hair on your face is not the same as the hair that grows on the top of your head. Ensure you’re using a shampoo for beards or choose a product that is natural and doesn’t contain drying chemicals.

Bad Beard Oils 

Not all beard oils are created equal. Lower quality beard oils often contain silicone. This ingredient may make your beard shiny, but it also clogs your pores. Make sure you’re using high-quality beard oil without ingredients that will stunt your hair growth.


Are you looking for another reason to quit smoking? Smoking drastically reduces blood circulation in your body. The impact negatively affects your health in several ways, but it also can restrict beard growth. Good circulation is a crucial factor in helping your hair follicles grow hair.

Beard Brushes: A Game Changer

The Spornette Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Facial Hair Brush is the perfect brush when elarning how to help grow your facial hair

If you’re starting out growing a beard, you may not know the importance of a beard brush—a boar bristle beard brush, to be exact. The boar bristle is crucial because of how it interacts with your beard, hair, and skin. Why are boar bristle brushes so great?


Brushing your beard is incredibly important for preventing or improving patchy areas. By brushing your beard, you are increasing the blood flow to your face. When the blood moves freely, it deposits more nutrients and more oxygen. Both of these constituents are very nourishing to your hair follicles. 

The cheeks are an area where patchy spots usually show up. Not surprisingly, the cheeks are also areas where there tends to be less blood flow. By brushing your beard, you will help stimulate blood flow and improve your beard growth. 

It is recommended that you regularly brush your beard for six to eight weeks to notice a difference. ONce you start using it, the Bolero Boar Beard and Mustache Facial Hair Brush will do wonders for your beard. 


The boar bristles are known for moving oils through a beard. Your skin produces oil, and brushing your beard or mustache will help redistribute the oil evenly throughout. As a result, you see a more lustrous appearance in your facial hair, but it’s also great for the skin. 

Boar bristles are helpful to keep your head hair shiny as well. Check this one out for one to use to keep your mane looking as great as your beard. 


Boar bristle brushes are also excellent for exfoliating the skin. Removing dead skin cells is outstanding for your follicles, which directly impacts your beard growth. 

Beard Shaping and Styling 

With a boar beard brush, you can also train your beard hair to grow or lay in an appealing direction. The method is ideal for covering patchy areas as they are restored. Include a beard balm to help shape your mustache as well. 

A Clean Beard is a Happy Beard

Boar bristles also help remove dead strands and keep your facial hair cleaner overall. Beards, like the hair on your head, can collect dust or other bits. Brushing often is an integral part of beard maintenance. 

Beard wearers swear by boar bristle brushes as the only choice for beard care. If you have a long beard or use a beard trimmer to keep it short, brushing is a way to keep your beard healthy. 

You’ve Just Started Growing a Beard

A man before and after growing a beard

Patience is a virtue. You must have patience when you’re growing a new beard, especially with beard itch. Understand that hair growth happens at different rates on the face. It may take upwards of 4-6 weeks before you see the full extent of your beard growth, even when you’re doing everything you know for how to help grow your facial hair.

While you are waiting patiently for your beard to grow, purchase a beard brush! It’s the best step you can take to help grow your facial hair. The Bolero Boar Beard and Mustache Facial Hair Brush will make sure your beard is looking great and healthy. Buy one and get on the path towards a fuller beard today.

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