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For Hairbrushes, Does Size Matter?

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For Hairbrushes, Does Size Matter?

When it comes to hairbrushes, size definitely matters. Spornette is at the heart of every style and has been creating quality hairbrushes for over 70 years. We understand the importance of placing the right brush in your hands for a good hair day, every day.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, Spornette has the right size hairbrush for you! Choosing and purchasing a fantastic new brush will inspire and motivate you to throw away your old brushes and start anew. So? Let’s go shopping!

The Art Of Brushing

A woman holding her hair trying to decide the perfect hairbrush size

Brushing your hair is one of the oldest, most basic, and important hair care practices. It keeps your hair healthy and your cranium stimulated. How? Brushing increases blood circulation and aids in the transportation of oxygen and your hair’s natural oils (sebum) directly to your hair follicles. Simply brushing your hair can help create smooth hair or bouncy, lustrous curls.

There’s no easier way to help keep your hair strong, resilient, less dry, and create blinding shine.

If you’ve ever wondered, “which brush size is right for me?” Spornette is here to help. Depending on your hair length, choosing the right size will help you achieve the hairstyling you’re going for or simplify your desired blow-out effect.

Spornette has a wide selection of brushes and the perfect size hairbrush for your needs.

Size It Up

Dark wooden rounder brush

Are you using the right size hairbrush for your hair length? How can you tell? Brush sizes depend on the diameter of each brush. Ideally, for styling or blow-drying, your hair should be able to wrap around the whole diameter of the brush.

With the right-sized brush, you’ll find that all your hair care needs will become more efficient.

The Right Hairbrush Size For You

black rounder brush

  • Super Short and Short Hair: If your hair is about above the jawbone, or chin-length, you need to choose a brush small in diameter. Great choices abound for you! Check out the Best Small Round Brushes For Short Hair. Many of these brushes work perfectly for styling your bangs, too!
  • Medium Hair: If your hair is up to shoulder length, you’re looking for a brush between 2-2.5 inches. We list the size in our brushes’ description, so it’s easy to determine what round brush comes in what diameters. Check out our Italian Rounder or the Ion Fusion Paddle Brush.
  • Long Hair: For long hair (hair that falls around or below the collarbone), you’ll need a brush with a barrel of about 3″ or larger.

Two great choices for long hair are the Long Smooth Operator or a brush from their Smooth and Shine Collection. Say “hello” to your new secret weapon for effective and faster drying times and gorgeous hair with killer volume!

If you use a hairbrush size that’s too small, you’re signing up for a traffic jam of your hair getting stuck in the bristles. And that, my friends, is no fun.

Finally, don’t forget to remove hair from your brush regularly and wash it about once a month to remove dust, oils, hair products, or hair spray. A little warm water, gentle shampoo, and an old toothbrush will do nicely.

Boar’s Hair Benefits

oval wooden brown Spornette brush against marble background

There’s more to hairbrushes than simply choosing the right size. Choosing hairbrushes that use high-quality components will guarantee you the best hair days ever!

Many of Spornette brushes feature high-quality boar’s hair bristles. These fiercely-strong bristles are perfect for making hairbrushes and have been the preferred material in making hairbrushes for centuries. Here are a few benefits of using boar’s hair brushes:

  • Increasing shine
  • Defeating frizziness
  • Decreasing blow-drying time
  • Straightening curly hair while blow-drying
  • Increasing volume
  • Keeping hair cleaner, longer
  • Making hair healthier

Let Spornette guide you to the best boar’s hairbrush, brushes, great-looking hair, easy styling, and making a good hair day every day.

Other Types Of Brushes

Deville Wooden Paddle Brush

Hairbrushes are an essential part of hair care routines. Many place their focus on shampoos, conditioners, and a plethora of styling products. Viewing a brush as non-essential is a mistake. You shouldn’t buy your brushes as an afterthought.

Using an excellent hairbrush can decrease the money you spend on other haircare products! A great brush will, among other things, keep your hair cleaner, longer. That means going through your other products more slowly.

When deciding if you need a cushion or a paddle brush for smoothing and regular brush-outs, it’s good to consider their size, just like a round brush.

If you have long hair, or love working in larger sections, reach for a paddle brush. If you have shorter hair, a cushion is the perfect size hairbrush for you.

Brushing 101

Woman holding and twisting her hair

Here are some pointers for brushing as the pros do. First of all, being gentle is the most important. You are not ripping a brush through your hair as though you’re raking fallen leaves!

If you have straight hair, try to work with wet hair as little as possible. If you’re someone who likes to comb conditioner through your hair, that’s fine; start at the bottom and gently work your way up to the roots.

For those with curly hair or textured hair, brushing your hair when it’s dry can create unwanted frizz. Using the right brush while blow-drying your hair is a great way to avoid a Frizzfest.

Detangle your tight curls gently with a brush, or your fingers, while your hair is still damp.

Brush long hair from the bottom up, detangling sections until your brush passes easily through your hair.

The Long And Short Of It

A brunette woman swinging her hair

Now that you know what hairbrush size you’re looking for, visit The Spornette website today to purchase the perfect brushes for your hair’s length. Then, in the weeks to come, marvel at the increased health of your hair, it’s brilliant shine and luster.

While on the site, peruse our best sellers, sign up for our newsletter, listen to some video testimonials, or read a blog article that piques your interest. Maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of a wig or hair extensions; we’ve got information on that!

Spornette has the proper brush for any of your hair care needs. We also feature a men’s line of hair, beard, and mustache brushes.

Spornette would love to place a brush in your happy hands today!

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