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The Best Brushes for Hair Extensions

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The Best Brushes for Hair Extensions

Getting hair extensions can be a life-changing event. Doubling down on your post-extension hair care means choosing the best brushes for hair extensions, among many other new practices.

Thankfully, Spornette has you covered for a wide variety of brushes that pamper your new hair and (let’s face it) your hefty investment. Check out our tips and tricks for maintaining your lovely, luxurious locks well after the initial “installation.”

Visit Spornette today for a superior selection of the best brushes for hair extensions. We help you maintain shiny, vibrant hair for the best styling performance, whether you’re chilling with Netflix or heading to the board meeting.

I’m Home from my Hair Extensions Appointment: Now What?

A young woman smiling on a blue background with hair extensions

Hopefully, you’re beyond thrilled with your new hair extensions results. You have more length, more volume, more movement, and more versatility. Here’s how to be sure you keep your salon-fresh look and healthy new locks for as long as possible.

Leave Your Hair Alone!

Yep, that’s right. Do nothing for 24 hours. While your extensions are still fresh, the adherence points can also be fragile. Letting your hair set for this time is especially true for glue-in hair extensions. You don’t want to pull out any of your new hair extensions accidentally!

Brush with care

Spornette Luxury Cushion brush for hair extensions

Of course, you’ll need to brush your hair extensions eventually, no matter how careful you are to avoid tangling situations like wind and water for a few days. Always use a brush designed for hair extensions, like the Spornette Super Looper or the Spornette Luxury Cushion LX-1.

These brushes are effective on tangles but gentle enough to use on synthetic hair or natural hair extensions. Here’s how to brush your extended locks without worry:

  1. Bring your hair into a secure ponytail near your scalp. You’ll use one hand to hold the base of your ponytail and the other hand to gently detangle your hair with your brush, working from the ends towards the scalp. 
  2. Carefully brush your hair extensions before each wash to cut down on tangles as you cleanse. You’ll thank yourself after you hop out of the shower when your wet-hair brush-out is anxiety-free.

The Spornette Super Looper has a uniquely designed looped bristle structure that won’t catch or “grab” hair strands as it moves along your scalp. The Spornette “21” Classic Nylon Cushion can handle any hair and is well-suited for extensions, too.

Read more: check out this Spornette blog on How to Brush a Wig.

What About Washing and Conditioning my Extensions?

Wavy black hair extensions

Though we all would love to keep the “salon bubble” after a perfect hair extension application, the real world tends to take over after a few days. 

You’ll need to (gulp!) wash your new extensions a little differently than your natural hair. Here’s how to ensure your hair extensions stay put while getting your hair (safely) clean.

  1. As mentioned above, brush your dry hair before washing to cut down on tangles.
  2. Section out your hair into several ponytails. You’ll shampoo and rinse each ponytail one at a time. 
  3. Use a paraben and sulfate-free shampoo, and cleanse each section. Take care to avoid circular lathering motions. Instead, work through each hair section in a “Z.” Also, do not flip your head upside down to suds up, as you may encourage more tangles.
  4. Rinse each section of hair, and then rinse your whole head, making careful hair parts as you go to ensure a complete scalp rinse.
  5. To condition hair, use a sulfate and paraben-free product, and stay away from your roots. Keep the conditioner at mid-strand to hair tips. Any higher on the hair strands, and you run the risk of the conditioner loosening your hair extension attachments. Leave the conditioner in place for a few minutes before rinsing for maximum moisture absorption.

Drying Hair extensions with Confidence

Brent Sculpting Brush for brushing hair extensions

As with your natural hair, you should towel-dry or air-dry your locks until just damp before blow-drying. Applying a professional-grade leave-in conditioner will help your hair extensions retain their moisture and shine. 

As you rough-dry your hair, you can finger-style, gently working through any tangles as they arise. Once your hair is almost dry, it’s time for a styling brush. 

You’ll want to use the brush from mid-shaft to hair end, directing the blowdryer down the shaft. Spornette’s Brent Sculpting and Brent Paddle brushes create an ideal hair brushing surface with looped bristles blended with natural boar bristles.

The looped bristles on the Brent Sculpting and Brent Paddle brushes do not catch or tangle hair extensions. The boar bristles help distribute your natural hair and scalp oils evenly through hair for shine and strength.

Get an Amped Up Style with Extensions

A woman with beautiful long hair extensions flowing behind her

You probably opted for hair extensions for more styling versatility, right? Before getting crazy with the heated styling tools, do a check-in with your stylist. He or she will remind you of how much heat your new locks can handle safely. 

Each brand of extension may have slightly different styling recommendations, so it’s smart to take notes and keep them handy as you try out new looks each week.

Before styling, always apply a heat protectant product to your hair. You can typically use between 270 and 400 degrees of heat on your locks as long as you’ve protected them first with a professional product. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to avoid heat-styling near your hair attachments, as you can melt, detach, or damage your natural hair and the extension.

Other Hair Extension Do’s and Don’ts

Woman getting hair extensions installed

In addition to using the best brushes for hair extensions, here are a few other tips for lock-longevity:

  • Before swimming, brush your hair to detangle and wet with tap water. Then, add a leave-in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. Use a loose braid or tie-back while in the water, and rinse thoroughly when you get out of the pool, lake, or ocean.
  • Sleep like Rapunzel, and loosely braid your hair, so you wake up tangle-free. (If you forget to secure your locks before rolling around on the pillow, call your stylist to help you safely untangle any sleep-induced sailor knots in your hair.)

Spornette: the Best Brushes for Hair Extensions

Spornette Super Looper for brushing hair extensions

Stick with Spornette for the right brush for any hair type, style, or situation. Our brushes combine natural boar bristles with synthetic bristle technology and ergonomic handles for styling comfort.

We offer a spectacular brush variety for detangling, drying, styling, and hair extension maintenance.

Visit our website today and grab a brush (or several) to move with you and your hair whatever your day holds.

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