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Glass Hair: The Sleek Look With Epic Shine

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Glass Hair: The Sleek Look With Epic Shine

What do Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Jenna Dewan have in common (other than being Instagram queens)? These ladies are all wearing the trend stylists are calling “glass hair.” What is the glass hair trend? We are glad you asked! 

We will explain how to achieve the look using a combination of products. Spornette brushes are key to attain the sleek perfection necessary to execute glass hair. With the right brush, your hair will remain glossy and straight. And we can give you some other tips and tricks celebrities are using to create their red carpet looks. 

Why it’s Called Glass Hair

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Olivia Culpo rocking the glass hair trend

No, there is no glass involved with achieving glass hair. When stylists describe glass hair, they refer to glass-like, shiny locks that almost reflect light.

Not only does it result in smooth hair with a high shine, but it enhances the color dimension and adds a quality resembling glass. Does it look the same as a mirror? No, but it certainly is illuminating! 

Glass hair is not necessarily a new idea. Even in the 60s, and 70s women sported sleek, shiny bobs similar to glass hair. Women have also been using straight irons for quite some time to obtain smooth, sleek hair. However, with glass hair, products and techniques enhance the overall shine. 

It is a look that works for all colors, whether platinum blonde or midnight black. Best of all, it is easy to achieve with the right tools, including top-notch Spronette brushes! 

How Do I Achieve Glass Hair at Home?

We will outline a few easy steps to get you on your way to achieving glass hair with epic shine. The key components are the right cut, product, and tools. 

First, Get a Trim

A woman holding up the split ends of her hair.

First things first, ask your stylist to trim up your ends. Most celebrities with glass hair have a shoulder-length bob, even on the ends. Achieving these goals can be a bit harder with long hair because the desired result is pin-straight sleek. Side note: a regular trim is a good way to keep hair healthy

The stylist should also avoid layers. To get glass hair, ask for a clean, blunt cut from your hairstylist.  

Wash Your Hair Clean

A woman washing her hair

To prep for the style, wash with shampoo and conditioner. You can find shine-enhancing products, which will help you achieve your desired look. Choose a line that enhances hydration to keep your hair healthy throughout the hair shaft. 

Before you dry, add a heat protectant and shine product to prep your style. As an alternative, you can add in a hair gloss. Usually, a hair gloss is a product you leave in for several minutes in the shower and then rinse. It is very effective in keeping hair frizz-free. 

Next Up: Blow Dry!

Someone holding up a hairdryer on a pink background

You can let hair mostly air dry, but we recommend a blow-dryer after towel drying. It is helpful to not rely on just a flat iron to straighten hair because of the damage it can cause by burning the hair shaft.

Here is where the right Spornette brush makes the difference. We recommend the Smooth and Shine Round Brush for a couple of different reasons. 

The brush comes in three different diameters depending on the section size you use and your hair length. If you use small sections, you want to use a smaller diameter. If you’re going to achieve glass hair, the smaller the areas you can use, the better for achieving the look. 

The boar and nylon bristles lock hair into place while you dry. The bristles add to the result of smooth, healthy, strong hair. It also has a comfortable grip, so you can maintain control as you work the brush through your hair. 

As an alternative, you can use the Ion Fusion Round Brush, a brush designed to smooth all hair types. The brush also comes in three diameters, so you can choose what is right for you. The ceramic barrel absorbs heat, increasing dry time while adding shine. 

Flat Iron Section by Section

A stylist flat ironing a a client's hair to achieve the glass hair look

After all the hair sections become blow-dried straight, it is time for the flat iron! You can prep by pulling some of the hair up into a bun to get at the hair’s underlayers first. 

To achieve glass hair, you must take small sections of hair and run the tool from root to end slowly. Take your time as you want your hair as straight as possible. After, run a boar bristle brush through your hair like the Deville 100% Boar Paddle or Deville 100% Boar Cushion

Remember, it is best to own a couple of different hair styling brushes. Each one serves its purpose and adds value based on the style you hope to create. 

Finish The Style

Glass hair before and after styling

The last step in achieving glass hair is to add in the right products after flat ironing! It is the key to giving hair an everlasting shine! You can try an oil-based serum that absorbs the hair’s cuticle layer providing health and glow. 

You also will want to set the hair with hair spray. Several hair spray options also give an added sheen—one final product to provide you with guaranteed glass hair that stays in place. 

Spornette Can Help You Achieve and Maintain Shiny, Sleek Hair from Roots to End 

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Jenna Dewan rocks the glass hair look

No matter the style you want to create, the right brush can make the difference! Whether straight, glass hair or wavy, voluminous curls- we have the right brush for the perfect look. 

Spornette designs their brushes to make hair styling easy. You can get the results you want with less time and effort. Amazing results do not have to take an hour out of your day. Visit the Spornette website to add the brushes you need to your cart. You’ll soon understand why we are at the heart of every style.

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