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Get the Look: Bottleneck Bangs

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Get the Look: Bottleneck Bangs

As we roll into Spring 2022, fashion trends are gaining momentum. With that said, hair trends are shifting. Gone are the days of curtain bangs, as a bolder, choppier look comes our way: bottleneck bangs. 

They’re cuter than the name gives them credit for. 

Tom Smith, the London-based celebrity hairstylist, says it all: a 70’s inspired, face-framing look for all face shapes. Think Margot Robbie or Dakota Johnson, a central part to emphasize your cheekbones and jaw. 

If you need a change in your style, look no further than this fun, new trend. Keep reading to learn about easy styling techniques for these bangs using Spornette styling brushes! Be sure to shop as you go so you don’t forget the brushes you need for your new look!

Bottleneck Bangs Vs. Curtain Bangs

The curtain bang look gained traction (again) in early 2020. These bangs allow for differing lengths depending on face shape and provide a voluminous, swept-back look. 

But without using a hairdryer or rollers, these bangs simply look sad when worn straight. 

The introduction of bottleneck bangs allows anyone to look stylish, no matter the level your morning routine accounts for hair styling. Honestly, the messier, the better. So, if you’re just waking up before your morning Zoom meeting, bottleneck bangs have got you covered. 

Essentially, the look requires bangs that skim your cheekbones and are longer on the edges between your cheekbones and jaw. The hairs that come down directly from the center should be choppy with the shortest part in front—thus, it will create a layer that resembles a bottleneck.

Better yet, this new style looks great with any hair length. It can also be versatilely styled: straight, wavy, curly, or paired with a simple up-do. 

The cutting line is soft and choppy, allowing for an effortless look!

How to Style

A woman posing on a white background with bottleneck bangs and wavy, tousled hair.

If you have a date night or a girls-night-out scheduled, look no further than Spornette’s styling brushes. They have a variety of options to style your hair type; check out this article to find the perfect one for you. 

If you have thicker hair that requires more heat to hold a style, we’d recommend a ceramic barrel brush. These heat up quickly with a hairdryer to style and dry in no time. The Magnesium Miracle Brush has three sizes to choose from depending on the length of your hair.

If you’re thinking of using a wooden brush made of natural materials, the Italian Rounder also provides multiple size options. It doesn’t hold onto heat as much as a ceramic brush but still gives plenty of volume and curls!

Regardless of what brush you use, you’ll want to use the bristles to pull the hair away from your face while holding the hairdryer on it. This technique gives the most volume when you part in the middle. Spritz a bit of dry texturizing spray to give it that natural look!

Be BOLD With Styling Brushes From Spornette

black cylindrical magnesium miracle hair brush

When going to your hairstylist for bottleneck bangs, always bring pictures of what you’re envisioning. Look for people with your face shape and hair texture. So, take the leap and feel confident in your new Spring 2022 style. Shop Spornette brushes now, and see how a high-quality hairbrush can elevate your style with our without bottleneck bangs!

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