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We Know You’ll Love the G Porcupine Wooden Round Brush

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We Know You’ll Love the G Porcupine Wooden Round Brush

Having the right tool for the job is essential to any situation, including taking care of one’s hair. A brush should have suitable bristles and handle to maintain and style your hair correctly. The Spornette G Porcupine rounder brush works well on all hair types and lengths but works like magic on thick and curly hair types!

For over 60 years, our business has been providing the best tools in the beauty industry. The Porcupine Rounder Brush(es) combines great control with precision styling that works on any hair type.

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Nylon and Boar

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We at Spornette are wild about boar bristles for a good reason. Boar bristles are pretty effective in keeping hair shiny and strengthening the actual hair from the shaft up. They hold on to the individual hair making it possible to brush through and to style. 

Boar bristles keep your hair naturally shiny by pulling your scalp’s natural oil from the shaft to the end of the hair. It gives hair natural shine without looking greasy.  That very attribute makes them ideal for all brush and hair types. 

Nylon bristles are also quite versatile and valuable themselves. The nylon bristles on the G Porcupine Rounder Brush are slightly longer than the boar bristles. This design element helps the nylon bristles penetrate the hair and work through each section.

The Spornette G Porcupine Round brush is unique because it combines both powerhouse bristle types. The brush’s name comes from the bristles being placed in clusters with the white nylon bristles poking out, similar to porcupine bristles. 

Functionality at Its Best 

light brown 2.5 inch round brush on marble background

We know you may not be as excited about hairbrushes as our team, but how can we help it? It is such a valuable brush!

We’ve spoken about a great combination of boar and nylon bristles, but there is even more to this brush. 

Round brush

Round brushes are a versatile wonder. When paired with a blow-dryer, you can create beautiful curls or sleek straight styles. It depends on your mood for the day.

You can achieve the ever-popular blowout by concentrating the heated air from your hairdryer onto a section of hair. The bristles and round shape of the brush help to create a glossy straight ‘do. 

The boar bristles distribute the natural oils in your hair to create a healthy shine. To increase the shine factor in blown-out hair even more, try adding a shine spray to your routine. 

Round brushes are also suitable for creating the perfect curtain bang, providing great tension and control necessary to perfect the look.

Wooden handle 

Wooden brush handles offer you durability and a classic style.

The G Porcupine is a brush that will last for several years and hundreds of blowouts. 

The Right Brush for You 

We create our brushes with you in mind. There are three barrel sizes to accommodate different hair lengths, textures, and styles. 

  • 1.75-inch barrel: Comes with a rat tail handle and is ideal for teasing and separating the hair. 
  • 2-inch 
  • 2.5-inch 

We recommend that with longer hair, you should use a larger barrel. Or, you can have multiple sizes to make more complex hairstyles and create different-sized waves and curls.

Whatever size you choose, your hair is going to love it! This is especially true if you have thick or curly hair, which can often be challenging to manage. The combination bristles work through thick and curly tresses with ease offering a beautiful and cared for coif. 

Let Your Hair Down

wavy red hair

Curtain bangs and blowouts aren’t the only styles you can accomplish with the G Porcupine Round Brush

Its comfortable wooden handle and combination of bristles make this round brush a styling machine. The brush’s core is also wooden, so there’s less chance of heat damage as it does not heat up.

Do the wave

Towel dry your hair to about 70% dry and add a heat protectant spray and styling gel. Using your G Porcupine Round brush, curl your hair in different directions. At the same time, you are concentrating the heat from your hairdryer on that section. 

Finish off with a finishing spray or your favorite hairspray to hold in place. 


Starting once again with close to dry hair, concentrate your hair dryer’s heat on a sectioned piece of your hair. Use a liberal amount of a heat protectant hairspray. Bring the round brush down the length of the sectioned piece. 

Do this for all of your hair until your hair is dry and straight. Finish this polished look with a shine spray for some extra dazzle. You can also add random curled pieces and run your hands through them for a tousled look. 

For the best results for any of these styles, be sure your hair is about 70% dry. 

A Family Affair

Windblown wavy brunette hair.

No matter what style, the Spornette Porcupine Round brushes will deliver, whether that’s everyday maintenance and care or styling your hair for an event. The boar bristles working with nylon bristles give both your hair and scalp the best care possible. 

The different size barrels allow for control and choice for all hair types, no matter the length or thickness. The styles that the brush can accomplish are limitless!

For over 60 years, Spornette has provided the beauty industry with quality styling brushes. We are one of the last family-owned businesses in our industry and like to think that this translates into the brushes we make.

Our eye for detail, passion for hair care, and the beauty industry put us at the heart of every style. For more, visit us online today!

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