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Dry Your Hair Faster With the Long Smooth Operator

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Dry Your Hair Faster With the Long Smooth Operator

Who wants to spend hours drying long, wet locks when you could blast through your styling time effortlessly with the Spornette Long Smooth Operator? Shorten your stay in the mirror, and maximize your real-world style impact with Spornette.

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Hair drying 101 for health, shine, curls, and strength

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Having quality styling tools you can trust is the foundation for every style, whether you’re headed to work, out for a hike, or catching up with friends. Plus, wasting moments of your waking hours with unnecessary dry time can ruin your energy and flare. 

The Long Smooth Operator can shorten your drying time so you can breeze out the door sooner and dazzle the world with your shiny, healthy mane. Here are a few tips to help you lock in mind-blowing volume, soft cascading curls, and all-day style that moves with you no matter what.

Multi-task while you air-dry

Before applying heated air to your hair, you should air or towel-dry your locks until damp. This practice limits the amount of potentially damaging heat next to your hair strands as you style and helps preserve your hair shafts’ natural moisture.

Applying your makeup as you keep your hair towel-wrapped or slicked back off your face gives you several minutes of air-drying efficiency before the heat comes on. 

Protect your hair before you blow-dry

A woman spraying heat protectant on her hair before styling.

Applying a moisturizing serum or a glob of creamy frizz protectant helps guard against damage, frizz, and fly-aways. Using a product you trust before each blow-dry can help your style last longer, and your hair maintains its strength no matter how often you wash and style your tresses. 

While it may seem intuitive to protect long hair from heat-styling with a product, short hair needs safety too. Plus, you may find yourself heat-styling more often with shorter locks, so don’t skimp on protective products, no matter what your hair length may be. 

Be sure to use an appropriate product amount for your hair length and type, and then work it from your mid-shaft to your hair tips for maximum benefit. (You may want to limit the oils next to your scalp, so it’s okay to avoid your roots with protectant.)

Wait a moment longer to brush and style–fingers first!

Before getting into the styling nitty-gritty with smaller hair sections and your Long Smooth Operator brush, give your head an all-over with the blow dryer. You’ll move the heat and air all-around your scalp and strands while gently working your hair with your fingers. 

This method removes most of the rest of the water from your hair strands, making styling quicker, safer, and easier. 

Now for the best brush ever and effortless styling

Medium-sized Long Smooth Operator round brush from Spornette on a pink marble background.

At this stage, section your hair into the number of chunks you want to manipulate. Usually, that means a messy bun on top of your head, leaving the lower half of your hair down around your neck and shoulders.

You’ll style those lower sections first, claiming just enough hair to cover the brush before applying more heat and direction. Begin near your ear or the nape of your neck by grabbing your hair section with the brush and applying heat from your scalp towards the mid-shaft. 

(Bonus: when you style near your face first, you may have fewer flyaways and less frizz later!)

As you work toward the end of each section, you can experiment with different brush directions to curl hair under, over, or in a spiral effect. The Long Smooth Operator will hold your hair in place without tangling it as other round brushes may do.

This flexibility gives you maximum control and a variety of styling options in the moment. On strand could be a cascading curly-cue, and another may blend into a gentler wave. It’s all up to you!

As you continue working around your scalp, take care to focus your heat on the mid-shaft and root, with only a finishing directional flourish at the ends. Too much focus with your blow-dryer on hair ends can dry and split them, which may compromise your overall style.

With the Long Smooth Operator, you likely only need medium heat and medium airspeed. 

Getting the back of your hair perfect requires a little practice

While it’s easier to dry the hair sections you can see, it’s still possible to get precise style on the rear hair sections. The Long Smooth Operator lets you try several different brushing positions with its ergonomic handle, so you can still curl and shape your style even when you can’t see it clearly.

You’ll then continue to release new sections of hair, working from the bottom of your scalp to the top. Continue to focus your heat toward the baby hairs around your face first, finishing with the back of your scalp and finally the top of your head.

If there’s one rule to remember about drying your hair with the Long Smooth Operator, it’s to keep gentle tension on each section of hair as you apply heat and directional styling. The Long Smooth Operator helps your strands stay consistently taught through your styling routine, without disastrous knots cropping up mid-style.

As you release the top sections of hair for drying, be sure to direct the hair upward as you dry those sections to create maximal volume. The hot air from your dryer infuses hair strands with body and space as well as sleek shine.

Finish with a product to lock in your look

A platinum blonde woman using hairspray and looking in a mirror.

Once you’ve dried and styled your hair as desired with the Long Smooth Operator, you can finish your look with light or firm fixative spray, depending on the level of control you’ll need for the rest of your day. 

Get never-fail style with the Long Smooth Operator

Long Smooth Operator 3.5 inch by Spornette

This brush is a mainstay for professionals and hairstyle enthusiasts. While best suited for long hair, this brush comes in a variety of barrel sizes and features ionized nylon bristles to quickly break up water molecules and give you perfect style on the go.

Visit our website for a complete view of all our top-of-the-line brushes that keep you looking fabulous all day, every day.

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