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Does Cutting Hair Make it Grow Faster?

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Does Cutting Hair Make it Grow Faster?

The unofficial motto for those growing out their hair is “the struggle is real.” It can take months to reach the length you want, and most people will do just about anything to achieve their ultimate hair goals, including a new haircut. But does cutting hair make it grow faster?

You may have heard that cutting hair will make it grow and that the idea is that you can promote hair growth through regular trims. 

Like any industry, there are always solutions to challenges that may lead to the desired result. Hair growth is no different. Some common suggestions are hair growth supplements, conditioners, and trimming hair, as we’ve mentioned. 

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Does Cutting Hair Make it Grow Faster?

Does cutting hair make it grow faster? A client cutting a haircut at a salon.

In one month, the average growth for the hair on our head is a ½ inch. In a year, that’s about six inches of length for your locks!

Though six inches may not seem like a lot, it makes a world of difference in terms of hair length. Knowing how hair grows is also important to get your hair to its desired length. 

All hair goes through a four-step cycle while it grows: 

  1. Anagen: Lasts two to seven years and will determine the length of the individual hair. This is the stage when the hair is actively growing. 
  2. Catagen: Lasts ten days and is when the hair detaches from the hair follicle begins to shrink. 
  3. Telogen: For three months, the hair will be in this resting phase. At any time, 10 – 15% of all hair is in this phase. 
  4. Exogen: In this final phase of the growth, the hair will fall out. 

Does cutting hair make it grow faster? This diagram of the hair growth phases shows that cutting hair doesn't make it grow faster.

Each hair gets thinner at the bottom of the hair, and cutting it will minimize damage and boost hair appearance and health. 

When hair is cut, it will suddenly appear thicker, neater, and healthier. This happens because trimming hair gets rid of split ends and damaged hair. 

Split ends are essential to get rid of because of the damage they can cause to the individual hair. If not trimmed regularly, a hair with a split end will continue to split up the hair. You are then left with hair that is torn and weak. 

If you have a lot of hair with deep splits, your haircut won’t be a trim the next time you get your haircut. Instead, you will have to get a lot of damaged hair cut off. Understandably this puts a wrench in any hair growth plan. 

There are also situational conditions that can impede or help with the growth of hair. 

  • Taking supplements may boost hair health. Vitamins A, C, E, and prenatal vitamins are all recommended. We strongly suggest before experimenting with any supplements that you consult your doctor. 
  • Hormonal imbalances may slow down hair growth or cause minimal to major hair loss.
  • Medical treatments such as chemotherapy and medication can cause hair to fall out and break. 

In short, cutting hair leaves your hair looking healthier and in an excellent state for growth. No, it doesn’t make your hair grow faster, but it’s a beautiful start. 

The real key to hair growth is everyday maintenance. 

Brushing Up on Hair Maintenance

The brushes that you use daily can have a significant impact on the state of your hair. To grow long hair, we suggest brushes that will be gentle and maintain your hair. 

We cannot say enough about the benefits of using brushes with boar bristles. 

Boar is great for brushes because they gather and run through hair without causing damage. In addition, those using brushes with boar bristles can expect to avoid splitting hair so it will not break later on. 

These bristles are also suitable for massaging the scalp, which increases blood flow to the hair. An increase in blood flow, especially to the hair follicle, is excellent for encouraging growth.

Deville 100% Boar Cushion Brush 

Deville Cushion Brush by Spornette has boar bristles

For those with fine hair, we suggest the Deville 100% Boar Cushion Brush. Cushion brushes are great for offering support and protection for fine hair.

Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion Brush 

Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion brush by Spornette is an excellent soft hairbrush

We haven’t forgotten those with thick hair! We are proud of this brush, as it combines nylon and boar bristles. That combination will work through and smooth out the thickest and most challenging locks. If you have normal to thick hair, this is the brush you want!

Every Bit Counts 

A hairdresser cutting a blonde woman's hair in a salon.

Above all, patience is the best tool you have in your arsenal to grow your hair to its desired length. 

Protecting your hair from heat is an excellent way to keep the damage to your hair to a minimum. Hair that is overexposed to heat can get dried out and damaged.

A great tip to turn the heat down is to style your hair while drying it. Using a round brush while you dry your hair is a great way to dry and style simultaneously. 

Another way to protect your hair while using a curling iron or straightener is a protectant spray. They are good for protection, add shine, and usually smell amazing. 

The Family Business

Blonde hair that was cut and formed to shape a heart on a white background. A pair of shears and a comb are nearby.

We believe in putting our heart into everything we do, including hair. At the heart of every style is a brush that will keep hair in its very best condition. For over 60 years, we have made brushes as a family. 

We create our brushes to keep hair in good condition and help style it so you feel beautiful day in and day out. Research is done on the best materials, most current style breakthroughs, and more. 

If you’re currently growing your hair out, a good brush is an investment. This investment will maintain your hair health and help you accomplish your desired style. 

We have a brush for every hair type, length, so visit us online today to invest in your hair!

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