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Why You Need Different Types of Hairbrushes

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Why You Need Different Types of Hairbrushes

Different Looks, Different Types of Hairbrushes

As a hairbrush company, we have to ask, “how many hairbrushes do you own?” While multi-tasking brushes are convenient, it is so vital that you have different types of hairbrushes in your hairstyling arsenal. 

You wouldn’t use a spoon to cut a loaf of bread, right? This specificity is a similar concept for hairbrushes. Having multiple kinds of hairbrushes is the easiest way to create gorgeous looks with minimal effort. 

If you have a perfectly designed tool for a task, you can expect it to work right every time.

Spornette International takes pride in being a family-owned hairbrush company that has been creating high-quality hairbrushes for over 60 years. Spornette brushes are at the heart of every style. 

Visit the Spornette website today, and pick up every type of brush you need to make every day a great hair day.


Spornette Swizzle for detangling

When it comes to getting knots out of your hair, not every brush is created equal.

When your hair is wet, it is particularly fragile and prone to snapping or damage. Because your hair is more susceptible to breakage while it’s wet, you must be extra gentle with it. It’s also essential to use a hairbrush that is specifically designed to detangle hair. 

Luckily, Spornette has crafted the perfect detangling brush for wet and dry hair: In comes the Spornette Swizzle.

This cushion brush is excellent for gently detangling any hair type. The unique wavy bristles of the Swizzle create less tension than traditional straight bristles. Less tension means fewer flyaways, less breakage, and static. 

As a bonus, the wavy bristles are ball-tipped, making this brush perfect for anyone with a sensitive scalp.

When detangling your hair, remember to always start from the bottom of your strands and work your way upwards towards the scalp. Your scalp and hair will thank you if you follow his brushing method while using the Spornette Swizzle.

Blowouts and Styling

To get a salon-quality blowout or curls at home, you can’t use any old hairbrush. Styling while using a blow-dryer is a major area where having a different type of hairbrush is key.

When blowing out your hair, you will see the best results if you use a round brush.

Long Smooth Operator

Spornette Long Smooth Operator

The Spornette Long Smooth Operator is the perfect round brush for blow-drying and creating insane volume and even curls.

With the Long Smooth Operator, you no longer have to worry about your hair getting stuck. The single-piece handle prevents your hair from getting stuck between the handle and neck of the brush.

The Long Smooth Operator has an aerated ion infused ceramic barrel that allows air to pass through it, minimizing your drying time. 

The crimped bristles on this stunning blue Spornette round brush create the perfect tension for smoothing wavy or curly hair into a sleek, straight, but still voluminous style.

This brush is perfect for long hair. The barrel size is 10% larger than typical aerated round brushes, allowing for more hair to comfortably fit on the brush.

Choose between four different barrel sizes to create your perfect look–a smaller barrel size for tighter curls, and a larger barrel for larger curls.

Make blow-drying a breeze with the Long Smooth Operator.

Smooth Operator

Spornette Smooth Operator

If blue isn’t your color, the Smooth Operator collection is another type of hairbrush that is perfect for using along with a blow-dryer. Shorter than the Long Smooth Operator, this brush is excellent for short or medium hair lengths.

With four different barrel diameter options, you’ll easily find the perfect brush for your hair length.

This black and red round brush has an ionic ceramic barrel for frizz-free, fast blowouts. Skip the curling iron and create gorgeous curls with the Smooth Operator.

This brush is incredibly lightweight and designed to make blow-drying hair a painless experience. No need to worry about wrist or hand-cramping if you have the Smooth Operator!

Like the Long Smooth Operator, the Smooth Operator has a fuss-free single-piece handle that protects your hair from getting stuck in the brush.

It would help if you had different types of hairbrushes because paddle and cushion brushes cannot create the same fantastic style as a round brush like the Spornette Long Smooth Operator or Smooth Operator.

Teasing and Volumizing

black paddle hair brush

When shopping for different types of hairbrushes, a teasing brush is on the list of must-haves.

The Little Wonder Teasing Brush and the Big Wonder Teasing Brush are boar bristle brushes that also has some extended Tourmaline nylon synthetic bristles mixed in. 

For working with smaller sections of hair, opt for the Little Wonder Teasing Brush. For larger sections of hair, the Big Wonder is your go-to.

You can use the Little or Big Wonder Teasing brushes for adding volume to any style. Create voluminous updos or add height when wearing your hair down. The nylon and boar bristles make backcombing quick and easy without damaging your gorgeous mane.

These teasing brushes are for more than just creating epic volume. Use them with some hairspray to slick back flyaways and baby hairs. You can even use these teasing brushes to create perfect parts in your hair every time.

Avoid flat and limp hair by keeping your Little Wonder or Big Wonder with you always.

Brush outs, Styling, and Volumizing

Ion Fusion Paddle Brush

While having different types of hairbrushes is important, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a multi-tasking brush, too.

The Ion Fusion Paddle Brush is a fantastic brush that everyone should own. Not only is it pleasing to look at on your bathroom counter or vanity, but it is also incredible at what it does.

Ion charged brushes work by emitting negatively-charged ions while you use it.

These negatively-charged bristles help to break up water molecules into ions (charged hydrogen and oxygen particles). Breaking up water molecules makes for fast, easy blow-drying and styling.

The Ion Fusion Paddle Brush is perfect for brushing out any tangles throughout the day. You don’t have to worry about creating frizz or static, no matter how dry the climate thanks to those ion infused bristles.

The ball-tipped bristles make this brush gentle on the scalp and hair while working through any difficult knots effortlessly.

This brush’s large paddle shape makes it easy to work with large sections of hair. As a paddle brush, it is ideal for brushing your hair back into a ponytail or bun quickly. 

Why You Need Different Types of Hairbrushes

Woman before and after using different types of hairbrushes

Hairstylists know that you must have different types of hairbrushes in your hair care kit.

Using brushes that are specifically created for a task ensures that you’re getting the results you want with as little work as possible.

Visit the Spornette website and add every type of hairbrush you need to your cart today. Experience for yourself how perfectly crafted hairbrushes are at the heart of every style.

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