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Take Care of Your Delicate Wet Hair

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Take Care of Your Delicate Wet Hair

There is a lot of misinformation on hair care, including whether it is safe to brush wet hair. You certainly do not want to risk damaging your hair or, worse, losing your precious locks. If you brush your hair when it is wet, could you be causing irreversible damage? 

The right brush can make all of the difference. Spornette is a hairbrush company that beauty experts trust. For 60 years, they have created hair brushes for every style, with consumers and stylists in mind. Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, we have the right brush for you, including brushes for wet hair. 

Let us introduce you to caring for wet hair, including the right brushes to use- guaranteed to smooth and glide, minus the damage to your hair. 

Does Brushing Wet Hair Cause Damage?

The back of a blonde woman's head. her hair is wet and one side of the hair is brushed and the other is not.

There is a right way to styling wet hair, so you do not cause additional damage. Due to current styling trends, including straightening, coloring, and curling with heated tools, many of us have more damage to our hair follicles than ever before. 

The hair cuticle consists of an inner cortex and outer layer, held together by protein molecules. When the hair is wet, the molecules are more susceptible to breakage as they become more fragile. 

To minimize damage, avoid brushing through hair that is sopping wet. It would help if you also waited to blow-dry the hair until it is 60%-70% dry. Sufficient air-drying can assist in minimizing heat-related damage. 

Experts advise using a comb before brushing wet hair. It is suggested to comb through hair after shampooing before applying conditioner to reach each strand effectively. You can use a leave-in conditioner for added benefit. 

If you are looking for a way to dry hair swiftly, consider a moisture absorbent towel. Cotton or microfiber towels work best. Not only will this cut down on dry time when you blow-dry, but it will better prepare the hair for brushing and combing. 

Understand that some hair loss is always normal, whether you brush through wet hair or use styling tools. On average, we lose 50-100 hairs a day, while those with long, thick hair can lose up to 200. However, you can prevent some of those strands from breaking off with the right brush and strategy. 

What Are Ideal Brushes For Wet Hair

Spornette offers several brushes to use on wet hair. Try any of the suggestions after allowing your hair to dry, mostly through before brushing. They can help finish your style, making hair sleek and smooth, without additional damage. 

Ion Fusion VentA clsoeup of the Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Brush on a white background. It's perfect for detangling wet hair.

The Ion Fusion Vent is effective and gentle on all hair types. The ion-infused bristles were designed to break up water molecules effectively. The brush offers a vented design so air will easily pass through when blow-drying the hair. 

Stylists recommend you can create maximum volume when drying by lifting hair away from the scalp. Flexible tourmaline bristles offer the ability to work through knots without breaking hair, whether wet or dry. The ball-tipped bristles provide added protection from stretching and breaking damp hair. 

Add it to your arsenal for the perfect blowout before you use your other preferred styling tools to polish off the look. Like any heat tool, use a heat protectant before taking a blow dryer to your hair to fight damage. 

9000-MF Anti Static Vent Brush

Spornette 9000MF vented hairbrush

This brush is perfect for all hair types. After allowing your hair to mostly air dry, use the 9000-MF Anti Static Vent Brush for added volume when used with a blowdryer. The brush is excellent for long and short styles alike. 

The secret is in the bristles, specially treated with carbon to give the brush it’s featured anti-static element. The bristles are effective for eliminating static even in dry environments in the middle of winter. 

Use the 9000-MF Anti Static Vent Brush with a blowdryer, as the large vents allow air to move through easily. Hair is held securely in place and will not come loose when drying from the force of the air. 

The brush also has a rubberized grip handle, which allows for a comfortable hold when styling the hair. Use it to create added volume or hold it closer to the dryer for a sleek finish as you smooth section by section. Be careful to minimize damage to the hair by not allowing the dryer to touch the brush as you style. 

Deville 100% Boar Rounder

The Deville 100% Boar Rounder brush is gentle on fine, wet hair.

The Deville 100% Boar Rounder brushes are the perfect brushes for anyone with fine or thin hair types. 

Thin hair is defined as hair with a small diameter. While thin hair can be easy to style and soft to the touch, you may find it lacks volume. The Deville 100% Boar Rounders will gently style your tresses and create lift and volume at the root and all over. 

The boar hair won’t tug or pull on your delicate wet hair as it styles, protecting it from breakage. Just make sure your hair is gently towel-dried before you get to work.

These styling brushes come in three diameters (1.5, 2, and 2.5 inches), so you can purchase the right size for your hair length.

Create gorgeous volume and shine every time you use the Deville 100% Boar Rounders on your fine hair.

For The Best In Hair Care Brushes Use Spornette

A woman with platinum blonde hair. She is fluffing it up with her hands.

The right brush makes a difference in protecting your hair. If you regularly use a brush on wet hair, be sure to purchase one designed for the task. 

Spornette has a wide range of brushes for all your styling needs. Our hairbrushes meet the expectations of stylists that deserve quality standards. Visit Spornette today for tips, articles, and tools to get the right style every day.

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