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This Brush is Perfect for Curl Training

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This Brush is Perfect for Curl Training

Curl Training is a major trend for hair on Tik-Tok right now. What is curl training, and why the rage?

Curl training restores your hair’s “curl memory” and is every curly hair girl’s dream. It encourages those with damaged hair natural curls to re-emerge to the beautiful bounce you had when it was healthy.

Believe it or not, the secret is in the brush. Does Spornette offer an option for styling your curls? Oh yes, we do! Spornette brushes are the heart of every style. We will uncover the best choice in brushes for restoring your natural curl pattern, and the technique expert stylists recommend. 

Spornette is a hairbrush company specializing in brushes for professionals and non-professionals alike. Our 60-year passion centers on putting you at the heart of every style. We offer a wide range of brushes along with a style blog tackling all questions hair-related. 

Let’s take a look at curl training and how you can make the look work for you with a few simple tools.

Why Curl Training?

A woman with very curl brown hair on a yellow background pushing her hair ends up with her hands.

Natural curls get disrupted over time. The disruption can happen just with age or because of damage to hair after years of styling. 

Coloring hair or the use of straightening tools can cause the hair follicle to change. Hair that used to coil becomes more straight. 

Curl training will help to restore the memory of the curl of the hair. With time, the hair will bounce back naturally. With repeated training, you can get back to the curls you were born with before the damage. 

So is there a technique to curl training? Stylists do have a few tools and simple steps they recommend you follow if you want to get the best of retraining your locks. 

The Curl Training Technique

Someone with curly hair prepping their hair for curl training by washing it with sulfate-free shampoo.

Wash Hair

You want to start with clean, detangled hair. Stylists recommend a shot of cold water at the end of the shower to close up the hair cuticle. 

Comb through your hair after applying a leave-in conditioner with a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair. You can then let the hair sit for a while to air dry to minimize the risk of damage.

Brush Hair with the Swizzle Detangling Brush

black brush with multicolored bristles

Once hair is about 50% dry, you will give your hair a good brush through with the Swizzle Detangling Brush. Why this brush? The wavy bristles pull less on hair than standard straight bristles, allowing for gentle and efficient detangling. This cushion brush is perfect for brushing through wet or dry hair and leaving it tangle-free.

It may seem odd to brush your hair before curl training, but it is an essential step. Brushing helps to get rid of any micro knots and removes volume from the top of the scalp. Also, brushing helps prepare the hair for the curls that are to come. 

Give Hair a Quick Spray of Water

It may seem counteractive but next, respray hair with water from a spray bottle. You don’t want to soak hair, but make it slightly damp to reactivate the curl. 

Apply a Curl Defining Creme or a Leave-in Conditioner

Either product is okay; however, a curl-defining creme works best. Curl definers have a stickiness to them, which allows for more defined curls. Apply in small sections of hair, away from the scalp, from roots to ends. 

Create Your Curls

The Bolero B-9 brush si perfect curl training hair.

There are two techniques: finger coiling or brush curling. Brush curling is preferred as it creates lovely, neat curls all over the head without clumping. 

For curl training with a brush, you will use the Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush:

  • Take a small section of the hair
  • Anchor the section with the brush
  • Pull the hair away from the head
  • Create a twist as if using a curling iron from roots to ends

Shake the section with your fingers when you are done. You will repeat with all sections of your hair from front to back. 

As an alternative, you can finger twist sections of your hair from front to back, all the way around your head. You can either twist around your finger or twist strands around one another. It may take a tad longer than brush curling and result in more clumping. 

Apply Gel or Mousse

Once you are done curling your hair using your preferred technique, apply a gel or mousse. It is recommended to use one with a good, healthy hold. Apply section by section just as you did as you styled your hair. 

Finish with Diffusing

Someone holding a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment on it that is perfect for curly hair

Finally, finish by blow-drying with a high-quality diffuser. You can create additional volume at the end by shaking your fingers through your hair. 

Repeat every time you wash your hair, and before you know it, your curls will be back to natural- no hot tools needed! Once finished, leave the curls alone and let them show off their beauty. 

Looking for More in Tools and Technique for Hair?

A woman smiling at sunset with beautiful naturally curly hair.

Whether the hair on your head is curly or straight, you are classic or trendy, professional or amateur. Spornette has a styling brush for your needs. 

Every brush on our site offers a full description, so you can determine if it is right for your needs. If you aren’t sure, then connect with us. We even have a “how-to” section on our most popular brushes, so you know the best in technique! 

Spornette is proud to be the go-to for both professionals and non-professionals alike. That is why we have been trusted in the beauty industry for over 60 years. We look forward to being your brand for style brushes for many years to come!

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  1. Need to get my hair curly.

  2. Thank you for noting that curl training will aid in regaining the memory of the hair’s curl. For her wedding, my sister wants to acquire a new hairdo. She made the decision to have curly hair. I’ll advise her to obtain natural curl instruction from a professional so she can get her hair curled.

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