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5 Counterintuitive Hair-Brushing Tips to Share With Your Clients

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5 Counterintuitive Hair-Brushing Tips to Share With Your Clients

As a stylist, you know how crucial it is to develop trusting relationships with your clients. One of the most impactful ways to do so is by educating them on maintaining hair health. 

To help you out, we’ll walk you through five essential hair-brushing tips that you’ll certainly receive lots of love for sharing. You may think these tips are obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know them.

And since choosing the right types of brushes is crucial for this topic, shop at Spornette today to get your hands on some of the best ones on the market that can help your clients brush hair without breakage.

The Importance of Giving Clients Hair-Brushing Tips

Some stylists believe their job is done after giving their clients a killer hairstyle. Yes, it’s one step toward satisfying them, but there’s a second step in which you can gain their trust. 

Sharing tips and tricks with your clients can help them enhance their hair care routines, which will always work in your favor. It’ll display your experience and knowledge, which will:

  • Nudge them to tell others about you and bring more referrals
  • Help them trust your opinion and recommendations
  • Turn them into loyal clients, etc.

Hair brushing is one of the hair care topics you can start discussing with your clients. As you know, it plays a major role in making styles last longer and preventing hair damage and breakage.

5 Hair-Brushing Tips Your Clients Will Appreciate

Many hair-brushing facts you think are common knowledge are unknown to people. To get you started, here are five insightful hair-brushing tips to pass on to your clients:

1. Don’t Overdo Brushing

Portrait of a sad brunette woman holding dry section of hair and looking at the cut tips of her hair. Concept of knowing Hair-Brushing Tips.

With hair-brushing, less is more in terms of intensity and frequency. 

Aggressively brushing the hair will severely damage the strands (if not snap them off). Instead, you should tell your clients to divide their hair and gently maneuver the brush through small sections of loose hair.

These gentle movements will evenly distribute the scalp’s natural oils through the hair, stimulate blood circulation, and eventually promote hair growth.

Now, while there are numerous opinions on how often people should brush their hair, many of them are incorrect. The biggest hair myth is brushing 100 strokes per day will revitalize the strands. That’s not true; in fact, it can lead to hair loss.

Brushing strokes create friction, which excessively harms the cuticles. There was even a study proving that women who brush their hair less frequently lose less hair.

One of the best hair-brushing tips you can offer your clients is reducing this habit to two times a day, in the morning and before bedtime.

2. Brush From Ends to Roots

You’ve probably seen plenty of women brush their hair in a single long stroke from the roots to the ends. This seemingly harmless brushing habit is one of the most damaging. 

Moving the brush from up to down risks worsening the knots in the hair because it’s pushing them down rather than working them out. Aside from causing many hair strands to break, this brushing technique can be quite painful.

So, in between other hair-brushing tips, remember to tell your clients to start at the bottom or mid-length of the hair and gently glide the brush downwards. Once they’ve detangled the section they’re working on, they should gradually move the brush closer to the scalp until they reach the roots. 

With this tip, you should also recommend the right brush; otherwise, the client might still experience breakage, especially if they have fine hair. Soft-bristled brushes such as the Luxury Cushion Brush go easy on the strands and are ideal for fine hair brushing.

3. Use Moisturizing Agents When Detangling

African American Woman Applying Serum On Damaged Hair In Bathroom

Many of your clients probably brush tangled hair without a moisturizing agent, which is another thing you should discuss with them.

These agents soften the strands, making the hair more manageable and reducing the risk of cuticle damage. Depending on the type of hair your client has, they may need special agents that work with their strands.

If your client has wavy or straight hair, they can use light oils such as coconut and castor oils. Clients with curly hair should use more focused products like a detangling leave-in conditioner. 

Another hair-brushing tip you should discuss here is choosing the right detangling brush to help clients avoid breakage, like the Air Motion® Detangling Brush. Those specifically designed for detangling usually have a unique structure to reduce tugging when brushing out hair knots.

4. Approach Wet Hair Gently

Brushing wet hair, or damp hair for that matter, shouldn’t be the same as brushing dry hair. That’s because the strands are much weaker when wet, which is why clients should handle them with extreme care, especially if their hair is straight.

Help your clients opt for a specialized tool that will help them brush wet hair with ease using a ball-tipped nylon bristle brush like the Ion Fusion

Clients with curls or tight waves are different; in their case, dry brushing can lead to breakage or damage. But you can still help them choose the right detangling brush and leave-in products to help them brush through their wet hair without damage.

5. Hairspray the Brush, Not the Hair

The last of the hair-brushing tips may surprise both clients and even some hair stylists: applying hairspray on the brush rather than the hair. 

Whether it’s to protect your hairdo, achieve a slick hair finish, or control flyaways, spritzing hairspray on the brush and gliding it through the strands holds them in place while preventing hair static. This also removes the stiffness you’d feel from directly applying hairspray. 

Final Thoughts

At the heart of every style lies the foundation of proper brushing techniques. 

Going over the hair-brushing tips outlined in this blog will not only help your clients maintain healthier strands but also enable them to tackle more hairdos. 

If your salon could use a hairbrush upgrade, check out the wide selection of Spornette professional brushes that can help you easily style and detangle clients’ hair!

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