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Round Brush Show-Down: Ceramic vs. Wooden Round Brush

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Round Brush Show-Down: Ceramic vs. Wooden Round Brush

Are you a professional hairstylist in search of the best wooden or ceramic round brush? Perhaps you’re someone that wants to create a salon-quality blow-out look right at home. 

Regardless of who you are, a quality round brush can make all the difference between a voluminous mane and one that falls flat. 

Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great hair care routine, and make brushes for the style you want! Every round brush we offer serves a purpose, whether that’s creating soft waves, giving locks volume, or eliminating frizz. 

Shop our ceramic and wooden round brushes to find the right one for you.

The Benefits of Using a Round Brush

  • thin dark wooden round brush with shorter still bristles
  • large black and white round brush
  • small/medium blue and black round brush
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  • dark brown with double dense bristles on marble background
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Hair is naturally resilient – virgin hair being much more resilient than regularly dyed or chemically treated hair. Either way, you want to care for your locks, and one of the best ways to do so is to be mindful of the hot tools you use.

Round brushes are one of the safest styling tools available because they create minimal damage. They use less direct heat when compared to hair straighteners or curling irons. Also, if you use hot tools regularly, round brushes like the G Porcupine or Prego can help avoid damage or breakage by giving your hair the love it deserves and styling while you blow-dry, rather than applying more heat with more hot tools.

Everyone needs at least one round brush in their arsenal. They create beautiful controlled hairstyles for any occasion. Whether you are craving some volume or dimension, there’s a round brush for you.

Ceramic vs. Wooden Round Brushes: Which is Best? 

There seems to be an ongoing debate about which type of round brush is best: ceramic vs. wooden. The answer lies in the look you’re going for, your hair type, and the type of bristles used.

Wooden Round Brushes 

Wooden round brushes are typically made from all-natural materials, including the brush’s wood handle and core. You can often find them with natural boar bristles as well, but some wooden round brushes feature synthetic nylon bristles.

With proper detangling with a paddle brush before styling, they will run through your hair without snagging or pulling. If you’re trying to apply the least amount of heat to your locks, a wooden round brush is the best option. 

These tools won’t get hot like their ceramic counterparts, even when you combine them with a blow-dryer. But, be sure to always apply a heat protectant to your tresses if you plan to use a hair-dryer or other hot tools. 

Moreover, wooden round brushes minimize static and flyaways, bringing forward a shiny finish. The Italian Rounder has 100% boar bristles and nylon bristles to help reinforce the natural boar hair. It is a classic example of a wooden round brush. It’s great for medium to long hair lengths and is available in different sizes for different lengths and styles.

Features of wooden round brushes include:

• Offers minimal heat damage

• Minimizes static and flyaways

• Traditionally less expensive than ceramic brushes 

Ceramic Round Brushes 

Ceramic brushes, on the other hand, create smooth, rounded finishes. A ceramic brush is the right move to create a curling iron look without the iron. The fullness and volume of your results will depend on the diameter of your vented ceramic barrel. This type is a great styling brush for nearly any hair type. 

Ceramic round brushes are made of a hard, inorganic material that can heat up quickly and evenly. The metal emits negative ions to break up water particles, reducing drying time. The core of the brush is designed to heat up and assist in styling. The negative ions also close the hair cuticle, resulting in a smooth finish while neutralizing static to reduce or eliminate frizz.

Bristles used with ceramic brushes are usually nylon bristles and spaced further apart than the boar bristle brushes. The barrel will have vents to allow the air to pass through without getting too hot to handle. The heat distribution on these brushes helps to ensure you get a uniform style all over your head while blow-drying.

Use a ceramic round brush to achieve nearly the same effect as a curling iron. 

Features of ceramic round brushes include:

• Made from hard, inorganic material

• Uses negative ion technology 

• Great for eliminating frizz

• Offers fullness and volume 

Bristle Material: Boar or Nylon? 

G Porcupine wooden round brush with boar and nylon bristles on a white background

Let’s talk a little about bristle material. There are two main types of bristles: nylon and boar. 

Natural boar bristles create a shiny luster by spreading natural oils from root to tip and are very common in wooden round brushes. Boar bristles gather and hold the hair in place as you style.  And, just like the name suggests, hair comes from boars, which have hair similar to human hair. 

Nylon bristles are made from a synthetic plastic. They offer more flexibility than boar bristles, making it easier to style curls. They’re also most commonly used on ceramic brushes like the popular Smooth Operator. 

Some brushes, like the G Porcupine, combine the two bristle types. 

Which Round Brush Is Best For You?

An Asian woman taking a selfie and holding a camera while wearing a yellow shirt.

We hope you now have a better idea of which round brush is best for you. 

If you’re looking for a natural option to add shine and smooth your strands, wooden brushes are for you. However, if you’re going for a curling iron look, opt for a ceramic round brush. We suggest having one of each round brush depending on the occasion. 

Spornette takes pride in its collection of round brushes, and we invite you to browse our collection to find the perfect fit for your needs and hair.

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