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How to Achieve Celebrity Hairstyles at Home

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How to Achieve Celebrity Hairstyles at Home

We have all been there: we see the stars on the stage and think, “how do I get that look without spending big bucks?” With the right tools from Spornette brushes, practical tutorials, and a little patience, you can achieve celebrity hairstyles without an expensive trip to the salon.

Spornette believes that at the heart of every style is the right mindset, a can-do attitude, and the perfect brush. We design our brushes to make styling convenient and give you the results you desire. 

Whether the look you are going for is classic like Farrah or modern like Ariana, high-quality products and brushes equal a glamorous makeover. And don’t forget to use a high-quality heat protectant while working on that celebrity hairstyle. 

Flawless Farrah





Achieving the classic Farrah look found in Getty images, you’ll need a middle part in your shoulder length to long hair. Bangs are a must, but they can be of variable length. Blonde hair is optional! 

Start with creating a center part in your hair. Grab your Ion Fusion rounder brush and start blow-drying your hair completely dry. If you have longer hair, be sure to choose a larger brush diameter for faster styling.

Run your favorite mousse through your wet or damp hair with a focus on the roots. Once dry, angle your blow dryer down while you gently and quickly brush through your hair. Concentrating on your face-framing hair, roll your brush on the ends of the hair away from your face tightly. 

Your blow dryer should be close to the brush to keep the flips in place. Go all the way down the length of your hair around the face with the same technique. Mirror the other side. 

You will do the same to your bangs, except curl the brush upwards and slightly angle to the side to give it a flyaway look. Spray the whole head with a light mist of your favorite hairspray. Flawless!

Jennifer the Jewel





Lovely J-Lo has offered stunning style with her locks for decades. You can pull off this look, just like Jennifer and Miley. This celebrity hairstyle works best if you have longer hair and bangs, but add either with the right hair extensions to short hair!

Hold your blow dryer straight on your hair from about 6 inches away, using the Ventura Blowout brush on high heat. Use the handy sides of the brush to curl the ends 3-4 inches up as you go. The result is lovely big curls at the ends, so you may not even need a curling iron! 

On the bangless side, use the dryer and brush to curl your hair up and back from your face. Repeat the same on the side with bangs, without touching the bangs themselves yet. 

Starting at the roots, use the side of the brush to curl hair up and away from your face. Use big motions to give your bangs that dramatic wave. Spray a mist of hairspray as you go to help keep the shape.

Switch to your Little Wonder Teasing brush, teasing the underside of face-framing hair without overdoing it. Smooth with the brush after to get rid of pesky flyaways and unwanted lumps. Tease the underside of the bangs, 2 inches to the roots. Gently smooth over that wave to define the volume. 

Make sure to use a fair bit of hairspray during the teasing step and let it dry. Switchback over to your Ventura and blow dryer, define the curls you’ve created around the face, and finish with an all-over mist of hairspray.

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Alluring Ariana





When it comes to celebrity hairstyles, Ariana is queen. Ariana’s signature pony is straight, stunning, and a look that is perfect for ladies with looooong hair or extensions. The straight, wrapped pony is a surprisingly easy look to achieve, as long as you are confident with smoothing. 

Start with angling your blow dryer downwards about 4 inches away from your hair. Continuously use your “9300” Vent Brush to loosen tangles and make your hair silky smooth. Once your hair is completely dry and tangle-free, use your hair straightener to ensure it’s straight as can be.

Using your brush, pull your hair into a high and tight ponytail. Once secure, take a small, thick section of hair from the underside of your pony in one hand. Carefully wrap the section tightly around the ponytail band. Secure the ends at the base for the wrap with a couple of bobby pins. 

Be careful not to disturb the wrap, brush through the tail a couple of times, and follow up with a couple of swipes of your straightener. Apply high-quality anti-frizz serum all over your scalp and tail to reduce the risk of flyaways. 

Heavenly Hannah





Former Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars champion Hannah Brown showcases her gorgeous locks with simple elegance in a refined, stylish look. The cool thing about her sleek look is the length of your hair is of no consequence.

Spornette’s “21” Classic Nylon Cushion brush is the right brush for this job. Your blow-drying routine is going to be the same as the look created for Ariana – completely dry and smooth. 

Your hair is going to need a little extra heat with your straightener, and you’re going to straighten your locks thoroughly and repeatedly. No cowlicks or flyaways are allowed! Focus the use of your amazing brush at the ends of your hair to separate the strands, giving it the perfect wisps. 

Brush some really good anti-frizz serum through, and top the look off by lightly misting your whole head with hairspray. 

Knockout Kendall






Of course, the Kardashians create celebrity hairstyles followers look to for inspiration. Kendall Jenner sends a message with her bunned locks: buns can be easy and stylish! Get your Luxury Cushion Brush out and get to work!

While your hair’s wet, blow dry downwards and then away from the face as it dries. Use your Luxury Cushion and fingers to move your hair where you want your bun. Ensuring the underside is tight and the top looser, use your fingers to pull out those cute side wisps. 

With your hair back in a ponytail, gently push the top of the tail towards the scalp to give that sweet voluminous bump. Twist your tail in one direction and wrap in a circle. Pull your ends through the center of the twist and secure them in place with bobby pins. 

Apply a small amount of hairspray for unintended flyaways, and voila – a messy bun that’s runway-ready has been achieved!

Create Perfect Celebrity Hairstyles With Spornette Brushes

A shot of a celebrity hairstyle on a red carpet

As you can see, you don’t have to walk the red carpet to get these stunning looks. With Spornette brushes and a little practice, you will look ready for your close-up in no time flat!

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