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Brushing In The Shower? Tips & Tricks

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Brushing In The Shower? Tips & Tricks

The Benefits of Brushing Your Hair in the Shower

How often do you brush your hair? Typically twice a day, right? But did you know that you should also brush it in the shower? When you brush in the shower, not only are you preventing tangles, but you’re also taking care of your hair and scalp while at the same time saving yourself time!

Follow these simple tips and tricks to get the most out of brushing your hair in the shower.

The Benefits of Brushing Your Hair In The Shower

There are many benefits to brushing your hair while it is wet. Wet hair is soft and allows a circular motion instead of the harsh back and forth. This can help avoid broken strands by gently spreading the natural oils on your scalp down the length of your hair. You can also use a boar bristle brush such as DeVille brush on your hair before taking a shower.

The benefits continue with lightweight and moisture-based washing products, which provide shine and manageability without weighing down wet hair. A light product application will also protect your hair from breakage due to rough surfaces like porcelain tiles or hard water.

All types of hair will benefit from conditioning while wet because, as the water opens up the cuticle layer, so does an even distribution of conditioner throughout each strand. You’ll notice healthier hair right away. You’ll also notice that your scalp gets more blood, which is another great benefit for all hair types.

My Favorite Brush

Spornette is at the heart of every style. From kinky to curly, coarse to wavy, straight to frizzy, and everything in between—Spornette has the perfect brush for any hair. You will indeed find your perfect match with a vast catalog of hairbrushes! For brushing in the shower, I recommend using the Detangling brush from Spornette.

The Detangling Brushes from Spornette feature rows of bristles that help detangle and distribute the conditioner evenly along the length of your strands while getting rid of tangles.

This hairbrush comes with an ergonomic handle, so it is easy to hold onto while standing in the shower; it also features anti-microbial protection, inhibiting bacterial growth on human skin and surfaces like brushes, so they stay cleaner longer. You will notice less breakage when using this tool because of its high-quality bristles that do not snag or pull at your hair while you brush.

You should always have a clean brush, so there is no buildup left behind when styling your hair in the morning. Cleaning your tool will extend its life and reduce oil production on your scalp.

Products To Use While You Brush

woman washing her hair while taking shower in bathroom

To avoid tangles and knots, use a leave-in conditioner or hair mask to hydrate your hair, seal moisture and protect it from breakage. This is especially important for curly-haired girls, who use many more products to stretch out their curls. Conditioning before brushing also helps soften those curls so they can easily be brushed without causing any damage.

If you are using hot water on your hair, make sure that you’re using a good heat protector so that you won’t fry your locks. Also, invest in good detangling brushes so that it doesn’t cause as much stress on your scalp or any painful tears in the delicate follicles near the roots of your hair, where it is most sensitive to pain.

Now go back and brush those lovely locks!

Steps for Brushing Your Hair In The Shower

woman enjoying the shower she is washing her hair.

Wet your hair, ensuring you are under running water, so the bathroom floor doesn’t get wet.

While showering, apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair. For best results, do this before reaching your scalp, so there is not much product on your scalp before you brush through your hair. Some people find it helpful to use their fingers or a comb when they reach their scalp, depending on how long and thick their hair is.

If you don’t want to use your fingers or brush, start at the bottom of your head with one hand, applying shampoo as you go up with that hand. Then switch hands with the other hand (making sure both hands are covered in soap) and apply conditioner as you go down with that hand.

Next, work your way back up again with the other hand, being careful not to forget the ends of your hair. When you’re done conditioning each part of your hair, rinse off all the shampoo and conditioner from your hair with warm water.

Finally, turn off the shower if you still need more time before you can get out of the shower without getting cold. After doing all these steps correctly, you may use a blow dryer to dry your hair first then continue brushing through your hair using a soft boar bristle brush like those in our collection.

Bottom Line 

Brushing your hair every day can be a chore. Spornette offers a variety of hair brushes for professionals and non-professionals to make that chore more enjoyable. Their professional products include detangling, volumizing, curling, and flat-ironing brushes.

The company also makes hairbrushes for curly or long-haired people with specific needs such as dryness or frizziness. If you have never used a hairbrush before, Spornette has its brush line broken down into different categories, so you know what is best for you. The product options at Spornette will allow anyone to find the right brush for them!

Check out our website to see all the different hairbrushes we offer! Then, contact us today to order one of these brushes from this great hairbrush company!

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