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The Right Brush for Your Hair Type

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The Right Brush for Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type and what type of brush to use will help you master your daily hair care routine like a pro. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, Spornette has the best brushes for you to create and maintain great-looking hair.

Spornette has been in the hairbrush business for over 70 years, specializing in brushes for professionals and non-professionals. Visit Spornette today to peruse their expansive collection and purchase the perfect brush for your hair type.

Hair Types

A diagram about hair types

Understanding your hair type is equally important as knowing your skin type to care for your skin properly. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a hairbrush to match your hair type. But don’t fret about the specifics. We’ve got you covered! 

Spornette is at the heart of every style and is here to help you choose the right type of brush for you! If you already know your hair type, great! If you’re unsure, here’s a simple way to determine your hair type. 

Let your hair naturally dry after you wash your hair without using any products. Then follow this guideline:

  • Straight: Your hair dries straight without a bend or a curl
  • Wavy: Your hair dries with a slight curve or “S” shape
  • Curly: Your hair dries with defined curls or loops
  • Coily: Your hair dries in tight curls, spirals, or zig-zag patterns

Structurally Speaking

pretty hair in a braid

Super! Now that you know your hair type, let’s move on to what kind of structure your hair has. Whether fine, medium, or thick hair, Spornette has a brush designed specifically for you. 

An easy way to figure out your hair structure is to take a strand of your hair and lay it next to a piece of 6″ sewing thread. If your hair is thinner than the thread, you have fine hair. If your hair is thicker, well, you get the point. Anything in between those two would be medium.

Now that you know your hair type and structure, let’s find the right brush for your hair type!

Straight To The Point

wooden brush with black cushion

If you have straight hair, Spornette makes the DeVille 100% Boar Cushion. This cushion brush is for anyone with straight, fine, or normal hair. This brush is excellent for smoothing and healthy daily maintenance. The boar bristles on this brush also help boost scalp health and hygiene, leaving you with beautiful, healthy hair. 

For styling your fine or normal straight hair, Spornette designed the DeVille 100% Boar Rounder. This brush comes in 3 sizes to accommodate your hair length. So whether you have short, medium-length, or long hair, you’ve got a hairbrush that will style your hair beautifully. The 100% natural boar bristles on this brush are gentle on delicate hair.

Normal, Wavy, or Straight

black cylindrical magnesium miracle hair brush

If your hair tumbles into this category, try the “21” Classic Nylon Cushion brush. It’s a great brush at a great price. This brush will help brush out your wavy (or curly) locks. This classic cushion brush is also excellent for brushing out wigs and extensions.

If you’re looking for a way to style your hair in a flash, try one of our Magnesium Miracle Brushes. This brush combines boar and nylon bristles to hold and penetrate the hair as you’re styling it.

It’s a miracle worker for all hair types and textures. The aerated ceramic barrel and inner core are infused with Magnesium, allowing the brush to heat up and stay hot for super-fast drying time and styling. It’s the convection oven of brushes.

Want to know more? Turn up the heat by reading this article on ceramic brushes.

In The Thick of It

Smooth and Shine round brush

Women with thicker hair who want that awesome blowout look from home or the right brush for straightening their hair are in good hands! With a brush from our Smooth and Shine Collection, you can easily work with your thick hair. This collection is so versatile that it’s suitable for other hair types, including fine or damaged hair.

Don’t struggle to get that extra shine and smoothness from other brushes when the Smooth and Shine Collection is what you need in your haircare entourage. This dual bristle brush comes in 3 sizes, making it work for any length.

A perfect brush for having a good hair day, every day, is our Ion Fashion Paddle brush. Use this brush regularly for brush-outs, blowouts, and styling on wet or dry hair of any type or length.

A quick way to up the ante of your at-home brush collection is to order our four ionic brushes, which are excellent brushes for your particular hair care needs.

Historically Speaking

Spornette Deville Rounder

Many of Spornettes brushes feature Boar’s hair bristles, which are a fundamental and historical material in the making of brushes. Spornette carries on this tradition because they know the benefits of using an excellent brush as part of your daily hair care routine.

Boar bristles collect dead hair and distribute your hair’s natural oils (Sebum) from root-to-end. They’ve been adorning vintage vanities at home and in movies for ages. They remain the superstar of all hairbrushes. 

Spornette’s mission is to place the right brush for you in your hands to create and maintain a healthy head of hair for years to come. That’s why we’re at the heart of every style.

Mix And Match

a woman posing on a blue background with pretty brunette hair

Did you know that using the wrong type of brush can be just as damaging as blow-drying or curling your hair? Truth! 

The mixed bristles and soft rubber cushions on Spornette brushes absorb the shock of brushing and work brilliantly through knots and tangles while preventing breaks and damage.

We often turn toward blow dryers, curling irons, or straighteners to achieve the look. It’s easy to overlook the main staple of daily hair care maintenance, a high-quality brush, in place for centuries.

You can achieve a professional blowout look from the comfort of your home with the right brush and products. Let Spornette effortlessly guide you to the right brush today!

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